blu plastic reaction

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My cat’s strange reaction to crinkling plastic wrapper


  1. inb4 emotionally charged animal abuse comments

  2. Cute!

  3. UsernameInvalid1337


  4. JacksonandLizzyForever HorseLovers

    Beautiful cat

  5. Science at it’s best.

  6. I feel this cats pain.

  7. stop it…he dont like it

  8. I like your coffee

  9. This basically induces epilepsy in cats. While humans are prone to seizures
    caused by visual triggers, cats seem to be affected more primarily by
    sound. If your cat does something erratic or unusual in reaction to a sound
    it’s more than likely causing harm to it.

    The research may be a bit recent, but it’s pertinent to not do this to your
    cat if they have unusual reactions like this.

  10. Hadley Pleasanton

    The cat hears bacon cooking. Close your eyes and you, too, will have the
    same reaction.?

  11. If the cat truly hated this — he would have ran away sooner. Cats aren’t
    stupid, unlike half of the comments I’m seeing in the first page alone.

  12. I hope y’all realize the cat is classically conditioned to the sound of
    plastic being crumpled and food. That’s why it’s sticking it’s tongue out
    every time it hears that sound.

  13. Hell'sAngelHeaven'sDemon 2679

    Your kitty is so precious! X3 Isn’t the breed of your cat a Russian Blue??

  14. Pavlov’s cat.

  15. awwwww so cute

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  17. Confirmed: They’re aliens!

  18. you should reset the cat to default settings

  19. People what he is doing is hurting the cat look up “Tom and Jerry syndrome”
    if you dont believe me!

  20. Aww lol

  21. Kelly Jean Marie

    i want to touch your cat

  22. ?ring.. ring…


    “Yes is this the American Humane Association?” 

  23. MidnightLunaRose

    A cat can get a seizure from that.Hopefully, you don’t do this now.

  24. Why are people such ASSHOLES!?!!?!!?

  25. Nice cat

  26. Издевательствонадживотными!

  27. И че???? из сие видео заключаю,что ты глистатый, раз кот на столе сидит!

  28. TheUnlimitedSmiles

    Crinkling plastic sound creates high frequency electromagentic waves which
    in turn creates network interference to the cats radio transmitter that is
    connected to the government.

  29. Khaoula BENZIANE

    Cat is having ASMR i think (the intense tingles you get when someone is
    massaging you or playing with your hair)

  30. CHristine Simmons

    Must be like nails on a chalkboard to him 

  31. Hmm the cat probably got some bad memories about plastic sounds..maybe it
    mingled on some plastic that left it with an awful taste and experience.

  32. I guess that’s how delicious mice sound like when crunching into them.

  33. coo

  34. Glitch in ur cat

  35. XD I think he doesn’t like the sound that’s his way of cringing like humans

  36. That is one ridiculously beautiful creature.

  37. Oh my god…SHE’S FINE!!
    These high pitched sounds remind them of their food! The squeaky rats!!
    Thats what she is imagining when she hears those sounds and that’s why she
    is all
    licking her mouth and looking around!
    My cat also goes in overdrive when she hears plastic bags or clanging of

  38. Those eyes <3

  39. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    The cat thinks someone’s frying bacon.

  40. My cat loves firecrackers.

  41. I hath 

  42. Maybe that crumbling noise is an equivalent to humans scratching the
    blackboard. We have involuntary cringe reaction too. 

  43. What a handsome fella that cat is. Those blues are so pretty, and every one
    that I have known had a great personality. I clicked on the link and read
    the findings of that study, and was surprised to hear about this condition
    of sound-triggered seizures. I would be hesitant to conclude that I am
    seeing an example of this. The cat certainly doesn’t seem to be unhappy, or
    in distress. I am, however now enlightened about a condition that I never
    knew existed. I used to have a dog that suffered from prolonged mild
    seizures that would last from five to twenty minutes. He would sit down and
    shake his head back and forth, and nothing I did could bring him out of it.
    It would break my heart to se my buddy in distress, and be unable to help.
    Two different vets examined him and offered no solution. Then I talked to
    someone who, by chance, happened to mention that her dog did the same
    thing, and she would bring him out of it by taking a piece of cheese, or
    lunchmeat, and “teasing” him briefly with it before letting him have it to
    eat. This worked a treat for my dog, and would bring him back every time! I
    was so grateful to have any solution, at any price, and was especially
    pleased that it was drug-free and cheap, as well as effective. I have
    always made an effort to spread the word about this in the hopes that other
    animals, and owners, might be helped by this simple trick. I’m sure it’s
    not effective in all cases, but it sure worked for me and my buddy.

  44. It looks like this has to do with her hearing. Probably opening her/his jar
    is helping with ears. That noise must be really laud for a cat. 

  45. i did the same reaction.. that means im a cat?!

  46. Donald Moses II

    Lmao Many people try to find their pets derp button. Congrats you’ve done

  47. давай я перед тобой потру двумя пенопластинками, посмотрим на твою реакцию

  48. TehDramaticSloth

    cat.exe has stopped working

  49. How old is you cat?

  50. EverythingWright

    Oh my goodness that cat may die, like oh. My. Gosh. Becky.

  51. Kind of like the dog and the peanut butter….kind of…..just a bit…lol

  52. Is that a Russian Blue cat?

  53. Wow

  54. Maybe the cat thinks it’s eating like cat biscuits or something because of
    the noise, so it’s just an automated response without thinking? idk

  55. Ha!! That is so bizarre!! Blu is a gorgeous cat!! I have a Russian Blue
    kitty named Gray!! Blu’s reaction to the plastic makes me think of when I
    see lemons and my mouth starts to water. Haha!! Make more videos of Blu!!

  56. such a lovely cat…. i’d take one any day

  57. Alfredo Tellez Dector

    Maybe the cat has some type of synesthesia or something

  58. I have a boy cat that looks just like him , and his name is Blue.

  59. Unintentional cat ASMR

  60. Weaponized Turtle

    0:28 – TOOTHLESS!

  61. Beautiful face. My cat does that when I slide my fingertip along the
    teeth of a plastic comb. I think it’s one of those
    fingernails-on-chalkboard reactions.

  62. Night Guy Konoha

    shes so pretty :)

  63. Beautiful cat!

  64. ERR 404: Cat not found. Try again.

  65. my theory… Pavlov. the cat is relating the sound of plastic to the sound
    of maybe a bag of Meow Mix being opened. in effect, the cat begins to
    salivate. thus making it lick his tongue. cats probably don’t drool like
    dogs do… so this may be their way of saying, “I’m ready to eat!”

  66. Your cat is broken

  67. RastaAffiliate420

    my have a kitten that looks just like that hes name is also blu

  68. Cool looking pussy, but why must you fuck with her like that….what if you
    got tied down in a chair in front of a chalk-board and somebody kept
    scratching their long dirty fingernails across it over & over again while
    staring at you and filming….would you like that???

  69. This cat just wants bacon.

  70. 00:24 ha ha

  71. 00:29

  72. Marijana Brezić

    cat.exe malfunction.err404.cannot.proceed.this

  73. nice pussy

  74. Is that weird that I had the same reaction?

  75. Im not a vet nor an expert on anything, but if I were to venture a guess,
    it’d be that the cat thinks his ears are popping and would handle it just
    as a human would. 2 cents.

  76. I like your cat because its cute and funny

  77. A study has shown that the sound that plastic makes can have a harmful
    effect on some cats. This is exactly one of those cats.

  78. What a strange reaction! You have a fabulous cat!

  79. Джон Картер

    Кот ломается.))

  80. As mentioned below this is an Audiogenic Reflex Seizure.

  81. It is mean to the cat. I am a Veterinarian. Cats have a gag reflex like
    humans but a cat’s reflex can be triggered with sound. Imagine if you
    couldn’t speak and someone kept putting their finger down your throat
    almost causing you to vomit. The things we do to animals that we think are
    harmless, next time ask yourself if you would want it done to you. Does
    listening to someone throw up make you gag? Well that is no different than
    what this cat is experiencing with the sound of the plastic. Don’t do it
    anymore. It’s not nice. 

  82. We have a kitty that looks like yours . Ours is a lover he gives sweet
    kisses and head butts us and is so gentle <3 they are such beautiful cats .

  83. He was just trying to hack up a hairball.

  84. hahah its existance cant cope with the sound :(

  85. My guess is the cat had a bad experience eating from trash and getting
    plastic stuck in its mouth/throat. It might be a stray.

  86. People think he’s abusing a cat by moving a bag. Fuck, you people are worse
    than Hitler.

  87. Nelly Hoccarzh (frida)

    как бы рвотный рефлекс

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