Bonnie hates to eat alone!

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Bonnie, who was adopted from The Sato Project, carries her dish across the kitchen to eat with her new pal Clyde. So Cute!

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  1. This is cute

  2. Check me out!!

  3. this is actually the reverse footage

  4. Thumbs up if a certain giraffe/penguin/bare-ass bear/anti-troll knight/Mr.
    Badman brought you here.

  5. the dog is like. THAT NIGGA LEFT. beep beep beep beepp beeep backwards.

  6. I wish YouTube had more videos like this…


  8. aawwww!!! poor little guy likes to be with his buddy!!! thats just sooo
    adorable!!! so cute!!!

  9. Bonnie is adorable and cute!

  10. Zaphod “Memelord” Beeblebrox

    can someone make a gif of this?

  11. Add this to Fox making sandwiches and its mind blowing what animals can

  12. Aw, Bonnie is adorable!

  13. OMG I HAVE A LITTLE CHWAIWAI JUST LIKE that he has black down his tail and
    everything omg

  14. Beyond Brave (RBLX)

    Why are your dogs names Bonnie and Clyde?

  15. I like how the video is 21 second

  16. 1K dislikes? WHY?

  17. Fake and Gay!

  18. What kind of breed is the brown dog pretty please since my puppy looks
    exactly like it and I want another one 

  19. Claude FaZe Cannon (badboy)

    My videos are wayyyy Better watch my channel instead of this garbage like
    seriously my channel is far superior 

  20. It’s sweet and cute…and I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but I think it
    is a form of resource guarding, to make sure she’s aware if the other dog
    leaves his plate, she can then run over and get his food. She’s not
    overtly trying to get his food, but if he leaves it, she’ll be ready to
    pounce on it. Since we know she was one of those starving Puerto Rican
    dogs that was rescued, it seems all the more likely.

  21. So what, i can do that too

  22. Now, that’s a family dog!

  23. Nice dog

  24. DA FUQ 

  25. Cynthia J. Coleman


  26. How did he bring that plate and that was kinda cute I am speechless

  27. Check my channel please 

  28. Jeje.. q perrito mas tierno

  29. I think she wants to eat the other dogs food when she’s done, that’s why
    they watch each other eat

  30. Hehe funny puppy

  31. LOL

  32. That was so adorable! Would love to see more videos
    of your pooches.

  33. When I saw the title, all I could think to myself was: “The other dog
    better be named Clyde”.. Surely enough..

  34. هاو ادورابل

  35. Haha, cute 

  36. +Bonnie the Bunny so you hate to eat alone,eh

  37. 哈哈,好萌

  38. lyss 1923 since 1999

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  39. Dogs are so cute, there is nothing fake about them, what you see is what
    you get. Humans could learn a lot about being themselves and enjoying life
    for the moment from dogs.

  40. Fearlesscanadian

    where’s fazabears pizza?

  41. Post more videos of them please!!!!!!!!! They are so cute☺️

  42. Que lindo. ❤ ^^

  43. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watch this all the time now when I want a good
    laugh. Bonnie said dont be splitin us up. You trippin…Cracking up. This
    was too cute and funny


  45. Wanna see more funny and cool videos that will make your nostrils fall off!
    Check out my Chanel 

  46. Christina Cervantes

    Lmbo…..that’s too cute I love how he runs backwards and holds a plate at
    the same time !!

  47. What breed is bonnie?

  48. God of war is shit

  49. 귀여워ㅠㅠ

  50. Ha Ha To Funny!!!!

  51. www roman ke wg

  52. Vianney “le cookie dork” Aguilar

    LOL smart puppy

  53. cute

  54. There’s literally nothing better than supper time with friends :)

  55. who thought of five nights at freddy’s when u read the name “bonnie”

  56. Thats cgi 

  57. What the fuck?!

  58. forever alone

  59. my dogs name is Bonnie!!

  60. 仲良しになれますね

  61. 仲良しになれますね

  62. Hahaha, it’s so cute :))))))))))))

  63. Dogs make amazing pets. I never understood why some people abuse and
    neglect them.

  64. Hey, that so cute it’s number one on my list lol.

  65. Holy shit!!! 35 degrees? Where do you live?

  66. now who in their right mind can give this vid a thumbs down??

  67. ¡¿1.120 dislikes?!

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