Bork Me Up (Before You Dog-Go)

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  1. Original music?

  2. arf if you see this PLEASE DO A BORK ME UP INSIDE

  3. Who else came here from Philip Defranco’s secret link?

  4. All of California will think this is funny after today.

  5. Trump won but at least Arf still remembers to post Doge semi regularly :)

  6. #39 on trending

  7. thank you Philip.. I needed this

  8. this is pretty helpful.especially since now Donald trump was elected to be
    our president.

  9. Noooooooooo

  10. long live our lord and saviour, gabe

  11. Just what I need after this bullshit election.

  12. I was feeling pretty bummed today. I really needed this. Thanks for the
    laugh! :3

  13. no parents allowed

  14. Thanks Jacksfilms for liking this video.

  15. Gotta ask dude, where did you learn how to edit so well? A meme answer is
    alright too.

  16. Better than the Luke Anakin twist

  17. It’s #37 on trending! Let’s go bois!

  18. Secret Link Tuesday… I have watched it three times and I’m still not sure
    whether I’ve been hugged or need to be hugged… Thanks Philip DeFranco!

  19. What a cute pupper. Bork Bork to you.

  20. just think, this doggo has no idea about his fame.

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