Bravest Duck Ever plays with Tiger for fun!

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This wild duck would have to be the bravest (or craziest) duck that ever lived, after it decided to play the most dangerous game ever of Marco Polo with Jalur, a 126kg male Sumatran Tiger in the Tiger Sanctuary pool at Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.

Each time that Jalur went to catch the duck, the duck would dive underwater and appear on the other side of the pool, leaving poor Jalur bewildered and back trying to find it. The duck was even showboating to get the rare Sumatran Tigers attention by flapping its wings to entice him over to continue.

The hilarious game lasted over 10 minutes, and seemed way more fun for the duck than Jalur, who ultimately gave up and hopped out his pool because of frustration, retreating to the shade under the palm trees. The duck then basked in the glory of winning the dangerous game by relaxing in the pool for the rest of the afternoon in peace and quite.


  1. BRAVO from Poland.

  2. nice vid i love koalas ones

  3. Shruthilaya Harikrishnan

    superb….but I love the koalas and red pandas mostly…

  4. Symbio version of Roadrunner and Coyote :D

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