Brazil- Saving Sloth

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via YouTube Capture


  1. In Science We Trust

    it looks to me this girl never opened a biology book or even an animal
    documantary.seriously.she was screaming like she is giving a birth to a

  2. religious girls at its best

  3. its you again

  4. Rich girls at its best

  5. What a bunch of assholes! Why do you even climb on to the tree and approach
    it? It was running away from the fat ass on the tree!! Why don’t u stupid
    jungle tourist leave those animals alone?!!

  6. the girls probably wanted it bcoz ‘its sooooooo cute omggg xxxxxx’ and
    asked him to get it for them.

  7. Nicolas Pellerin

    Just to clarify; sloths sometimes grab their other arm thinking its a
    branch while moving from branch to branch, often leading them to fall (and
    sadly usually leading to their death). However, in this particular case, I
    think they scared the sloth into making rushed movements (you can imagine
    why this isn’t good for a sloth…)

  8. is that the type of fruit that makes u high?

  9. fucking idiots leave the sloth alone. pick on someone your own size.

  10. He knows how to swim and probably he can climb a tree easy!!

  11. I think I heard somewhere that sloths are 3 times faster in water than on
    trees/ land…

  12. Crazy HE FELL ! Yo I’m 18yr old Music producer out of Minneapolis.
    Please.Check me out[:

  13. Leave the poor animal alone

  14. parents thought i was watching porn, thanks video

  15. Damn tourists paid for watching a sloth. What ignorant mother fuckers they
    are. Let the jungle kill you, you fucking pricks. I wish they pay for a
    croco close meeting in a river. At least they will be of any help for the
    wild nature.

  16. playstation2bigs


  17. Why is there normal comments?


    Whoops! Probably thought its arm was a branch. They do that sometimes…
    Thumbs up for saving the poor thing. 🙁

  19. Top comment?

  20. Sloths are great swimmers ya know….

  21. typical Americans ….

  22. why would you put this on the internet? the whole thing makes you look like
    a dumbass. go to a petting zoo!

  23. ChivalrousMinecrafter1337

    survival of the fittest people! dont blame the people when it’s the sloth’s
    fault that it is not as evolutionarily capable as us humans

  24. are you sure?

  25. have you ever heard an american accent…..

  26. TheJapanChannelDcom

    “Oh my god!!” Should be instant death penalty for anyone saying that shit.

  27. Sloths die a lot because they mistake their arm for a branch when swinging
    from tree to tree, so they fall to their deaths. Lucky there was water
    underneath him or SPLAT

  28. People should learn to hold a phone while recording.

  29. Stupid fucking sluts it was your fault.

  30. What an annoying screaming bitch! Sloth are very good swimmers.

  31. Nonsense, Sloths don’t swing but climb.

  32. this bitch needs to shut the hell up

  33. …old youtube comment section…

  34. stupid father scaring the peaceful animal and stupid kids screaming and
    filming vertically!! what an annoying family!

  35. martin amedanhoue

    what are the lessons in this video?

  36. sloths are good swimmers and if they fell in they could easily get there
    way back on a tree

  37. The question is if it fell, and the people weren’t there what would have it

  38. how come this video has the old fashion youtube comments but not the rest?

  39. Aww so cute to bad you probably killed it but who cares about that right.

  40. And than women ask why you don’t want to take them along!

  41. How selfish of you. It’s all about your ego wanting to say “Ahhh” instead
    of any feeling for the animal you snatched from his normal day, through in
    the water, and paraded him around as if he where your play thing. Creepy,
    this is whats going on within you, look there before you look at these

  42. if your dumb ass friend didnt scare it it wouldnt have fell.

  43. The new comment system is back???

  44. wait…wtf?

  45. DUCK UYO

  46. she goes to my shcool

  47. Ehr sj dahsabdsadsa dsahd sadus gave asdhs ay

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