BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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BTS with the PPS, the puppies.

These adorable puppies were provided by:
The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation

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The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation


  1. Taehyung’s gonna be a great dad😭😭❤️😂

  2. 2:56 STOP IT JIMIN!?!?I can’t be jealous of a puppy right Now!??!HEY STOB ED!!

  3. I’ve heard of Bts and don’t folllow them around a lot but this gave me faith in humanity

  4. Namjoon accurately represents jimin stans when the puppy kissed him

  5. I’ve watched this waaayy too many times!!!

  6. Those are some very lucky puppies

  7. Jimin with his puppy is the cutest thing ever❤

  8. What is one thing each of you love about yourself?
    V: “fashion”
    RM: “fashion passion”
    V: “my fashion”
    Jk: “paassion”
    Suga: “i like Puppy”
    RM: “and jimin”
    Jimin: “my eyes”
    Jin: “my handsome face”

    I love this

  9. Plot Twist: the black puppy at the end cried not to promote tear but because he has to leave Jimin

  10. The way Jhope said “i love my my lifee” gave me life 😂

  11. They made it all the way to the top and there trending on YouTube there songs are getting crazy views by army’s and others I’m so proud of these boys 😍😭

  12. They make my heart go uwu ❤❤

  13. somebody you don't know

    I’m obsessed with Suga saying “I like puppy”

    I don’t know why….

  14. Yanny or Laurel?
    Me: *BTS with puppies.*

  15. Blizzard The Kittrsnek

    I’m not even a fan of BTS, but honestly they’re all so adorable-

  16. I’ve watched this a really unhealthy amount of times

  17. v is so cute

  18. 《V I C T O R I A》

    Best video in buzzfeed yet😍

  19. Jimin should have adopted that puppy since he loved it so much😭❤️

  20. Stephanny Aslan

    Who has watched this 829289292 tines? Yeah same.

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