Bulldog Tries To Get Out Of Exercising

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  1. aww cute dog

  2. Alex Kjær Aaskilde

    Why dosent she walk the dog her self?

  3. The title should really be :Owner tries to get out of exercising by walking
    her dog on a treadmill

  4. The American Nerd Project

    Does anyone else see this as oddly cruel?

  5. Must lost all this fat

  6. This whole thing is ironic seeing how he’s on a treadmill so the OWNER
    doesn’t have to get out and exercise by WALKING the dog

  7. Get your butt and your dog outside for a walk! You’ll be amazed at how much
    he’ll enjoy walking then!

  8. I thought the dog was gonna fall several times

  9. is the owner that lazy?

  10. That is so CUTE

  11. Dogs r awesome any way u look at it!:)

  12. this is me in school trying to run In gym

  13. There is nothing wrong or cruel about this video. I never see comments like
    this for a dog on a skateboard or a dog going do a slide and that is real
    dangerous activities.

  14. This video is cute and the owner is a friend of the family she loves her
    dog. Just enjoy the video .

  15. coming from someone who has owned 3 bulldogs, even if you take them outside
    on a “real” walk, they still sit down in the middle of the sidewalk in
    protest. they do not love to exercise, that’s for sure.

  16. so how much the woman weighs?

  17. dog sat because the treadmill was beginners level.

  18. Call PETA lol

  19. I bet the owner of this dog is 400lbs and collects disability money… Go
    out and walk that poor dog.

  20. Lol this was so funny to watch.


  22. Sit Buddy sit.

  23. Man, stop being little bitches and just watch the video. It was cute.

  24. I don’t like the camera man’s voice ?

  25. Bewegen sich! Schnell, SCHNELL!!!

  26. The dog has to walk but the owner doesn’t. What a cunt.

  27. Kimberly stierhoff


  28. He thinks he’s done when you tell him he’s a good boy :)

  29. Boot camp lol

  30. dogs like you walk, fatso!

  31. People are mad the dog is on a SLOW treadmill inside a home. Now people
    think the dog doesn’t get walked outside and the owner is overweight/obese.
    There is no way to infer any of that. So judgmental off of almost NOTHING.

  32. That is one lazy dog.

  33. this describes my life

  34. Kinda ignorant. Bulldogs are inbred and can’t get enough air to endure

  35. JustAroundtheHorizon

    Just wanted to let everyone know that English Bulldogs have breathing
    issues. That’s why you don’t see most owners giving them walks around the
    park or block. The owner knows when their dog will need to rest – so having
    a treadmill is a good option for owners with English Bulldogs. -Not a fan
    of the breed but knows this much about them.

  36. Or she can just go outside and walk her dog the old fashioned way.

  37. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    This is the same way he got out of getting braces.

  38. I’m calling PETA it is unethical to make a dog exercise.

  39. Can some of you shut up….your judging a person you can’t even see from a
    30 second vid. It could be snow outside, raining, or she might of been busy
    that day and couldn’t walk her dog so she’s teaching him how to do it on
    the treadmill. Then she must saw how funny it is when he sit down or
    something….you people in the comments are despicable.

  40. Caesar Milan the dog whisperer even recommends this to a lot of people so
    shut up about cruel.

  41. Bulldogs hate walking because they are deformed and it hurts. Deformed by
    breeders who love creating freaks because they look cool so who cares how
    they feel. You get weiner dogs with crippled spines, great danes with all
    sorts of bone issues, smashed face dogs who can’t breathe, and on and on
    and on. It’s despicable what breeders have done to these poor animals. And
    they continue to do it even though shelters are overflowing with homeless
    animals. SICK!

  42. 犬「まだやるの?(´・ω・`)」

  43. Why is everyone talking bad about the owner..you ppl are so petty. Just
    enjoy a loveable dog on a treadmill and shut up ..ruining everyone else joy

  44. dogs like to walk outdoors.

  45. I’m fairly sure that’s my mother in-law.

  46. Lake Norman Mike :: Lake Norman Real Estate Agent

    I don’t do treadmills either!

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    millions of Mexicans into their country until the Chinese themselves were a
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  48. Am I the only one who didn’t find this funny?


  50. I believe he is a cool customer

  51. The Great Gig In The Sky

    americans in a nutshell

  52. He is so cute!!!

  53. im like that

  54. Bulldog if your mother wants you to die then die if it wants you to die but
    i am your help I LOVE YOU LITTLE BOY!

  55. owner probably fat ass fuck

  56. (Man, I think I am part bull dog. I do the same thing on the treadmill 😉
    Absolutely adorable!!

  57. I didnt see this funny it was more cute, right?

  58. hes so funny

  59. The owner sounds fat.

  60. funniest bulldog ever love your little friend??

  61. I love these dogs…..and sure do miss mine !

  62. I love these dogs…..and sure do miss mine !

  63. haaa que tiernooo

  64. even though I wouldn’t trade jake for any dog in the world because he’s my
    buddy bulldogs have always been my favorite breed…they just don’t
    unfortunately live long on average…that always scared me from wanting to
    own one.

  65. thats one lazy ass dog lol

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