Bulldog trying to get her extra large bone through the doggy door

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Russet attempting to get her Christmas present out the door…!

Russet is a 3 year old female English Bulldog. She is single and looking for the right guy (preferably same breed- no chihuahuas please). She enjoys napping, destroying furniture and eating treats. If you know of a match in the greater Denver area, please let me know.

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  1. I love this video. It warms my heart to see someone loves their baby enough
    to get them a wonderful gift (bone). I love the part that says come heck or
    high water he was getting his bone thru the door
    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. you can do it!

  3. Animal abuse!1!1!11111!1

  4. I thought that fat ass was going to stroke out. 

  5. Matthew Ordaz (toamatanui567)

    19th comment and 195,531 viewer

  6. We’re going to need a bigger door.

  7. And next on keeping up with the Kardashians..

  8. Great bulldog video!!!! I’ve been trying to make my guy go viral for months
    but he’s too much of a bonehead!!! 

  9. And people think dogs are smart.

  10. Poor dog is so fat 🙁
    You need to stop overfeeding your dog, you are slowly killing it..

  11. Ewww. I think if there was a stitch in the real world it would be the same
    breed as this dog. Yuck!!

  12. Poor dogs teeth :/ 

  13. Lol finally thought he would give up after a while lol 

  14. Pedro Bezunartea López

    Vertical footage is stupid!

  15. HELP THAT DOG!!! That’s not funny! Help that poor dog!

  16. He got it though lol

  17. Christian Ascencio

    Dogs are smart.

  18. Stupid dog, you make me look bad

  19. Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

    Great job Miss Bulldog …. it doesn’t matter the door are to small or bone
    is to big…..just never ever give up

  20. Don’t post unless you footage is horizontal. Turn the damn phone!

  21. well…..bulldogs one the list of intelligent dogs take the trophy for
    being one of the least intelligent.

  22. How can this video only have 27… Wait now 28 comments anyways cute dog ?

  23. That was hilarious–I wasn’t actually expecting her to get it through the
    door at the end though.

  24. Lets just watch and laugh as our dog struggles to get his bone through his
    doggy door instead of, I dunno, OPENING THE DOOR or anything…

  25. I want to kidnap all dogs and set them free, pets are nothing more than

  26. hillarious

  27. I thought Russet couldn’t get through the doggy door even without the bone

  28. oh my hes so fat but cute too much weight cause him to have arthritis let
    loose some of that weight more playing for him cute dog. I love dogs they
    are the most loyal creature you can find, they are ride or die, ilove them

  29. This is the most valuble video on youtube! Why u ask? Because the no life
    reddit people havnt found it…. Yet….

  30. To those who think this English Bulldog is fat, first off she’s a normal
    size, and second off they’re all MUSCLE. Seriously, why do you think this
    breed is called what they are? GOOGLE IT YOU LAZY HOPELESS FUCKTARDS.

  31. Who is the more stupid? The dog trying to get the bone through the door
    horizontally, or the owner recording with her phone vertically?

  32. She’s a very clever dog!! ???

  33. All I hear is Joe Swanson…

  34. Lol?????

  35. This is the coolest dog video i’ve seen in a long time…lol

  36. 我笑了

  37. I destroy furniture, too, simply by napping AND snacking on it! Love that
    goofy dawger!

  38. #thestruggleisreal

  39. Dog problems

  40. What a stupid fat dog he did know there’s a door nob on the damn
    door…dumbass smh

  41. Dunno who’s stupidest between the dog & its owner -_-

  42. So cute!! She was just so determined, I was rooting for her the entire
    time. Haha

  43. Evil dog parents… (still funny though)

  44. My bitch has trouble getting the extra large bone into the hole too

  45. Good one !!!
    Have a great day
    --- Greetings from Japan

  46. Did anyone else said “Good Job!!!” when she made it?? lol

  47. Typical bulldog 🙂 Not that smart… but lovable!

  48. Sad how no one has anything nice to say.

    But I love this video I was laughing so much! I had to share on my social
    media sites! 

  49. This video is Watermelon Baby Approved!

  50. What’s 9+10?

  51. i felt bad for the dog. the person recording this is a butthole.

  52. LOL!! That was a good laugh to start my morning out with! :D

  53. This is what happens when morbidly obese people try to take their
    McDonald’s drive through order , through their window 

  54. This is more entertaining than all football games I have never watched.

  55. Your bulldog is overweight probably like its owner

  56. Love him!!!!! He’s such a ball of mush so cute

  57. The struggle is real…

  58. aawww

  59. ShortGuy Shorty (eddisono)

    så jävla dum hund! FY FAN TACKA VET JA KATT JÄVLAR

  60. K “iluvtamagoyaki” Yuri.

    Somewhat I felt for him, because his owner didn’t help him carrying the
    bone through his entrance of the door. But anyway he could to do, good for
    him! (laugh)

  61. I only just found out about this video, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. It’s

  62. that heavy breathing tho ahahaha poor doggie :’D

  63. She got no tail so she wiggles her butt! XD

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