Bulldog watches a horror movie, does something INCREDIBLE during scary scene

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Khaleesi the bulldog loves watching horror movies and always tries to protect any potential victims from harm! She is especially vocal when children are in danger as seen in this clip.
Movie credit – “The Conjuring” (if you haven’t seen it, u should!)


  1. tahsin musarrat

    so what was unbelievable here?

  2. It’s more unbelievable that you can make your dog sit on the bed and watch tv. My dogs can’t even sit still or have the attention span to watch anything on tv.

  3. This video was honestly my first scary movie ever

  4. and people say black people talk during the movies 😒

  5. Wow my dogs don’t ever watch tv. They act like it doesn’t exist.

  6. I wish my dog watched TV and shut the hell up.

  7. Dogs going to have nightmares for days.

  8. Dog: it’s in the closet!! bitch, it’s in the closet! Get out of….omg, seriously???

  9. Rylee Toy Review

    Save her Khaleesi, save her! Love that collar!

  10. that dog understood the fear in the scene. It reacted emotionally. Incredible how emotions can be universally recognized by mammals. Maybe even other species. Empathy.

  11. Dog was angry because he didn’t get popcorn

  12. He’s a hero ! So cute !

  13. “Khaleesi the bulldog”

    Why is this description so funny to me? Khaleesi, mother of bulldogs

  14. People don’t seem to comprehend the actual meaning here. It’s not just barking, it senses the danger in the movie and recognizes it before it happens. Instead of just sitting and staring.

  15. RebuildingYourRuins

    The horror of The Conjuring is felt by multiple species

  16. All my dog does is lick his junk and lick his lips.

  17. My dog said the book was better…..

  18. CAAW [Cecil And Alexander's World]

    This is what we need on Trending!
    Not all this Trump stuff!

  19. This really demonstrates the co-evolution of dogs with Man to me. According to research, canines are more aware of human facial expressions and body language than they are of their own species. It was incredibly clear that Khaleesi there was reacting directly to the face and body expressions of fear shown on that screen. That dog was being strongly emotionally affected by what she saw, and I find that very intriguing and interesting. Thank you for showing this to us! I love dogs, and I am interested in how they relate to humanity.

  20. Elvis and Khaleesi

    Here’s the link to another video of Khaleesi trying to warn the young girl in “Crimson Peak” that she is in danger.

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