Bumblebee in spider’s web rescued by other bumblebee

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UPDATE: an expert disappoints (don’t blame the messenger) http://theconversation.com/no-thats-not-a-video-of-a-bee-rescuing-its-friend-from-a-spider-28020
A bumblebee fighting for its life in a spiders web is seemingly rescued by another bumblebee, which stings the spider. Filmed in my flat in east London. Did the 2nd bee save the 1st on purpose? Or was it just coincidence that 2 bees landed in the same web?


  1. Funny fact:
    Bumblebees can not sting cause they aint got sting yo…

  2. You should honestly consider being one of those narrator guys on discovery

  3. Both bees were obviously after the same scent, and bee stings are purely
    defensive and not offensive as suggested in this video, that’s a leg
    anyway, not a sting.

  4. The first bumblebee tweeted shit I am gonna be eaten by a spider I guess
    the bumblebee’s cops arrived on time

  5. Uh haha nope nope in nopeville produced by fuck that films

  6. Fuck off bees, just die

  7. Bees release a distress signal through scent

  8. But you’re a british dude talking over animal footage, you’re supposed to
    know your shit.

  9. which utter dumbasses didn’t like this?

  10. Fuck her right in the pussy!

  11. … now that’s one “HumbleBee”

  12. That was a leg, not a stinger. Secondly, probably the spider was going to
    cut the bumblebee loose anyway, as it wouldn’t bother eating something so
    large and bees damage the web. The second one was probably just bumbling.
    No offense, and I’m glad the bees were saved. The spider went and crawled
    into a hole somewhere to try again later, probably. 

  13. The “stinger” was the second bee’s leg. No bees came flying to the rescue
    that day.

  14. Someone has no idea what coincidence looks like.

  15. Awesome!

  16. Bee’s communicate through pheromones (when a bee stings you it “tags” you
    with a pheromone marker that aggravates its hive mates and gives them a
    target to zero in on) and high frequency vibrations. They also do a little
    booty shakin’ dance that puts Miley Cyrus to shame.

  17. Yea, the bee called the other bee with his Bphone4S…

  18. These were honey bees from what I’ve learnt 

  19. wow this reboot of Charlotte’s Web is really dark!

  20. “Bumblebees don’t die when they sting…” MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE!

  21. Spider is probably under your pillow now haha


  23. At first I thought this was a nature documentary because of your voice. You
    should be a documentary narrator, lol.

  24. Saving another bro’s life… that’s the *ultimate* bro code!

  25. Ok even though this probably isn’t Last Stand Games this guy’s voice
    reminds me of his

  26. You can bet that it will bee careful around windows now

  27. that murderer got away with it 

  28. CHANCE. nothing to do with the other bee… second just also crashed into
    the web at that time… if you believe anything else your a complete
    fucking moron

  29. That wasn’t a stinger. It was the tip of it’s leg.

  30. Tell me you are a wild life narrator, please, it’s killing me

  31. I would of killed the spider and the bee.

  32. I saw a caterpillar get caught in a spider web outside my window it was an
    all out brawl sadly the caterpillar slowly started to slow down and soon
    enough well jets just say poor guy never got to be a butter fly

  33. The Kaiju empire

    The bee was like no optumis or bebop bebop and saved him lol

  34. Damn badass sharp shooter/stinging bee to the rescue

  35. Somebody needs to show this to Karl Pilkington! He’ll have answers.

  36. discovery channel should hire this guy to narrarate wildlife shows!!! lol

  37. Read the link in the description. 

  38. if the spider is nowhere to be found, it’s time to consider moving house xD

  39. good capture but your voice is kinda boring when you talk like that

  40. The second bee didnt actually sting the spider. It was its tip of its leg
    lines up so that it looked like it and both bees were just trying to escape
    (for the lazy people who dont read description.)

  41. Don’t feel bad, it was an honest mistake that a lot of people would have

  42. The voice sounds like that of a nature documentary.
    The buildings in the background look like a Call of Duty map.

  43. The second bee was like “Surprise Motherfucker”


  45. this needs a disney animated movie

  46. if we listen very closely and very quietly we might just hear a small tiny
    high pitched voice trying to call out: “heeelp mee…. heelp meee…”

  47. My teachers all lied to me about their stingers…

  48. This guy has an epic voice over lol…Notice his ending at 1:00 – “But I
    couldn’t find the spider anywhereee” Oooooohhh spoooooookyyy

  49. that is amazing

  50. “It’s incredibly rare to see two bumblebees together.” I take it you’ve
    never seen lavender in summer.

  51. I honestly thought this was a documentary hearing your voice 

  52. Sir, I just want to tell you. You’re a good person.

  53. Classic anthropomorphism.
    Stop it people….

  54. So if the other bumblebee hadnt saved homeboy you would of let homeboy died
    huh? Smh on you bob!

  55. I just uploaded a video of a drunk and stoned bee giving a high five

  56. Come here son, watch this slow and painful death of a Bumble bee. Wait why
    are you crying?

  57. I can’t tell for sure but this is probably a honeybee. Honeybees do not die
    if they sting another bee or insect. They only die when they can’t retract
    their stinger from the skin, gloves etc of another creature such as a skunk
    or a person. The stingers are barbed like a saw blade. Honeybees do
    communicate using pheromones. If another bee is smashed in the hive the
    bees do seek revenge because of the pheromones put out by the distressed
    bee. They react when anything bad goes down in the hive. So it is very
    likely that another bee is coming to save the trapped bee. The collective
    intelligence of the bees is remarkable. As a beekeeper I can tell the mood
    of the hive by the hum. Somedays they just don’t want to be messed with….
    if anyone wants to read a really good book on communication of bees try out
    Dr. Thomas Seeley’s book “Hive Democracy”.

  58. with this video.. we know that spiderman weakness is transformers bumble
    bee sting :P

  59. Nice catch on video there

  60. I couldn’t find that spider


  61. I’d pay you to read me a bedtime story.

  62. Don’t forget to read the description. The link to TheConversation is

  63. Lesson is, it’s not over until it’s over! :-)

  64. The spider got stab. Not problem.

  65. so in the end, the first bee dies of starvation, 2nd bee dies of broken
    sting, spider dies of poison from sting… doesn’t seem like much rescuing

  66. BumbleBro

  67. I thought this was about transformers bye

  68. Did the sting kill the spider?

  69. As far as I know bees release a pheromone when they are in danger, it
    attracts other bees to come and help.

  70. …..are……you…………………………………seRIOUS?

  71. That is natural team work

  72. wow lucky bumble bee

  73. yea they bite

  74. why does every one have to be so negative 

  75. we have spiderman DC comics why don’t we have a supe’r hero bumble Bee man?

  76. Fuck U Spider!! :p

  77. Felt like I was watching discovery channel

  78. uuummm? how old is your kid and who teaches this kind of “brutal life

  79. Chase Larinto (Anonymous)

    Life lesson- Spiders are assholes

  80. Actually I saw a simular thing not as strange as your video your vids more
    odd but same kinfa thing with a wasp instead of a spider, I think the
    bubble bee was exhausted having a rest on path and this wasp started flying
    on it then this other bubble bee came to help, came back later and both the
    bee and wasp was dead but I think the bubble bee died of exhaustion because
    it was already tired before it got presumably stung the other obviously
    killed the wasp but it was too late.

  81. All bees, including bumble bees, releases alarm pheromones when in danger.
    Other bees senses those pheromones and instantly turns for help, so, it was
    not coincidence. Mother Nature in all its magic. Yes, your voice – why
    don’t you try some BBC vacancies? :)

  82. You sound like an Australian news reporter.

  83. Mother Nature is helping the bumblebee xD xD

  84. thor? is tht u?

  85. Plot twist:

    The second bee was just as stupid as the first one and didn’t see the web
    either 😛
    It’s just lucky the bee came near the spider, so out of natural instincts
    it tries to sting it..

    In the end i think they both where caught in the web. but the amazing
    voice guy, saved them both being trapped.

  86. Hello, im actually a bumblebee expert. This is wonderful act of another
    bumblebee. They tend to help each other, they like to socialize. I can tell
    you what you want about bumblebees.

  87. Bumblebro

  88. Bumblebro

  89. man if you don’t let me out of this web I’m going to call my boy tookie
    over here, and he will shank your ass! HEY YO TOOKIE!!

  90. So the bumblebee is saved… if she escapes the spider’s net …

  91. holy shit, that was fucking amazing

  92. Spiders English word of the day: buzzkill

  93. Amazing footage.I am no expert. But It does seem like the Bumblebee came
    to rescue it’s pal by stinging the spider. That spider stung by Bumblebee
    has to be dead from that sting I feel. or another scenario the second
    Bumblebee could of been trapped in spider’s web too and just landed that
    way? Who know’s?

  94. it’a a leg, not a sting

  95. “But I couldn’t find that spider anywhere”?

  96. The most amazing thing about this video is the commentary

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