Bunny Eating Raspberries!

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Luna inhaling raspberries. It looks like she’s wearing lipstick.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://anditslove.tumblr.com/post/84808458057

Other pictures and videos of Luna (including one where she eats a blackberry) here: http://anditslove.tumblr.com/tagged/Luna


  1. Cutenes level over 9000

  2. ?:girl you ready to party
    ?:yeah girl
    ?:ok let’s go
    ? fine
    ? eats raspberry
    ? ready

  3. THAT IS ADRIBALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. …………………^ ^
    ………………./ *_)
    ….. *.**–**.*/../
    …../…………./ RAWR
    __/..(…|.(…| Dino!!!RAWR™

  5. This is so cute

  6. aw it’s so cute

  7. What am I doing with my life?

  8. as if he did a red lips

  9. This is how a flesh eating killer bunny would look.. Absolutely adorable!


  11. Miranda is that you?

  12. Cute rasberrie’s killer !!

  13. This video should be longer

  14. Vampire bunny, run for your lives you innocent raspberries. LoL

  15. yellowbat girlrose

    The bunny looks like it has lipstick on

  16. Crazy About Hamsters

    bunny: nom nom nom nom

    Raspberry: …….

  17. Why so serious ????

  18. soooo cute

  19. I watch it when I’m scared or sad

  20. Dat face tho

  21. PurpleMagicRabbitHat

    Your rabbit is cute :D

  22. cute !!!!!

  23. some mess XD and it looks like lipstick :P


  25. I’ve just realised that I needed this video. The question is, why? 

  26. Omg! Cutest video ever

  27. so” cute!

  28. Lol the bunny looks like it’s wearing lipstick

  29. if only we had fur….then at least one aspect of applying makeup could be

  30. The bunny will consume the blood of his enemies…

  31. i came loads

  32. that looks so cute

  33. Katherine “kat” Prevot

    This is the best video I have ever seen in my entire life.

  34. sooooo cute

  35. put it on 2 speed and she really is inhaling them my name is luna… I AM A

  36. so…KAWAII! !

  37. Christian Reynard Lawang

    oo mee gooodd

  38. who is she

  39. Oh gosh that s so fucking cute

  40. Cuuutteeee;)

  41. Awwwwww!!!!!!

  42. OhLookIt'sAnUnexpectedChromebook

    Why is this even a viral video? It’s got 15 million views. That’s 15
    million people that apparently think that a bunny eating raspberries is

  43. cute

  44. we need to focus more on dogs and other animals’ issues and less on gay
    fake rights.

  45. this is sooooo interesting, really nice video, much effort into making it
    and editing in sony vegas pro 13. ur editing skills are awesome

  46. So adorable. I love bunnies!!???

  47. *realizes that human eats bunnies* oh hell no now i am gonna cry again.

  48. awwww

  49. Leyla Olpak-Yildirim

    that mouth

  50. my bunny love’s raspberries

  51. i have 2 bunnies p.s BUNNIES!!!!!!

  52. Interesting! come to my page to see me eating a watermelon, playing
    basketball and painting

  53. Taehyuxng Mi (김뷔)

    I’m here because of BTS Jin vine.

  54. click on the hunny bunny tv icon to see my rabbit

  55. cute

  56. it has got blue eyes o.o <3

  57. When you eat your girl out when she on her period.

  58. You can out lipstick on a rabbit but it’s still a rabbit lol

  59. the bunny looks like miranda sings

  60. Very cute but be careful because when you feed bunnies sweet stuff it can
    alter their digestive systems and develop later a potentially deadly
    condition called GI stasis. Please research it. That happened to my with
    papaya treats. And my bunny would go crazy for them!

  61. lol its bunny vampire

  62. mangle the pirate fox

    were did you get that lipstick? iz it a nes brand xD

  63. One word cute

  64. For a moment there I thought the rabbit was drinking blood no I’m not on

  65. Oh My another makeup tutorial….

  66. It looks like the rabbit ate a lipstick 

  67. ahhhh sooo cute

  68. I like yo lipstick c:

  69. I won’t a bunny

  70. I love it

  71. cutest bunny ever

  72. Adorable!

  73. blood and gore

  74. my bunny like strawberry

  75. This is so cute!!!!!! <3 >_< I'm dying ^o^ ◎[▪‿▪]◎

  76. Whenever I feed my rabbit a carrot he gets orange all around his mouth it’s

  77. That was so cute i love Bunnys

  78. Aww


  80. how cute :3

  81. aniaml jam fan aj rocks!


  82. Cuteness overload

  83. Looks like he is eating meat :)

  84. Funny and adorable asf 😉 I was looking up rabbit bring eatin but instead I
    found this

  85. RyanDomz Playniverse

    I was listening to rammstein

  86. so cuteeeee

  87. Gamer girl300 Davidson

    I am seriously not even joking about what I’m about to say this is the best
    video on YouTube and the cutest video on YouTube that I’ve ever seen in my
    life disagree if you want but I think what I think and I have my own

  88. Gamer girl300 Davidson

    If I could like this video a million times I would that’s how cute I think
    it is.

  89. ?????

  90. lol. it looks like she’s wearing lipstick. :D

  91. so natural ?

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