Buzz the Boxer Loving John Lewis Advert 2016

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  1. hit 9 million on Facebook

  2. you are going to get loads emails about this video from companies wanting
    the rights to this video, please do not do it as if you monetise everything
    yourself you will make a fortune from this video alone.

  3. my boxer died last summer, this made me miss her so so much but what an
    amazing cool dog! made my day

  4. ManMadeitWomenCraveit

    why cant we make it so that everyone has one dog seriously dogs are pure
    peace and innocents

  5. who even needs the trampoline

  6. that dog will be on Ellen and will receive a lifetime supply of trampolines

  7. Somebody get that dog a trampoline.

  8. When one of your homies makes it out of the hood

  9. Even though its vertical and 29 secs, i kind of liked it…

  10. Hello! Can we use your video on BBC News? To get in touch with us, you can
    email: Thanks!

  11. Ooouuuur house is a very, very, very fine house.
    With 2 cats in the yard.
    Life used to be so hard.
    Now everything is easy cus of yooooouuu.

  12. The trampoline will get on Ellen and get a lifetime supply of dogs.

  13. Please buy your Dog a trampoline and post a video of him jumping on it

  14. Buzz is a little too into his own kind…must be racist

  15. Looks like CNN found their news for the day

  16. Great, now Ellen will give you a lifetime supply of John Lewis adds.

  17. Buy that dog a Trampoline. ?

  18. omg this adorable

  19. The dog should bite you for filming vertically

  20. aww! He wants a trampoline too now!

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