Camels vs. Cactus!!! جمل

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Dromedary camels tear through prickly pear cactus with 6 inch needles. Can you watch this?

Camels eating other things. Or it should be.

Camels eat pineapple.

Camels just destroying everything.

Camels eating…

And finally just for fun…
You’re welcome.


  1. Glad they like them i personally perfer my salad not to bite me back.

  2. Brandon Morland

    that is gonna hurt coming out

  3. The only kind of asmr I’m into

  4. and if I eat one bowl of Captain Crunch I’m in pain

  5. Well damn! I thought goats were the only animals that were Savage eaters like this

  6. Finally… some real quality content

  7. Like my comment brotha

  8. Why does Camelsandfriends love every comments?

  9. Decani tv Decani tv

    Wtf so good

  10. I used to like eating sunflower seeds whole…not fun coming out. How the hell is this possible?

  11. Channel Does Not Exist

    When Camelsandfriends doesn’t love your comment

  12. Camels are whats up

  13. don’t let this video distract you from the fact California will be independent

  14. Not to bad.

  15. One of the best ASMR’s out here

  16. Thank you camelsandfriends for not click baiting us!

  17. This was more disturbing than I thought it would be

  18. Reminds of the time I went down south on a gf that didn’t shave

  19. See kids.. Don’t do drugs!

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