Cat caught on camera stealing owner’s underwear

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This cat burglar (literally) is caught red-handed stealing its owner’s underwear from her drawer. This solves the mystery of why they have been all over the floor lately!

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  1. I got a notification for this?

  2. stupid for uploading this waist of my notifications ” what cat doesn’t do
    this “Pharos cats been stealing his underwear since the beginning of

  3. Lilyanna Jacobs 'Night terror'

    Busted. My cats do that too. I just started putting a silk handkerchief for
    them to steal.

  4. I don’t know why this was recommended for me but it’s cute

  5. Do you think it will fit?

  6. So, next time you notice your underwear disappearing, don’t immediately
    assume it was your roommate or that creepy neighbor who’s always staring at
    you from their window.

  7. I guess she learned GTA

  8. bad kitteh! badbad kitteh

  9. Cat’s like, you know what, I don’t need to explain. I’m a cat.?

  10. OMG this kid he looks just like my cat Misty. she’s a pretty smart Kitty 2
    and quite stubborn. But I love her

  11. he likes the paper with the washing instructions – cut those off and you’ll
    be fine.

  12. Underwear belong in the top drawer, are u crazy ? XD

  13. this video is great what cat is that

  14. “what are you talking about? This is mine.”

  15. oh boy

  16. We had a kitty that looked exactly like him

  17. Cat: “This smells familiar.”

  18. The One And Only Marissa Gutierrez

    Naughty Cat!!

  19. I’m sure the cat just wanted to play with the tag

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