Cat Demands More Petting!

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Cats are so awesome….

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  1. YOU STOLE MY CAT. Except my cats way more demanding. He jumps on my
    keyboard lays on it and starts nudging and biting on your fingers until you
    pet him.

  2. my cat does it too so cute and sometimes annoying if you are trying to get
    something done

  3. what kind of cat is that? 

  4. I would die if the cat just jumped on his face xD I have a sick mind ._.

  5. This proves that some cats do have affection towards their owners. Stop
    generalizing all cats people!

  6. It should have been called, ” Cat Pets Owner!”

  7. It’s wonderful how that cat thinks about the action he takes. Watching the
    subtle, careful movement of his paw, it’s clear thinking is going on inside
    his head. Very intelligent cat.

  8. Awesome video man!!!

  9. Pet me, you stupid human!

  10. thats love

  11. The cat was just trying to return the favor by petting the guy.

  12. I love this cat!!! I use to have a persian, and he was so cute and happy!!!
    He actually interacted with me and seemed to care!! 

  13. This is so cute!
    I love guys who love animals. 

  14. Pretty cool…cute cat too!

  15. Heart warming video.

  16. I just saw this video on the news this morning.

  17. Beautiful cat ♡

  18. Or maybe ….hes petting the hooman back o.o

  19. I never thought I would comment on a cat video but that was cute.

  20. TheDiamondTelevision

    MY cats – they are fuckign idiots i love my cats i give evertything fhrsh
    milk expesive food and they are still ”wild”

  21. So cool! Black Persian. 

  22. That is adorable

  23. Beautiful cat

  24. My dog does this 

  25. This looks like my cat when he’s lonely xD

  26. Not petting = TORTURE. Reported for animal abuse.

  27. black cats are bad luck m8

  28. how can you ignore anything that cute? love him!

  29. So, this is what an evil villain does when he is not on his evil mission…

  30. OMG <3 I had to replay it like 4 times, so cute <3

  31. cute cat…………

  32. the only cat in the world who actually likes humans

  33. my cat starts in on me too……..

  34. N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery

    That is the most sweet video I ever saw that baby is so Precious !!

  35. Lololololololol

  36. My cat will do this when im eating! This is hilarious

  37. You pet me I pet you. :3

  38. That cat is gorgeous. “This is my human. He may not be as fluffy as me, but
    I love him.”

  39. The Very Negative Human Being

    My cat does the same thing when I’m not petting him, or giving him enough

  40. lol

  41. that cat is soooo cute!!

  42. In Science We Trust

    Black cat are curse to this world.this guy is probably has a cursed home
    because of this black cat !!!

  43. Is this what it means to be pussy whipped?

  44. that’s an awesome cat, i wish i had one….damn apartment rules!

  45. Que chulo! 

  46. Stephanie Brodersen

    What a beautiful cat

  47. jackie szafran-pappas

    This is an ‘aw’ moment. I can feel the love the cat is giving.

  48. Lesley Gulliford-Turnbull

    Yeah, that is exactly what my Tiny does. And that Black one looks like my
    beautiful Jackie. I miss him so – he was the perfect fellow.

  49. Am I the only one who can see that this video is fake????? Look at the cat
    and the guy closely, two different videos merged together. Nice one dude,
    nice one….

  50. this is so f@$%^ SWEET!

  51. That cat is gorgeous. And those eyes gosh I could stare at them all day.

  52. Very Loving cat

  53. When I adopted Emiy, a tabby cat, I loved her so much, I held in my arms
    over my left shoulder like a baby. I didn’t know she would learn to need
    that shoulder when she grew up. I also didn’t know she would grow into a
    small lion. So, whenever I sit at my desk, Emily walks across my computer
    keyboard and lunges at my left shoulder and hangs on while purring and
    purring. It’s ‘home’ to her. Have you ever tried to type with a small lion
    on your shoulder? 

  54. the cat’s all like “hey, you’re not finished!”

  55. Sir Dick Van Freedman III

    They’re evolving.

  56. Pet the kitty! Pet the kitty!

  57. Belllo!!!

  58. She’s adorable <3. I wish I could have one :(

  59. Awwweee..!! So precious. Wish my cat was this affectionate *jealous*

  60. @amber lopez – this is hilarious because you’re purposely getting people
    going… not sure why though, but they fall for it every time!! 

  61. ms. will always love my life

    What a precious kitty ! ! !

    And he / she is so intelligent, trying to get his / her owners’ attention !
    ! !

  62. when that cat put his head on your shoulder at the end. couldnt help but

  63. What a Lover.

  64. How sweet is that!!

  65. Omg so adorable!!!

  66. Teasing your cat like this will keep them from taking you for granted. One
    of my favorite games is cat bowling (rolling a ball at him when he clearly
    wants something else).

  67. Wooooo cute, but i hope you pet it a little more when your not filming

  68. Saw this during the Puppy Bowl…

  69. That’s one spooky, evil-looking cat

  70. I am 24. Drunk. Watching Cat’s and people announcing pregnancies on
    youtube. And I feel great. What the fuck. I guess the meaning of life is
    quite simple. Cat’s and babies. Lets do it.

  71. What kind of cat is that

  72. I’m so jealous.

  73. Very adorable!

  74. What a beautiful kitty.

  75. sunshinegirl1967

    What a sweet kitty!

  76. When they put their heads on each other’s shoulders it’s so cute!

  77. Kittu says. Here let me pet you to.

  78. Wow, when you stroke a pussy, it will stroke back!

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