Cat don’t like flute music

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  1. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    The cat is actually her teacher. It’s like that scene from the movie

  2. Can’t understand all these people hating on the cat. This was hysterical.
    Great video!

  3. I remember playing this song on the flute. Can’t understand why the cat
    doesn’t like it. :)

  4. Maci don’t like english

  5. The cat was just trying to get you to place your hands / arms in the proper

  6. hahaaaaaaa 🙂
    maybe he thought you were charming a cobra?!hahaaaa maybe he DON’T LIKE
    SNAKES!!! haaaaa 😀
    -great Vid!

  7. Christian Ballard

    I want a Snowshoe!

  8. Does anyone know what this song is called? I played it back in the day, but
    forget the title

  9. Jacob Becomes Israel

    Smart Cat.

  10. I wonder if this girl has nightmares where she’s playing at a concert–and
    that cat is in the audience. XD.
    Also, that cat is absolutely gorgeous.

  11. I absolutely love that part at the end where the girl tries to play the
    flute a third time–and the cat won’t even let her get the instrument near
    her lips.

  12. I would of kicked that cat like a football if it started attacking me. Then
    it would learn. I’m an asshole. Deal with it.

  13. Cat looks like a trained assassin carrying out his mission.

  14. that’s why I have a fucking dog!

  15. This video was brought to you by a peeping Tom.

  16. Honesthedgehog Life

    That’s actually terrifying lol

  17. I can’t believe she enjoys getting her skins ans flesh scratched up and
    being bitten but those sharp small fangs..some ppl r just dumb and deserve

  18. the notes are to hard on the hearing for the cat. very sensitive to sound.

  19. cat not suppose to be biting like that.

  20. Conker The Squirrel

    What is this madness? no respect for your owner? fuck you, cat.

  21. I came twice watching this video

  22. How is this under aww more like ahh!!

  23. Thats why dogs rule and cats suck… bitch cat! ;)

  24. Pepper spray it and start yelling at it in an annoying voice to leave your
    flute alone. “Stop cat, why are you doing that cat, leave my flute alone
    cat, stop cat, please stop cat, leave my kayak alone cat, I’m mean my

  25. Fluffy feline fights flutist ferociously

  26. Goes to show that human are dumb and stupid. Why do I say that? Cat has a
    very sensitive ear drum. They are designed for hunting. Their eyes and ears
    extremely sensitive. The eyes are sensitive to light. The ears are great
    for picking up low audible tone. With such sharp pitch like that of the
    flute is like screaming inside their ears.

  27. And from that day on she was never seen again

  28. If that cat bit me, it would be that last thing it did.

  29. I does not like bad grammar.

  30. Да кот просто трахаться хочет. Коты жутко епнутые они голые руки
    воспринимают как самку)

  31. no creepy but if u did this barefoot u woulda had like at least triple
    amount of views

    fake edi……yes its meant to be creepy :l

  32. hands down one of the cutest things ive ever seen!!!!!!!

  33. No Mr. Kitty! That’s a bad Mr. Kitty!

  34. LOL!!! So troll!!! I love how she tried to keep playing after getting
    attacked xD

  35. LOL

  36. I don’t get it…it’s not like her playing was horrible; it was actually
    pretty good…..guess the cat thot otherwise.

  37. Shut up Bitch….. Purrrr

  38. damn i don’t blame him =D

  39. Bad attitude kitty;Love your reaction..

  40. my cat did the same thing when im singing

  41. She’s so rough with the cat

  42. And then it ate her alive.

  43. I have got few iPads at home I learn how to used them and most important to
    secure them. It would be good to find a video like Cat don’t like music
    that covers this.

  44. honeybadgerAMERICA

    another reason dogs are superior

  45. El gato solo trataba de decirte que tocabas para la kk y le hacías sangrar
    sus oídos y que pararas, aunque a mi me gustó, ese gato no tiene gusto para
    la música -.-


  46. Calla maldito humano!!

  47. Lol why is there a whole discussion down here about spraying your cats with
    water. Like really? What’s wrong with spraying a cat with water? My cats
    still love me and have manners because I did that when they misbehaved. Now
    I just say their names angry and they know they have to stop.

  48. I would worship this cat and bring him herring, tuna and whatever else he
    would ask of me.

  49. cats are annoying

  50. lol @ 0:50

  51. check out my talking cat video if you’re bored

  52. I would be pissed off too if my ears were as sensitive as cat’s ears are
    and someone was playing that shit near me.

  53. the cat has taste!!

  54. Cats are mean.

  55. At the end always cats win…

  56. More of dog person my self,but loved the video.

  57. DesertGold Sand (Genius AL7RBI)

    That cat clearly has a good taste of music cause that shit bled my ears and
    the potato quality didn’t help either.

    That cat represent me !

  58. Great video! But, cat doesn’t like music? Dog, also doesn’t like it. I
    invite to watch my video.

  59. LOLL I love this cat

  60. love how pissed off the cat is getting while the girls just laughing

  61. it’s not the music per say, it’s the pitch, it affects their ears

  62. Surely, the sound breaks his ears.

  63. Dead by cat

  64. that kind of looked like grumpy cat

  65. Seriously does not like that music…

  66. My cat does exactly the same thing when I whistle!!! she just really
    doesn’t like high pitched noises.

  67. Занятно, ролик русский, а все комменты на английском

  68. I would smash that pussy

  69. Should’ve shoved that cats tail into its asshole!

    that’ll teach that little fucker!

  70. literally fuck cats

  71. Katze mit gutem Geschmack :)

  72. This fat fluffy feline had little faith in this fragile femme’s fallacious
    flute flim flamming and so ferociously flailed and fatally flayed her face
    flawlessly forever forfeiting her failure.

  73. Not a woodwinds fan, huh?

  74. you need to put the cat in trance

  75. dat pussy tho

  76. Jajajaja Crazy Cat

  77. And THAT’S why I don’t play the flute! ?

  78. one time I was singing and my cat hissed at me. you can telll by their face
    that you are being too loud for their furry sensitive cute bat like ears.

  79. RIP in Shrek, flute

  80. Lol!!!

  81. does anyone know what song this is?

  82. Why did he do that?

  83. haha this cat and her must play a lot like that.. I know what a cat is like
    what it’s not playing… This is just it messing around. Cats can get scary
    when pissed.

  84. Oh my! He’s totally nuts! Lol!!!!

  85. If a cat ever tries to stop me from playing an instrument i’d fucking punch

  86. haha, this russian streetfighter cat is defenitly the Boss in this house.

  87. ” EVERYONE’S A CRITIC !” …. who said that …. Woody Allen? …. Bob Hope
    ? … Amy Schumer ?

    What a beast !

  88. Lol. I’ve never seen a cat do that before. I wonder how sensitive its ears
    are. That or he/she doesn’t really like flutes. I STILL LIKE YOUR FLUTE

  89. She was never heard from again… and neither was the flute.

  90. My cat attacked my when i played this video by her

  91. That was so funny

  92. what is the song u play?

  93. Ouch! That cat is vicious! My kitties didin’t mind the flute so much but I
    had one who realllly hated my piccolo. He’d jump on my lap and head-bonk
    the instrument and cry, oh how he would cry! As if to say, “Mama! Please!
    Make it stopppppp!”

  94. is he hungry?

  95. I have a stray cat we let her in and she bites even if you try to pet her

  96. Proof that Cats Rule!

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