Cat figures out clever way to look outside

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Watch as Buttercup the Ragdoll cat views the outside world by hanging from a doorway window. Bet you haven’t seen that before!

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  1. ? King of Sarcasm ?

    I love how it does that little pre-jump wiggle.

  2. My cats do this too XD 

  3. That’s a cat.

  4. Nevona Cunningham


  5. So smart. Cute video 🙂 

  6. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Not sure how clever it is to have two boxes of cat shit in front of the
    door though.

  7. right i can hear this so loud…
    “right mate, we clear.. he is gone, lets party! call michael!”

  8. Looking outside through a window isn’t that clever 

  9. assassins creed- Cathood

  10. I’m on the weird side of YouTube again.

  11. All the good ideas develop in the bathroom

  12. Awh so cute ?

  13. Yep, it’s still raining.

  14. cats are magical creatures

  15. Why are people so cruel, just let the cat out, it obviously wants to get

  16. Suzanne de Cornelia

    Very clever and beautiful cat…hopefully with other easy to access windows
    to look out…they get bored at home if nothing to see.

  17. Maggie Rodriguez

    that is so adorable!!! That cat is so cute! good job on the video`

  18. hahaha!!

  19. You’re fucking stupid.

  20. Not sure how clever it is to have the thumbnail show how us how the cat
    already figured out how to look out the window.

  21. Peeping tom. Wait…make that a peeping tomcat.

  22. Wtf i saw

  23. Funny video goo. gl/5hDcLR

  24. the other cat is just like WTF BUTTERCUP STOP ET WTF

  25. LOL

  26. I hate cats….

  27. It’s really not that funny. You get the entire video from the thumbnail.
    I wonder how much you are paying for that home page spot :^)

  28. Jhayne ArtOfLife

    This cat reminds me of my Oracle-Jane cat! Very cute!

  29. Pretty smart cat, he knew to jump down over the shit too, so he didn’t
    twist a leg!

  30. They’re getting smarter!! Ahhh!!

  31. my Dog is smart enough to go to the window !

  32. That’s so clever to look out the window. Good job Kitty!

  33. Gerardo Hernandez


  34. 0 Subs With No Videos!!!!

    Noisy cat

  35. Cats are way too smart for this to be clever.

  36. So… Michael Jordan does have a cat

  37. This cat got ups

  38. How is that clever. All the cat did was jump…

  39. Bullet Tooth Tony

    Most obvious move ever is thought to be clever. 

  40. Houston's Very Own

    Just imagine all the scratches that door will have in the future. 

  41. Tesselated Heart

    GG, cat.

  42. thats not clever …thats basic asf

  43. Imagine going to knock on the door and you just see that cat staring at

  44. Intensive Parkour Cat Syndrome.

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    Do it!


  46. litter box game weak

  47. Sergey Barabanoff

    Wow that was a good jump

  48. Just another example of how smart cats are. Anyone who thinks cats are not
    smart just doesn’t know cats.

  49. I love the comercials, can we pleeze have a lot more!

  50. Zayden Alexander


  51. That’s just normal.

  52. gaetano Cannizzaro


  53. Im telling you guys, kill those cats before its too late.. next thing you
    watch is “cat figures out how to shoot a gun” !!

  54. Our cats love looking out the window, and we keep the blinds half way up
    for them. They also have a screened patio. I know this is cute, but begs
    the question, why isn’t he on a windowsill looking out?

  55. Let the kitty out you dumbass asshole

  56. Alanj2007 Games (Distortion Reality)

    Lel, my cat always do that….

  57. This is really sad. :-(

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