Cat goes boink!

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Our crazy cat tortures our stoic dog.


  1. Lol that dog was like, did I just get trolled by that cat

  2. “Cat goes boink! But… WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?” (*cue music*)

  3. hahah omg the look on his face like “human why you let him do this”

  4. This is way too cute. I wonder if I can teach my cat how to do that. (^_-)

  5. It’s like an extreme peek-a-boo.

  6. Watch the animal abuse comments flooding the commeny section

  7. Narf

  8. The cat secretly wishes he was an assasin from assasins creed. Every time
    he jumps from behind the curtain i can here him saying “ASSASSINATION” and
    pretend hidden-blading the dog XD

  9. The Dog looks pissed lol 

  10. What the hell is the cat doing??

  11. I love how the dog is looking at the curtain like WTF

  12. I can see the action series now. THE AMAZING SUPERCAT. Leaps into action
    from behind the curtain.

  13. Theres three types of people in this world: faggots, niggers and cunts. 

  14. the dog looks miserable XD

  15. ” dog ” So you had to give him suger

  16. “Stealth attack”

  17. Absolutely Adorable!!! ??

  18. Dog refuses to gv a fuck

  19. Kittah is such a troll! XD

  20. Lexie “manateegirl98” Madeleine

    the dog looked like he was saying “Help me”

  21. I like how the dog has no fucking clue as to what is going on with the cat.

  22. “idiot, this is animal abuse. The cat could have broken a leg in that jump,
    and the dog is almost crying. You should go to prison for 10 years, then
    maybe you will learn how to treat your pets”

  23. The cat is high lmao

  24. I am a fellow redditor and this video is very disgusting and makes me cry
    inside. all the animal abuse is sickening. I hope god pays you back 10

    Redit gold member / moderator / 52 inch hd tv with ps4 / IQ 69 

  25. cutest dog on my channel check it out 🙂 plz sub and share for more videos

  26. Great Video, I like it very much keep up the great work

  27. So random. LOL

  28. Lol what the hell is up with this cat? Can’t stop laughing. So random.

  29. The cat and dog totally look related!

  30. Cutest thing i have seen in a long time…would rather be around animals
    than people..any day! 

  31. puppy sais that cat is nuts!!!

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