Cat Groomer: Hairdresser Uses His Skills On Pampered Felines

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With his ruff of fur, fluffy tipped tail and hairy legs contrasting with a closely clipped body – this lucky cat looks like the king of the beasts. Steven Harrold has been working as an exclusive cat groomer for 23-years and specialises in giving elaborate clips to pampered felines. Steven bathes, grooms and clips all kinds of cats – from extreme maintenance work to elaborate lion and teddy bear style clips.

Videographer / Director: Nick Cunard
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. 23 year of experience and he still can’t cut the body as one level of

  2. You know what? If you could ask the cats if they wanted those hair cuts or
    not and they could respond back…. I can imagine most of them would say
    “No” or something to that affect….

  3. He did a really shitty shaving job. Patchy as heck.

  4. Why would he showcase such terrible work? He’s definitely not the best man
    for the job.

  5. Cool idea but he did a piss poor job shaving that cat. Patches everywhere.

  6. Animal cruelty! I radier from your eyebrow, hair and everything! Shit what
    does to there! :(

  7. its fur controls its body temperature, that cat is going to freeze to death

  8. That’s so cruel

  9. Wow that cat did not look happy in any of those pictures.

  10. What a nob jockey!! Poor cats

  11. I would hate to be that pet in the winter 

  12. poor cat

  13. The cats look very unhappy … Just sayin

  14. Sad and depressing are the only words that I get from this video.

  15. That cat is mad af

  16. The cat is aaaaangry ! …. Just saying

  17. Beatriz Chavarriaga

    No me gusto ! Cuando le cortó una uñita le salió sangre ! Pobre ?

  18. wouldn’t the cats get cold without their big coats? 

  19. the poor cat looks like a clown

  20. That cat looks so pissed out. Lol. Its a really butchered cut though :/

  21. I wonder how many clients of him wanted refund from such crappy job.
    Blindfolded one-armed and completely drunk hair dresser would do it better.
    Coooomeeee oooon, look at this cat – it looks like a victim of genetic
    experiment and not a lion.

  22. Some drunk guy at the pub could do a perfect job than him. Why pay this guy
    for a crappy haircut? Stupidity.

  23. That lion cut looked sloppy af. Definitely not worth £100.

  24. aren’t they cold? poor kitties

  25. The cat does not look very happy

  26. I’m not trying to be mean, but that doesn’t look good.
    A.K.A- It’s bad.

  27. looks like shit

  28. First you breed hairy, fuzzy, almost impossible to maintain animal, then
    mutilate it by cutting their claws, shaving off their fur in ridiculus
    manner – and waste hundreds and thousands on this sick “hobby” – humans are

  29. im a groomer and i groom cats and im here to tell you this is no easy feet
    it takes patience and skill some cats are very good for even like it then
    you have those that if they claw your eyes out they would i give props to
    anyone who grooms cats i have people watch me all the time and ask how do i
    do that and do i sedate them the answer is because i can and no i do not
    sedate them

  30. The cat looks like shit! It’s just like stripping the paint off a
    Lamborghini, right down to bare metal and saying,……what a great

  31. Horrible skills

  32. That haircut makes those cats look terrible

  33. The cats like “not amused.”

  34. wow i could cut this cats hair better than that! he didn’t blend this cut
    at all its uneven and splotchy he nothing but a wannabe groomer. He
    shouldn’t be charging anything for these cuts till he gets more skill under
    his belt this makes me disapointed in barcroft tv that they are giving
    recognition to a untalented cat groomer!

  35. I don’t agree with this at all. It may look ‘good’ to them, but it’s not
    fair! The cat adapts to the weather with it’s fur, so shaving it all off is

  36. Wow, look at 1:23 ! You can tell my his blue gloves , that the cat doesn’t
    enjoy getting groomed….yikes.

  37. Why would you like your cat looking like a little freak

  38. sad that we’ve created things like bulldogs and persian cats, fucked up
    flat faces and underbites

  39. This is absolutely ridiculous. Poor cat.

  40. I saw this and knew I’d hate it. 

  41. His gloves are barely hanging on. 

  42. it became a worn out stuffed toy found in the bin

  43. that lion clip is seriously adorable!

  44. That’s a docile cat. Mine would be scratching his eyes out!

  45. Nice gloves.
    That cat is not happy. 

  46. I think they look great well done

  47. I bring my cat to the vet to do this every summer. If I don’t, his fur gets
    these awful mats in it and I have to somehow try to cut them off, which is
    usually painful for him and not easy at all for me. Not to mention he’s a
    longhaired cat so he gets really hot in the summer without doing it. It’s
    crazy how his mood changes, you can tell he prefers it actually. If I don’t
    do it he’ll go lay down somewhere trying to stay cool all summer, won’t
    even let me touch him sometimes. But when he’s got the lion cut he’ll hang
    around when there’s a bunch of people, sit on the couch with me, and play
    with me. Such a difference it makes… I’ve seen a lot of comments on here
    saying how its “cruel” to do that to a cat and shit, but honestly its
    probably one of the best things you can do for a longhaired cat in the hot

  48. He’s good at shaving cats it’s better than having a noty cat and he’s going
    for a lion look duh

  49. Horrible grooming 

  50. That poor cat looks miserable and nothing close to a lion. It is not a toy
    to make whichever way you want. It is a living breathing creature who
    should have an owner who didn’t let it’s coat get matted in the first
    place. It’s fucking common sense. It is not pampering you twit if the pet
    cat comes in matted and needs to be shaved because of this! Learn the
    difference. Plus, if it is not because of matting and the stupid “owner”
    likes a lion clip then their idiots who just want something to play with
    and would know better. Cats are felines like a lion sure, but thats as far
    as it goes and would never want to look like this! That cat was hissing and
    angry the whole time he pinned that cat down and butchered the poor baby’s
    fur to “make it look pretty”. Dude, get a life and go back to shaving
    humans, you have no clue how animals should be cut and a cat unless it is
    matted should never be shaved unless it is for surgery or an injury. Let
    the cat have it’s fur to stay warm and happy!

  51. People need to learn how to cut their cats snails properly, right at the
    0.45 mark when he cuts the cats nail you can see that when he snipped it
    blood shot out of it. Pay attention and stop injuring your cat.

  52. you really gotta lack empathy and see your cat as an accessoire to bring it
    to a barber

  53. With the cat fur he probably makes wigs out of them and dances through the
    night the mug

  54. This is my cat groomer

  55. The cat look absolutely miserable 

  56. I feel bad for the cat and that is so stupid. Who would want their cat to
    look like a lion?

  57. Kazuyuki .Aki (Aki)


  58. All cats must hate him!! M U S T H A T E G R O O M E R!!

  59. totally horrible

  60. It’s patchy! Lol.

  61. Poor cat

  62. ugly cat

  63. please look at in box….. you groomed animals look scared to death .
    please re think yr look

  64. Pretty shoddy cat groom if you ask me. If I was paying that sort of money,
    I’d expect the coat to at least be even all over. It was awful. 

  65. I’m thinking that was his cat that he did the patchy work on. But if ppl
    have been coming to him for 23 years and pay $120 – 165 then he must be
    doing something right. Maybe his work is better on the other lion cats. 

  66. pobre gato 

  67. Trishia Vivian Rose

    a grumpy cat expression hahahaha so cute

  68. The cat looks really mad

  69. Elsa Candy Winters™

    It’s kind of a shitty job, he charges too much for that

  70. Fancy cat!!!

  71. Lmfao the fact that his gloves were whole when he started and falling apart
    when he finished is hilarious who is paying 80 pounds for this shitty

  72. Poor cat 

  73. PurplePumpkin18

    that poor cat

  74. Why do ppl buy longhaired cats to shave it off?? Just saying….

  75. ….It looks like he cut into the quick of the cat’s nails…. he should
    only be cutting off the very tip. If you cut too far you’ll see blood just
    like what appears to be there in this video.

  76. olafursson kyllian

    stupid and cruel
    and on top of that, useless


  78. melissa harrison

    Grooming your cat if fine… Grooming it like that is not! Do not agree
    with this at all!?

  79. melissa harrison

    And besides that it looks ridiculous..its not even a good cut….the poor
    cat it all gapped up?

  80. if they were going to shave its fur off (or whatever thefuck amount) just
    bc of “mats”

    they couldve gotten a fucking SPHINX asdvasdXDF

  81. Jessica Graziela

    Meuu DEUS, coitado do gato…Super estressado…

  82. Arief Herdiansah

    So bad. !! 

  83. That poor cat the look on his face just tells you that he really really
    hates him

  84. Oh no, what has he done to these beautiful creatures?

  85. Am I the only one that thinks that this seems abusive? The cat looks
    stressed and miserable.

  86. I thought so too. How come so many missed areas?? You can’t tell me if I’m
    paying $100, I want any left behind fur. Stupid.

  87. i don’t really think a lion clip is right because obviously cats have fur
    for a reason , to keep them and it would just be unnatural for it to have
    fur one and and not all over like there adapted to , idk no offence ?

  88. que hermoso gatito :D

  89. Poor cats! If you have longhaired cats, just brush them every day. This is

  90. What skills? He did a HORRIBLE job.

  91. Worst thing i have ever seen i could probably do a better job without any
    experience rather this dimwit.He did a really shitty job the cat is full of
    patch’s looks like if you have ever tried to give your self a short back
    and sides haircut and it looks so fucking un-even.


  93. the guy just wants the money. doesn’t seem to care if he’s done a quality

  94. Hatti'n' emily 123

    Feel sorry for the cats

  95. i think its a cool look, but he did is awful, its all patchy.

  96. This is stupid! He is stupid! What stupid fuck does this kind of shit. He
    sucks at his job. That is not a job

  97. the cat look way more buetifal before the cut!

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