Cat Jumps in Cone

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When this cat saw a piece of food inside a cone, she funnily leapt into it to retrieve it. Her owners were impressed with the feat, but also laughed when she awkwardly shimmied in and out of the cone.

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  1. Another Boring Cat Channel

    And now we know how did cats end up in the pyramids… :D

  2. That pose is great :D

  3. 喵:为了好吃的我才进去的,哼,愚蠢的人类!!

  4. UFO Fact or Fiction?


  5. now I can start calling people pussy cones instead of pussy cats

  6. goddamn it what the fuck am I doing here and why did I stay for the whole
    thing.I really need to sleep more.

  7. That pussy poppin.

  8. Video starts at :55

  9. awesome.

  10. Msprincessbunny 119

    XD so

  11. I thought it was a jelly cat at first

  12. PETA nazis incoming!

  13. this is the edited version, the full version shows someone lightning a
    cherry bomb and throwing inside the cone

  14. kawaii :p

  15. Oh hey look another pointless cat video… That is VERY ENTERTAINING!!! 😀

  16. Could have cut this video down to 5 seconds. Learn editing rednecks!

  17. Omg this is totally animal abuse! That cat was probably stressed out

  18. MEANWHILE, a dog would have flipped the cone over and ate the treat in like

  19. cats smell

  20. Bonquiqui Thethird

    I thought it was a large dump on the thumbnail.

  21. If it fits, it sits.

  22. It her own catacone

  23. Oh no here come the cat puns…

  24. This is the future right here… True innovation

  25. make sense why cat videos are always trending

  26. this is fucking animal cruelty

  27. Very very very nice!!!

  28. Pussy hole.

  29. Starts @ 0:55

  30. FUCK cats still rull YouTube

  31. Proof that cats are liquid

  32. I was just like hurry the fuck up

  33. Ice cream kitty

  34. This is oddly satisfying

  35. Right jump cat…

  36. Starving kids in Africa could’ve eaten that cone.

  37. Tank Cat!

  38. Maru has met his match

  39. Good Fluffy

  40. Put Pizza Rat inside and let the battle begin.

  41. Es sieht wie eine Lampenabdeckung

  42. sir that cat likes its food…

  43. Kathy Luna Neko Kawaii

    Is so cute!!! >3<

  44. Cats are the funniest people.

  45. what type of cat is this?

  46. Now drop a fifty pound anvil on the cat and the cone…nah I’m just playing

  47. Yea how crazy am I ?

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    Then they flood ALL White countries and ONLY White countries with
    non-Whites until, within a few decades, there will be no more White
    countries and, eventually, no more White people. Under international law,
    that is genocide.
    Don’t let the words “diversity” and “multiculturalism” fool you. They are
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    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  49. She is SO pretty! =D

  50. that cat didnt give a single fuck…

  51. Glad to see lt Yo!# skinny position #

  52. Curiosity coned the cat.

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