Cat “Licks” the Sound of Tape (ORIGINAL)

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Cat has hilarious reflex to the sound of packing tape. She does this every time!

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  1. It’s funny how these reddit people try to make fun of other people making
    them look like they are weird or don’t have a life, but they spend their
    fucking time on making accounts and posting in every fucking video they
    post on their site, who’s the real fucking no-life weirdo living in mom’s

  2. How can you trust something that does things you have no idea what they’re
    for? Vile sinister creatures cats are. 

  3. 「ベー」

  4. That is hilarious!

  5. Andrés Felipe Santiago

    Que sonido mas irritante !!! 

  6. Entertainment Videos

    hahaha….. Funny cat.. 

  7. Now thats funny!

  8. that cat is retard
    i fucking hate u cat

  9. sufficientlyoldskool

    Just a cat doin’ cat thangs.

  10. This is animal abuse to the extreme 

  11. Here’s what I’ve learned from the comments: Reddit is a weird cult, turn
    your phone horizontally to video.

  12. An Extremely Disgruntled Demoman

    Cats are stupid and so are their owners this officially confirms it

  13. that’s funny , why does he do that?

  14. Just love it so cute and funny! Lol

  15. Love this video!!!!! 

  16. ???

  17. That cat is like. why yuk gotta do dis

  18. can i habe the pusi plz?

  19. Lemon Sherbet Candy

    Sound of tape licking cat, soon to host WWE!

  20. Percy “Leo” Perry


  21. In this cats mind it’s a rockstar MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!

  22. Is this the new Miley Cyrus?

  23. cute ;)

  24. Looks like this cats static electricity sensor is overloading.

  25. Idiot. It hurts the cats ears – creating a vibration in the sides of its
    head. This produces a tingle that the cat reacts to by sticking its tongue
    out. This isn’t some cute “quirk” – it hurts the animal you unobservant

  26. i agree with the other posts before this… cute video… but that reddit
    shit… annoying as fuq.. (not that i actually know for sure wtf reddit
    is…) however its still annoying.

  27. Looks like she’s sticking her tongue out at you!!! LOL!!!

  28. Ahhhg! That sound gives me chills!

  29. Please explain why you still have a shitty camera in 2014

  30. Pavlov’s cat

  31. Incredible. Any body know the reason to why this happens?

  32. Licks TO the sound of tape 

  33. omg such a waste of resource think about the children in africa that can go
    the whole day without packing tape you packing bastard

  34. LOL haha why does it do that

  35. なにこれかわいい

  36. What a waste of tape.

  37. Ha ha! Happy lol Thanksgiv all!

  38. is it the cats meow?

  39. Ammanda “Mmandi” Zelinski

    Gene Simmons’ cat? XP

  40. stupid cat!!!!

  41. When yo girl ask you do you eat pussy

  42. Lumpy Space Princess

    This made me laugh :D. Thx for upload.

  43. LOL 2 Cute

  44. WTF!!!!

  45. Jonathan Camper (forever average)

    I know this might sound weird but the big question is: Why is this cat
    doing this in responses to the sound?
    Well, I believe the cat interprets it as a command to stick out its tongue.

  46. HAHAHA this is hilarious! I’ve never seen that.

  47. Thumbs up if a certain giraffe brought you here.

  48. Haha this is cute

  49. This cat was a tape dispenser in his past life

  50. MadeofAwesome4ever

    Was the cat taught/conditioned to do this? How? And if it wasn’t, why would
    a cat stick its tongue out instinctively when it hears tape being unrolled?

  51. Is there some kind of word filter so I can add the word reddit and not have
    to put up with these moronic assholes spamming the comments section?

  52. Can Reddit trolls just, y’know, maybe NOT be a thing anymore? please?

  53. Do you still have the warranty? I think your cat is broken.

  54. This is the cutest shit ever. Thank you for brightening my day :)

  55. i think cat is broken

  56. My Dish Network installer told me about this….cool!!!!

  57. Владимир Русский

    Ни фига себе лопата =Р


  59. This isnt normal. You should kill him before this gone too far.

  60. Scarlett Santamaria

    My cat does the same thing with the sound of slinkys and dangling earrings.
    I still can’t find the reason why but i’m glad to see he’s not the only

  61. This is the oddest phenomenon! 

  62. =3 brought me here! :D

  63. This has to be like a conditioned response. The question is, What does the
    sound of tape mean to this cat?

  64. This noise looks like a gun.

  65. did NOT know cats had such long tongues,..

  66. the sound of crinkling has been linked to giving cats seizures and just
    generally messing with a cats brain which can cause weird reactions like
    this, its possible the sound of tape is similar enough for it to do this

  67. Hahaha hahahahhahaha hahahhahaha hahhahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahhahahah

  68. My cat also does this… Can anyone tell me why?!! Aha :)

  69. Cute video, but i wish the person would film this the right way. No one in
    their right mind holds the camera phone where the video looks stupid and
    not fill the entire length of the WIDESCREEN viewing area.

  70. I have many questions starting with why…

  71. Дима Чуйков

    Кто от Рины Паленковой?

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