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What do cats think about? Here are some funny examples of cat logic… Let us know if you’ve had similar experiences with your cat or any different examples you liked to share with us, so we can continue to understand the cat… or not! 🙂



  2. Nightmare Annimations

    Did u know that there are cone food bowls for cats? You should get it.

  3. Cat logic three??

  4. how could anyone hate cats? they’re very easy to take care of and the only
    problem is that they shit and piss every once in a while. its a bit
    immature if you cant handle spots of piss even when dogs are much worse
    with shit and piss

  5. right after the empty bowl, what kind of a cat response was that :D

  6. I MUST DESTROY IT! 1:14

  7. Why ? had to destrory a ??
    Oh… ? thought that’s this ornaments of the ? is a toy.

  8. he always scratched me

  9. I’ve had a cat pull my eyelid gently open with a claw without hurting me to
    wake me, and seen one turn a bowl of food around to get to the food on the
    other side after he’d eaten the food closer to him…I don’t know why the
    bowl turning strikes me as so smart and logical, but I know Sammy figured
    out that if my eye was open, I would be awake, and she was right.

  10. Yup! Love this video! Love our cats, Drake and Darla!

  11. I was reading a book about cats and saw that cats like water with more
    minerals so try a bottle of mineral water in a bowl

  12. The lowest cerials are probably too old by now.

  13. Growing up, I can’t remember how many cats we had. Yet looking at all the
    expensive dry cat foods, with the announcers on t.v. saying how great it
    tasted, our cats actually preferred Alley Cat brand cat food. Cheapest
    stuff you could buy, yet our cats ate it as if they were having filet

  14. teresa forjaz de lacerda

    It’s EXACTLY like that!

  15. thx for this cheap commercial shit

  16. Nicole Vega San Martín

    jajajajaja my cat also loves destroying the christmas tree.. xd

  17. this why cats can’t have nice things

  18. 0:58 DAT FACE!!!!!

  19. Where in nature felines eat wholesome whole grains and veg so that we can
    say they need them to be healthy???

  20. I have an important cat question. Because my cat throws up her food a lot,
    is that because her food doesn’t sit well with her stomach or is it because
    she doesn’t like it. Should I get different food.

  21. Mine are always opening up a cupboard door.

  22. Brought my cat a mouse-shaped scratching post, he hasn’t touched it once.
    All the straw baskets are destroyed though.

  23. Ok I thought only my cats ate cords to cell phones and tablets. Our Ren
    destroyed my oldest sons laptop cord and has destroyed about 3 cellphone
    cords. Well maybe NoNo did it as well. One of those little stinkers. But
    yeah same things happen in this house.

  24. are they males? l have female and male… anyway both of your cats rocks!

  25. Marquelene Guimaraes

    i love cat

  26. is it cat logic 1?

  27. my cat sleeps.

  28. Cats cannot see near and when their whiskers detect nothing on the surface,
    the plate is considered empty.

  29. Cats cannot see near and when their whiskers detect nothing on the surface,
    the plate is considered empty.

  30. Shameless product plugs make me want to buy said product even less.

  31. if cole had his name coal it would be so cool xoxo to marm and cole

  32. i really love marm’s face expression on everything and cole’s fluffiness
    everytime it touches it’s humans and any items!
    too Aww for words.. :3

  33. also…my cats also like to remind me on how important laptop-breaks are

  34. Mmmm, I could go for some salmon right now… Lol


  36. Spread out on the sofa so I am forced into the armchair,so then he comes
    and lies on my legs.!

  37. The cat’s choice of toys shows that the toy makers have not done their
    homework. An artist’s view of what will amuse a cat, is not necessarily the
    cat’s view.

  38. you pet me too long! :3 hahaha

  39. Cats don’t need vegetables.

  40. Julie SparkleHeart

    cats have best logic

  41. cute ?

  42. Cole and marmalade are so and but a have a question is marmalade is a tabby

  43. I love all of your videos

  44. amo questi due gatti <3

  45. SouthwesternEagle

    I love Marmalade! He looks so silly. x’3 I’ve never seen a cat quite like
    him before.

  46. I had a bad day, then I watched this, Can’t stop laughing :’D

  47. Fingers flying as I used my Cat Decoder…
    “BESURETOEATYOURNUTRISH”…. What??!, a crummy commercial??

  48. I’m allergic to cats, so I love to watch Cole @ Mamalade videos. You seem
    like such a kind man.

  49. at0:58 I laughed my heart out

  50. What breed is this black cat?
    I absolutely love black cats that are fluffy like that.

  51. would not recommend filing the bowel of food like that. leaving the food
    out like that they will over eat, likely get fat and die from diabetes. Ask
    me how I know.

  52. sly8ball LastName

    veryexpensive food especially if you have more than one
    feline…….Rachael’s in it only for the money

  53. omfg The Full and Empty one is so true 0_0 My cat won’t eat it uneless if
    it’s completely full

  54. When you’re on the computer the cat walks across the keyboard to get you’re

  55. I loved this bc it’s so true! has anyone noticed the similarities between
    cat logic and some toddler behaviors?

  56. I don’t know why but “toe spreader” cracks me up!!! XD


  58. OMG, the empty middle part of the bowl is so my cat! She’ll eat a hole in
    the middle then come beg for more despite most of the bowl still being

  59. here is my cat :)

  60. My cats like to go in the wild but two died form a pitbull FUCk PITBULLS

  61. If I had a dollar for every cat I disliked, I would have 0 dollars.

  62. cats are good for poor people ;)

  63. Cats do not need ANY kind of grains. They need meat. And by-products like
    heart and liver. No rice, ever. :P

  64. Relentless-Bulletstorm88

    They are the funniest, most beautiful creatures. I can’t fathom why a lot
    of people hate cats, I think it may be a psychological problem.

  65. Rachael Ray makes food for a terrible, disgusting and mean animal. She also
    makes food for cats and dogs. :)

  66. My cat prefers to sleep in my bathtub than her cat bed. Why?

  67. My cat does the exact same things especially thinking that he is invisible
    or buying him expensive cat beds and him sleeping somewhere else not in the
    cat bed

  68. Bet that toe spacer has a lot of interesting smells…

  69. Cats love to lie on you while you are sleeping.

  70. Cats love to lie on you while you are sleeping.

  71. LOL, my cat does EVERYTHING in this video!!! What she’ll also do is she’ll
    scratch at a closed door for 2 minutes and you’ll let her in and close the
    door, but 10 minutes later she’ll do the same thing and want to get out

  72. thats why i love them even more!

  73. happy family?

  74. electrical cords are dangerous to chew

  75. What is this tune? I love it :D

  76. Love it lol.. So true. My cats are the same way about things lol…. Love
    the fur babies

  77. Molly Furneaux-harris

    my cat shakes my hand true!

  78. 0:58 hahaha, love that expression

  79. My cat hates salmon and is very reluctant to eat other types of fish in any

  80. What the fuck, this was an AD??? LESLIE!

  81. my cat used to sleep in a washing basket of clean clothes and my cat that
    is alive sleeps , takes up the couch and throw for the couch

  82. Your cats are so funny?

  83. Amber “Eevee” Thomas

    ____━━____━━╰O–O-O–O ╯
    save the endangered nyan cat by copy and pasting this over youtube

  84. best part: ‘you did it too long’

  85. sergeant frost (derek frost)

    song name ?

  86. omg it looks like he’s smiling at 0:57

  87. This is ridiculous I have 6 cats and I am watching cats on youtube. I have
    a serious problem…,

  88. wants in. immediately go out after five minutes

  89. I feed my cat Rachel Ray as well. He likes it a lot. I want to give him wet
    food but I’m afraid it could be bad for his teeth. 

  90. Sooooooooo funnnnnnnnyyyyyyyy my grandma Judy told me to check out your

  91. Just recently bought an expensive cat bed
    He doesnt even go near it

  92. Aurora Horizon Magic

    Lol! Reminds me of my two cats, Rintoo and Daisy. They get into some
    trouble with our parakeet, Stewie..

  93. Hey! Check out here for funny and cute animal videos ^-^

  94. I love cloe and maramble!

  95. why 721 dislikes?

  96. Hey there Cole and Maralade…Luv your vids…you two are just way too
    cute!.. know wonder your daddy can’t stay mad at u… I know , my Ashley is
    the same way..she runs around in the middle of the night and early morn.
    She luvs her empty boxes, …I could go on and on..But, I wanted to say
    Thank u for sharing….Christine

  97. So staged.

  98. can’t stop watching Your Videos

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