Cat lulling a baby / Кошка убаюкала ребенка

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  1. Kkjjjjjkkkkkkjk

  2. its so cute ???????

  3. That cat is gorgeous!

  4. Too precious !! 

  5. Do y’all not get that this is still an animal and can attack why do you
    have a cat or dog by a infant 

  6. Don’t the parents know. Cats can steal souls from babies.

  7. Why are the nails red on that cat? 

  8. Very cute, but the owner should be careful as cats can easily smother

  9. Is that a nail polish on your cat’s nails? Sick..

  10. It’s tenderizing the meat before feasting.


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  12. TheJapanChannelDcom

    Not “lulling” – softening up.

  13. I love this,so sweet!

  14. FedorMachida Last

    lucky that camera was there. That cat was just about to steal that babies’

  15. Cat preparing nesting spot on comfortable, warm object.

  16. Its just sharpening her claws, selffish cats

  17. oddeye kitty 白猫ユキ (White cat Yuki)


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  19. Had a minor shock – I read the title as “Cat Culling a Baby”

  20. this almost got me to sleap too

  21. My cat also did this everyday to the pads, then she had sex with the

  22. she love her new slave , good for her 

  23. Hate to break this to y’all but that cat is not lulling, it is
    masturbating. Have fun.

  24. omg soooo cute

  25. Konstantin Barcevich

    Наминала местечко для лёжки.

  26. Just normal cat behaviour. He will do this to every person. Not a lullaby.

  27. stupid cat, stop playing with your food!

  28. У кота красные когти

  29. Now I feel tired. 

  30. leuk lief zo,n kat hadden wij vroeger ook Bonnie

  31. I think cats do that to their mothers as babies to increase milk flow. But
    when they grow up they do it when they feel safe and happy.

  32. HAHA no. Fanciful to think of it that way but the truth is my cat does that
    to surfaces when it wants to soften up its sleeping spot.

  33. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  34. Мохаммад Хафизур Рaхман


  35. “This will be my favorite can opener.”

  36. Oh a cat video on youtube. How original.

  37. what if I told you the cat only does that because of the material the
    blanket is made of.
    also…… owners painted red claws??? 

  38. Y paint the cats nails?

  39. 80sCat&BMW& GunAddict101

    Did anyone notice…the kitteh has red caps on her claws. My 4 make kitteh
    biscuits (kneeding) on me every night b4 i go to bed. This kitteh looks
    indentical to one of my 4 named Sweetheart…same size…same color
    eyes…same color coat/pattern…etc. 

  40. This cat look like a spitting image of my old cat woow

  41. “Omg this is animal abuse” someone is gonna say this

  42. why are the cats nails or claws red ?

  43. Rebecca “Skittles” Diaz

    Kitty has nail painted.

  44. cats can suffocate babies in their sleep because they sit on there heads at
    night be careful close the babies door

  45. my female cat does this to anything that’s plushy (which was what the
    baby’s blanket was). after all the kneading, my cat would then “nurse” on
    the blanket 😉

    good thing that the cat has nail caps on or the claws would’ve dug through
    the blanket and the baby’s clothes and unto the baby’s skin.

  46. Солбон Абидуев

    Где здесь смеяться ??? 

  47. Сибирские самые крутые.

  48. this cats not lulling this baby its soften it up before eating it :)

  49. Your average everyday fangirl

    What’s with people saying the cat’s “tenderizing the meat”?

  50. that is not a house cat, I’m a cat expert, been this way for 24 years now.
    That is a Siamese bob slaying cat. Burn it with fire.

  51. Que asco como un gato encima de un bebé aparte el bebe ya estaba casi

  52. why the fuck you paint cat nails? fucking idiot paint yourself

  53. ese gato tenia las uñas pintadas de rojo?

  54. Que tierno nino y que tierno gatito

  55. I love it….!!

  56. love.peace.silent….forever. thank you.

  57. 8.2/10 would not rape

  58. I call that meat tenderizing…

  59. какая хорошая и заботливая кошка

  60. why would someone paint they cats claws red?

  61. Nurse kitty

  62. This is cute and all but be very careful about letting cats sleep with
    infants, as they tend to sometimes sleep ontop of them and cause them to

  63. they do this to just soften the area they are going to rest on …. cats
    dont giv a fuck lol

  64. Nice to see a cat being expressive. Did you guys paint its nails??!

  65. Pooor qué le pintan las uñas al gato!!!??

  66. Look how the Feral cat tenderise it’s food before eating. 

  67. aka cat stealing babys soul

  68. What a sweet kitty ^_^ 

  69. Вася Пупкин

    Автор ты идиот! Кот так всегда топчется а потом засыпает.

  70. *La gasp!* Are those claw caps?! *Claps* Thank you for being a responsible
    owner and not declawing your cat!

  71. 156 People haven´t pets !

  72. I don’t wanna hear any of you bitches sayin that the cat is gonna “steal”
    the babies breath.

  73. They’re both so beautiful.

  74. What’s funny is that cats have scent glands on their paws therefore when
    they ‘knead’ they’re marking their territory… therefore this cute little
    fur ball pretty much looks at the baby and says, “Um yeah, sorry guys this
    one’s mine!” How adorable!

  75. 10/10 on the gorgeous scale, isn’t that a Russian breed? I think Russian
    longhair or something…

  76. Her nails are orange…

  77. Red claws look cool

  78. beautiful cat

  79. Мигель Джэксон

    Кровавые кохте

  80. Beautiful. Bless thier little hearts. ????

  81. Настя Астахова

    А у кошки что ли красным лаком накрашены когти?!

  82. what a sweet kitty- oh yeh, the baby’s not bad either.

  83. Does that cat have on red nail polish?


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