Cat Mom Talking to Her Kittens

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Baby kittens meowing for their mother to fed them and cuddle them. Very cute and precious moment.


  1. Anjeanette Harris

    Who is Miss Aww??

  2. These kittens are 10% cat and 90% fluff.

  3. So very precious! ????

  4. aww baby bears

  5. The babies look and sound adorable <3

  6. Adorable

  7. Such a good mommy

  8. irishmusiclover100

    They are so precious!❤???

  9. four snowball…???

  10. cat mana love her baby????????????

  11. So adorable. Love it!!!

  12. One got left out 🙁

  13. sooo cute and sweet ????

  14. Ghosoon758 Mawlawi

    tooooo cute cat

  15. All those adorable squeaky mews! Miss Aww, you’re wonderful at what you do.

  16. Oh! So adorable

  17. how old are the kittens? are they 4 days old?

  18. Termaine Zachaire

    people are just hating

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