Cat + Monkey. 2016 年の干支 猿になった猫のまる

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2016年 あけましておめでとうございます。昨年はいろいろとお世話になりました。ありがとうございました。新しい年が特別な一年となりますように!
Happy New Year 2016.
I am very grateful to you for the kindness you showed us last year.
I hope the new year finds you in excellent spirit!


  1. that’s fucked up. that car is miserable

  2. that’s fucked up

  3. this is the best thing i’ve ever seen

  4. man, your video is being stolen all over facebook!

  5. ахаха, офигенно ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  6. Why

  7. Is that Maru in the video? He’s the coolest cat on the planet.

  8. This is just good for the soul lol

  9. Cute ? That’s what it wants you to think but when your asleep, very early
    in the morning it’s putting on your lip stick and stares at you for hours
    on end !

  10. Жалко кота.А что тут смешного?


  12. It was so cute it made me angry

  13. круто )

  14. saw this video on swedish news now 😉 haha been following these amazing
    videos for some time now =)

  15. cute

  16. I’m a cat and i am offended by this video!! pls remove!!!!

  17. pobre gatito…

  18. абвгдђежзијклљмнњопрстћуфхцчџш

    Cats are evil.

  19. I died 🙁

    Too much cuteness =^•^=

  20. この丸顔がなんとも言えぬ可愛い♡

  21. Aleyda Amakara Leyva Chévez

    Pobre animal, lo que hacen por complacer si egosísmo

  22. OhMyGod Why can’t there be a cute animal video without people making a fuss
    about it. Listen, the cat does not look hurt, the cat looks pretty chill
    with it and if it actually hated it or was uncomfortable it would have
    gotten out of the suit by itself considering the only thing that’s in the
    the suit is it’s head. For all of you people calling the owner a asshole or
    some other type of vile name just so you know this person takes good care
    of their cats and treats them with love. Do you really think he/she would
    put their cat in this situation if they knew the cat didn’t like it?
    Obviously not. But since the cat showed no sign of discomfort or
    frustration than it’s fine. Also he/she is not using their pets to get
    views. They probably want to show the world how adorable and precious the
    cats are or to make other people happy from watch their videos of their
    cats. Christ, I’m really sick of people crying animal abuse and calling the
    owner a dick when the animal shows no sign of abuse.

  23. It’s a poor cat ?.. I know that’s cat very very hate that custom, he’s
    look not comfortable

  24. Where can you find this kind of costume !!

  25. Никита Соловьёв

    *Кот выглядит грустным!) Нужно пожаловаться из-за жестокого обращения с
    животными!) Лайк кто тоже здесь от новостей телевизора!)*

  26. Куралай Рашева

    хоспадиии это тааак мило)☆_☆

  27. Полина Савик

    Миленький! Крутое видео

  28. so innocent

  29. 被り物の好きな猫と言ってTVに出ていましたねぇ?可愛いです。

  30. Lê Quỳnh Giang

    So cute, kawaii :))

  31. Марти Макфлай

    У какая милота! Просто мимиметр бомбит!

  32. Read Video Descriptions for English Lyrics


  33. トラネコトラジ


  34. This is pure animal abuse….

  35. No offense to the retarded… I mean, to the animal defenders but where is
    the abuse? Abuse is that you can use the internet without a brain.

  36. Are they look like my catsxx

  37. 可愛い!!!(*´ω`*)

  38. Настя Семенова

    бедный кот.

  39. buna ok

  40. サンジャポから

  41. websites all over the world are stealing your video, they featured your
    video without due credit and denying you of the traffic volume.

  42. its lovely well, i hope you would think it back but the cat is not a toy

  43. nooooo what are you doing with the cat=(

  44. make me cry :DDDDDDDD

  45. 猫って首輪とか洋服付けても嫌だったらすぐ脱ごうとするんで、この子はさほど嫌とは思ってないようですよ。

  46. とてもかわいいですね~^^

  47. It didnt look happy

  48. so cute

  49. Cruelty to animals.

  50. Game surprise Game surprise




  52. it looks so dead inside

  53. むしろ猿の頭くり抜いたのが怖すぎる

  54. so cute :)

  55. こんにちは、ご無沙汰しております!

  56. 琉瑠工藤(るっちゃん)


  57. what have you done Yani ;-;

  58. Jonathan Reite (Jonrei)

    To everyone who thinks the cat didnt like this: Cats do not show facial
    expressions like humans do. However, you can clearly see how relaxed the
    cat is, i mean, have you ever seen an angry cat? If the cat didnt like this
    then whoever put the costume on would have serious scratches up their arms
    and the room would be filled by blood and corpses

  59. オバタアキラ


  60. I like to imagine the cat stumbled upon the hole in the monkey’s head and
    felt compelled to shove his face into it.

  61. ชมรม เสียง ธรรมะคีตะ

    เกลียดแมวมาก แต่ เห้นคลิปนี้แล้วไลค์เลย ฮิฮิ เพราะชอบลิง

  62. 私たちは、テレビ番組でこのビデオを使用したいと思います!あなたはあなたと一緒にこのクリップをライセンスについて詳細はメールで送信することができますしてください。どうもありがとう。ダニエル

    We would like to use this video on our TV show! Please can you email for more info about licensing this clip
    with you. Many thanks. Daniel

  63. 0:22 (Cat in the corner) “ermagherd tht gai haz banana.”

  64. Кошка Рыська ? cat Ryska

    very cute monkey!!! mimimi ?

  65. So cute. I’ve never seen a cat who loves bananas

  66. what the fuck-.- so cute

  67. kitty licking the banana looks like a well hung black man licking his own

  68. Is this maru?

  69. Yolo Jo Met De Banjo

    idiots who did this

  70. 初めましてー(*´ー`*)可愛いですね~(о´∀`о)

  71. ねこかわいい


  72. The mood when you find out you have a gay son.

  73. Do actually think an animal wants to be put in a suit and restrained for
    your sick amusement? Stop treating animals like toys you sicko. He must be
    so uncomfortable.

  74. 너무 귀엽자넝

  75. 被迫吃鱼的猴子

  76. Bizarre. Cats treated as toys.

  77. LOL 0:22

  78. wtf Japan? Id evn know. Id. why? You know someones holding a spray bottle
    to that cats head.

  79. 這只貓好萌~

  80. I like it.

  81. Anyone Can Quantum…

  82. Anthony Burdge Jessica Burke

    Stephen Hawking sent us here. :p

  83. Stephen Hawking was watching this.

  84. Thanks Steven Hawking for bringing me here.

  85. quantum physics and Paul Rudd brought me here….Thanks Keanu Reeves

  86. Quantum Chess!

  87. Now i’m watching the exact same thing Stephen Hawking does… :3

  88. A Highly Frustrated Medic

    Came here because Stephen Hawking watched this.

  89. cute af

  90. Paul Rudd vs Stephen Hawking brought me here.

  91. Have you seen the movie Chef?

  92. owwwn *-* little cat monkey

  93. Anyone can quantum anybody

  94. Stephen Hawking aproves this video

  95. SaiyenInlineSkater

    omg that cat on the bottom left, what the fuck are you doing XD i love that
    cats face


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