Cat Owner Interrupted During BBC Interview

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We have all see the BBC interview where the babies walked in. But what if it happened to a cat servant?

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  1. A quick fix for furry clothing? – Aww u both know that was a lie – lol

  2. and reply please

  3. Haha:) I ♡ this a lot! The original version of BBC news made me laugh though I was angry at that time because my country’s stupid former president Park. Here again, I smile because of this good parody with cute cats.

  4. Aaww they are so cute! <3 I'd love to have a cat but I'm allergic, really much. My reaction to them is horrible but I keep cuddling other people's cats though...

  5. Cat purrs are definitely therapeutic <3 Wish I could adopt cast as well but I have two bird cockatiels :p

  6. So cute!? and yeah, cat purrs are definitely therapeutic! In fact, I think it’s even been scientifically proven



  8. I always want a cat

  9. For a second there I thought your wife would come swooping in and drag them out!! 🙂

  10. Easy to cleanup after? My cat just pooped in front of my dog….and he ate it before I could stop him….So yeah. Easy to cleanup, I guess.

  11. When I am older, I will adopt a black cat, and I might call her Colette. Get it? Cole-ette, COLETTE?

  12. So cute, loved the cat tail in your face.  It looked like a question mark! ?

  13. Hi Cole and Marmalade. Can you please do us all a favor and ban Anony Mous. That way we won’t have to read his filthy racist remarks. Kind regards, Jonas.

  14. you can stop it’s not funny anymore

  15. Okay, these BBC interrupted interview jokes are becoming stale now.

  16. I bet next time a naked wife will interrupt a BBC guy.

  17. i love the sound of a cat purring like you don’t understand

  18. at least try to make it look like a real interview xd

  19. KITTTTTTIES ? I’m cuddling mine right now

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