Cat plays with his friend

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  1. Owls are freaking awesome. 

  2. Beautiful animals. Is the owl totally domesticated, or does/can he still
    hunt? Ex: even though my cat is house-broken, he still manages to catch a
    bird in the backyard and eat it (somewhat).

  3. The cat is not hungry, yet :/

  4. That owl looks like a clockwork toy 😀 So cute!

  5. This didn’t melt my stone cold heart imma dude lol. I tried to let it too.
    fuck it

  6. Pure awesomeness 

  7. why’s he wearing a pink collar?

  8. they don’t seem friends at all.

  9. Hoohoohoo I am just going to keep walking away from this animal that has
    eyes like mine but it’s not like me…hoohoohoo. :-D

  10. 2 cute omg best vid ever :–D

  11. Two of my all time favorite animals, hanging out together like buds. That
    is one absolutely gorgeous owl. Love this!

  12. Ziemlich beste Freunde.

  13. owl dont give a fuck

  14. that owl always be like: O_O

  15. They just need a dachshund and then they can go solve mysteries on their
    very own tv show!

  16. awww they’re so cute
    imagine what their babies would look like <3

  17. Nice looking blue point, he looks just like mine. Super smart and very

  18. omg that’s the most beautiful cat i’ve ever seen! love the coloring of
    him/her 🙂 :)

  19. So niceee <3

  20. This owl is awesome

  21. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Two animals bonded together by their common love of mutilating mice.

  22. A very un-amused owl.

  23. The owl and the pussycat 

  24. Too friken cute!

  25. Why is there an owl in your house

  26. That moment when you see a big ass 0:29

  27. Video should be called “cat pokes owl”

  28. Came here for owl .. Fuck cats

  29. That owl is fake. It is a remotely-operated toy. Trust me.

  30. It’s funny because owl in Chinese is literally translated as “eagle of cat
    head”, word by word.

  31. If my cat was near an owl like this it would probably have it stuffed down
    its food tube and licking her chops poor birdy:(

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  33. Hedwig and Crookshanks.

  34. and after the video the cat just killed the owl

  35. Anacleto is that you

  36. Not mine :)

  37. fuckin owls whats their deal

  38. That owl turning his head looks like camera focusing different points 

  39. It’s a stare down

  40. what a dumb bird

  41. WHOA!….I thought that owl was fake at first…best statue pose ever.

  42. Momma cat says, “Don’t play with your food.”

  43. Ever notice how cats and owls are very similar? The face, the temperament,
    even their love for rodents. I wonder if they are somewhat related in the
    evolution tree?

  44. Did not know that owl was real c”: so cute 

  45. how do you even get a pet owl?

  46. Algo me pasa con los buhos… ME ENCANTAN!! ;)

  47. Something neat for everyone – in Cantonese, the literal translation of Owl
    is: eagle with cat’s head. So now we have a cat and a “cat” with flight

  48. That is adorable :)

  49. So cute

  50. PetTube - Planet's Funniest Animals

    So sweet!

  51. Тана Кава

    Кот и сова друзья не разлей вода.

  52. Carolyn Grace Palmer

    Endearing video of the dear cat and his dear owl friend proves animals can
    get along together maybe people can too

  53. I wonder where this is. I used to live in New Jersey and I believe it was
    illegal to keep raptors as pets.

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