Cat really hates this tiger

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  1. I hope he wasn’t chased and taunted with it previously.

  2. smoke some weed and watch this video it is much funnier ROFL

  3. You gotta push the tiger discreetly on the cat and make him freak out, give
    the poor tiger a winning chance.

  4. I thought this was a real tiger if it was this cat would fall of like a

  5. the legends says, that the cat keep punching this tiger!!!


  7. if it stresses yr cat, just get rid of the stuffed animal. imagine u having
    to live in a house with some erie life sized figurine

  8. how many of y’all all here because of Ruby Rose? ?


  10. Евгения Белоброва

    Ой. насмешил! Вот вам показательное боевое самбо!!! В Кстовскую академию
    его, поучил бы.!!!

  11. Those aren’t swipes those are straight up jabs

  12. Just letting you know, Stafford Brothers are using this on Facebook without
    linking to the source

  13. Ronda should train with this cat on her boxing

  14. ruby rose bought me here

  15. The head on that cat look like it mixed with a pit. It’s a pitcat.

  16. p1mp cat : “Give me my money…!!!”

  17. That moment when your gray tuxedo cat ran away last year and you see this
    and questioning if it’s yours but seriously though …. If anyone knows
    anyone selling or breeding gray tuxedo cats like this tell me I really miss
    my cat thank you

  18. cat…wondo ?

  19. I hope to see uppercuts in the next video.

  20. Exceptional job! :)

  21. CMLL “Mistico” Luchador

    The cat is a boxer.

  22. lol

  23. Bitch slaps :P

  24. grstrdaa /’-:

  25. Joshua Moore (solbolt)

    world starrrrr

  26. looks like he’s got white boxing gloves on

  27. houstonturbostreets

    Who else wants some? Beat him down, beat Chu down!!!

  28. Cats are useless

  29. so so so funny lolol

  30. Gennadys cat

  31. Damien is a feline sociopath. It’s not that he’s evil. He lacks empathy and
    goes into a dissociative state and commits atrocities.

  32. Mangle The Mangled Nerd

    I have one of those tiger plushies

  33. ??????? LOL

  34. Ramon Early Silvia

    CATty Pacquiao

  35. And it’s name is…… JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!! Dun duna dunnnn

  36. CaaaT – WONDOooo !!!

  37. best cat vid on youtube, post more from your russian streetfighter cat

  38. Brandon Attaguile

    Lol XD

  39. Justin Angelo Alvarez

    Pacquaio cat…

  40. Just add Survivor – eye of the tiger and its a win

  41. Red and White Cat

    Some say that is Mayweather because he’s a pussy. :^)

  42. the cat is speciest

  43. Slap!

  44. Creed

  45. The Fine Bros sent me to watch this boxing cat

  46. It was mike tyson’s old cat before it got replace with a tiger and looking
    for revenge

  47. “I would not pick a fight with this kitty.” (lets see if someone gets the

  48. training to be the very best

  49. The king of beast Thegreatest

    this cat got the hands of lightning

  50. Someone needs to put Eye of the Tiger over this.

  51. This cat has some family issues, pun intended

  52. I want this car XD

  53. creed vs balboa :D

  54. U FUKIN WOT M8

  55. I want to see what it will do with a REAL Tiger!

  56. Anyone else imagine Mark’s voice dubbing over the cat xD

  57. Uma Rietzemieze

  58. vertical video… arrrrrrr

  59. That awkward moment when a cat punches better than you…

  60. this cat packs a punch :DDDDD

  61. I would name the cat Tyson

  62. for a female Ronda Rousey

  63. Fucking tiger.

  64. This pussy is honestly such a pussy. Hits the tiger, which doesn’t defend
    itself and when it got a little closer to the cat, it just jumped back lol

  65. Kaila TheCovertOne

    jeeze, he’s really hitting that thing


  67. cats are bitches as said

  68. the name of your cats trainer

  69. My cat just makes a bit fat tail and stays the fuck away :)

  70. my cat really hates a duck that i made

  71. That’s some heavy punchs.

  72. That pause at 0:20 is like “what you say about me, bitch!?”

  73. 可愛い♪o(⌒O⌒)o♪


  75. That cat’s lucky it isn’t real.

  76. Learn to record in HD and horizontally!


  78. Love the video! Made me laugh! Cats are so cute and so funny!

  79. Lol the new Rocky

  80. Cats really don’t like their ancestors

  81. TwofiddyFourstroke


  82. instinct can be a burden

  83. But can he beat the 95′-96′ Bulls??

  84. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat punches!

  85. if you think this cat hates tigers check out the song Zanesville Hates
    Tigers about a small town killing exotic animals for no reason!


  87. Hilarious!!!!!

  88. Girl fights with stuffed animal

  89. I have the tiger ? not the cat

  90. Funniest cat video I have ever seen! : ))))))

  91. Great vid. Seems like a great way to stay safe from attacking stuffed

  92. I feel so bad for the tiger? Your cat has some good boxing punches.

  93. This vid is hilarious

  94. It threatened the cats sexuality

  95. А ну пошли нахуй отсюда!Теперь это Русский чат!

  96. Morton król jungli.

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