Cat Shuts Up Dog

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My wife, Ashley, and I have been monitoring our pup at home to get a sense of how much barking he’s been doing. Chazz had just started barking after my wife and I left for work but luckily our cat, Greyscale, shuts that down.

Chazz is a two year old toy poodle. We rescued him about a month ago so he is still warming up to the cats. Greyscale is also two years old and we have another cat named pumpkin that is two.

See Greyscale and Pumpkin on Instagram.

Chazz just started an Instagram. Follow him.

See my blog.

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  1. 喵話_乜事呀!好嘈呀!

  2. it went all samuel jackson on that dog


  3. Валентин Юрьев

    котяра хозяин ))

  4. The cats like , I dare you to bark one more time and see what happens

  5. 🙂 CLEVER cat

  6. u guys have a nice house!!!!!

  7. Soo, some guy sets up hidden camera to monitor his dogs barking, posts it
    to YouTube, 2 million views later…

  8. I hate cats!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Nice loft.

  10. Слава Кондратьев

    Коты воще Ахуели… Беспределят везде

  11. Dear Devon, it’s good if you watch your puppy while you’re gone but please
    train your puppy to be alone before just letting him alone (even when a cat
    is around). It’s not about barking, it’s about fearing to be left alone.
    You start with walking out the door, when the pup is not barking you come
    back and give him positive feedback. Don’t walk in while he barks or you
    confirm his misbehave. He would think “hey I bark and master comes
    back”…….then you extend your training to a minute (waiting in front the
    door), then 5, 10, 30 minutes, and so on….. a one year old puppy should
    not be alone more than ONE hour……. (depending on the breed and in case
    there are other dogs it can be longer)…… but you need to train him and
    not just leave him alone for your working day. Don’t get me wrong but if
    you both work all day long why have you got a puppy? A dog gets serious
    damage when being alone all day long beside peeing and pooping in the (one
    room) apartment…… It might sound silly but I am serious, a puppy is
    very similar to a human child and would you leave your child alone all day?
    Thanks for thinking about what I said and contact a dog trainer of your
    trust if you don’t believe me. Thx Uwe

  12. What a nice apartment.

  13. Haha, fucking badass cat. It’s great to see it show that tiny fucker who’s
    boss! :)

  14. How it should always be.

  15. very good drum set i have one to

  16. That’s dogscrimination. He has a right to freedom of bark. Cats have
    already successfully enslaved humans and now they’re going after dogs in
    blatant hate crimes such as segregation of water bowls and have special cat
    privilege like being able to take a dump in the house. They must be

  17. Cat: Say ‘what’ again. Say ‘what’ again, I dare you, I double dare you
    ….. ( In his Samuel L Jackson voice)

  18. I wonder if that cat could shut my wife up?

  19. TheBigOneForEverything12


  20. The cat is even bigger than the dog hahaha xD

  21. Greyscale

  22. i need a cat

  23. Yes stupid dog, STFU!!! (goood kitty, veeeery good kitty)

  24. I love dogs – just love them. However, bad dog owners are turning me
    against them. Doesn’t matter the reason for barking – the owner is
    responsible for the training and taking care of the dog. If you can’t do it
    – don’t own a dog. If it barks because you are away – don’t own one. there
    is absolutely no reason to make your neighbors suffer because you are to
    lazy or selfish to have a well trained, quiet pet.

    Just to add, I have heard so many people say that small dogs just yap and
    can’t control them. I have also heard from other people who own small dogs
    that say that is an absolute lie! They own their own small dogs and don’t
    have the problem because they are trained.

    One more thing – my son calls those dogs football dogs – because you just
    want to punt them.

  25. haha cats are awesome 😀 <3

  26. this guy owns a $5000 chair
    Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman


  28. Poor little dog. I hate that cat, I’ve never even liked cats.


  30. Νίκος Μαλαπάνης

    beautiful home :)

  31. “i dare you ! bark again you little shit !” -Cat, probably;

  32. Zgasił jak peta

  33. А теперь, представьте:
    Собака – Украина
    Кошка – Россия

  34. The CW Television Network

    Bark one more time…

  35. Huffington Post sent me. I love your boss cat :)

  36. An apartment with a drum set. Obviously, Chazz thinks any amount of noise
    is OK.

  37. “If I have to come up there again…”

  38. Small dogs that bark at nothing are soo damn annoying

  39. Thug life

  40. Dog learns that a cat rules the house! : )

  41. STOP IT…. STOP IT…. DON’T…. Tsh! ???

  42. Haaa, haaaaa, that’s priceless. The cat even gives him a few extra looks
    after, saying ” I’m telling you, you do that again, there’s gonna be some
    ass-whooping goin’ on” lol.

  43. Does Greyscale do house calls?I have a dog that won’t shut up

  44. You should hire that cat out? Can it teach outside bathroom training to
    dogs as well?

  45. This is why I’d rather have a cat. They good on their own.


  47. that’s a big ass cat.

  48. Now that’s intimidation

  49. The sad thing is that he’s barking because he’s left at home alone and is
    stressed; a cat isn’t enough company. It’s the psychology of animals.

  50. Nice job, Greyscale. Also, love your name.

  51. Смерть Творогам

    усыпите эту шавку

  52. The dog has reason to bark. Dogs are social pack animals. This dog is
    lonely and bored, for hours locked up in that room, with no company and
    nothing to do.

  53. Michael John McKee

    Nice drums

  54. Milo is getting real tired of your shit Otis.

  55. Cat: Shut up Pup or I will cut you!

  56. good , keep quiet , I did not bite the dog a long time

  57. That is one bossy cat. I had one of those. My next door neighbor informed
    me that my British Blue cat got on the head of the other neighbor’s pit
    bull and they had to pry my cat off of his head and then my cat went over
    the fence like a ninja. One good chomp and my cat could have been goner but
    he had those dogs cowed! They were nice dogs too, used to greet me in the
    yard with tails wagging like I was the best thing they ever saw, but man,
    they sure did hate my cat! When my cat was in the yard or walking the
    fence, they would be huddled in a corner barking. These were pit bulls for
    pete’s sake! I thought pit bulls were supposed to be mean and fearless, I
    guess my cat was meaner and more fearless. My cat hunter lived to be 21
    years old, and no dog ever did get the best of him. A person has to kind of
    admire that. I’ve never seen a cat quite like him and I suspect I never

  58. chazz you have just been checked! :-)

  59. Can I rent that cat to shut up my neighbor’s dogs?

  60. nice studio apartment……

  61. i love that little doggy, he’s so cute! the cat’s alright too.

  62. Good Kitty =^.^= mew!

  63. What a pussy. I would have fought back…and what a bitch to do that to a
    puppy. Fucking cat.

  64. civilized cat training the dog, very wise

  65. That cat is a bully(lol)

  66. That dog is barking for one reason only – because he is lonely. Since the
    beginning of time dogs have been pack animals they do not travel or live on
    their own its always in the pack. The dog is in distress because it has
    been left on its own. There are no other dogs near it for company. Or
    humans. Humans are a dog’s “adopted pack”. The dog is not being naughty or
    disruptive it is calling out in distress at being left alone. It is
    silenced by the cat because it feels scared of the cat. The dog is
    suffering from loneliness.

  67. Лена Vladimir

    Слов нет. Одна прелесть

  68. The cat is like “Shit up you wimpy little bastard or I’ll bitch slap you
    into next week!”

  69. ” Shut Up Mr. Pickles”

  70. cat be like “look at me, im captain now”

  71. my cat used to do the same

  72. Thats a one MLG Kitty right there! Dog just got rekt

  73. Cool name for the cat, Greyscale! But he pulls of an awesome Greyskull,
    Defender of Peace and Quiet, though.

  74. Thats one very good Cat.. good job! ;))

  75. андрей баланёв

    “Лучший бой – тот, который не состоялся”

  76. so what?

  77. Say Wut again. I dare you, I double dare u….

  78. The Silence of the Labs

    (Yea I know it’s not a Lab, but Silence of the Terriers doesn’t have the
    same ring to it)

  79. うるさいヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ

  80. So, I’m cats lover.

  81. crazynorthserbia12

    Aaa you just shut a fuck up!

  82. Cute………

  83. My hero.

  84. My moma told me cats are the DEVIL!

  85. Shut up stupid.. lol

  86. MAn I wish a cat like this could be deployed in every household where there
    is a dog, because as soon as those ignorant dog-owner motherfuckers leave
    the house, their stupid mutt starts barking , EVERY GODDDAMN TIME!!!!

  87. “Say what again motherfucker say what one more goddamn time I dare ya.”

  88. Shut that damn noise Up! What! I dare you too bark again.

  89. Lol! At 0:33 kitty is like “Don’t make me come up there!”

  90. the cat say ‘ shut up before i slap u nigga!!’

  91. Sean DuBord (shinXglossy)

    dat nigge pissed

  92. “Say woof again! Say woof again! I dare you. I double dare you!”

  93. Totally a “STFU!” moment!

  94. one thing i cannot stand is dogs nonstop barking and owners dont do shit
    about it.

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