Cat surprises 3 year old girl for Christmas!

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We gave my daughter a cat for christmas but it didn’t go exactly as we planned. Sometimes life’s imperfect moments are more perfect than you could imagine 🙂 Read more about why we gave her a cat and what we named her at
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  1. “I have a cat…” Thanks a lot guys, I was really invested in my grumpy
    holiday season persona and you just ruined it with cuteness that made me
    laugh! Oh wait… I’m back on track.


  3. When she looked at them confused, they should have yelled “It’s a box!”.

  4. This cat evolved not to like boxes

  5. That’s a tall 3 y/o wtf

  6. Thats a 3 year old?!

  7. is that snake from metal gear solid

  8. No swetie, you don’t have a cat. The cat has you. He adopted YOU.

  9. man I was wishing for a kitten this Christmas ;-; better luck next time

  10. I didn’t get anything for christmas

  11. thats the worlds tallest 3 year old

  12. the cat saaaaiid;”yeeeeeeeeeet”

  13. Cant believe she is 3 years old, she looks like she is at least 5…

  14. I’m trying to kick my ass but this one guy keeps playing Game of War

  15. Ellen is gonna now give her ten more cats

  16. lol that cat is a ninja!

  17. *Where do cats go if they lose their tails?*

    To the Re-Tail store! =)

  18. who came because of the #1 trending?

  19. dam if she’s 3 I’m 90 wtf!? that’s a huge 3 year old right there!

  20. People are arguing about a little kids age….i’m just here like
    ”’awwwwwwwwww’ this is adorable’

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