Cat Won’t Let Dog off the Leash

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Dog leash laws have gotten stricter and this cat doesn’t want to break them.

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  1. he said this damn cat!

  2. Animal Ambulance Andy


  3. Cachorro, levando gato para passear. ?…lindo. ..lindo, !

  4. The cat is my master now!

  5. willywonkadailyblah

    cat people, wake up.

  6. All cats are Assholes.

  7. Stupid dog ?

  8. Dogs look up for masters.
    Cats look down as masters.

  9. boss

  10. “you my bitch now”

  11. Who would have thought that I would see a video of a cat holding a dog on a

  12. te cat put like ”this is ma dog now”

  13. Cat got your leash?

  14. diss Cat’s is holdin bitches down in da hood

  15. show who’s boss lol

  16. dat cat ain’t no pussy

  17. Dogs like right im gna fk this cat up now look at it then thinks awwh such
    a nice kitty

  18. so cute

  19. a whole new meaning to catdog

  20. my dog would have eaten him and the leash

  21. There’s not anything that can happen in the world that democrats won’t
    claim is racist somehow…

  22. ??????

  23. wh7le this seams cute, that poor dog was trying to trust and obey its
    owner, you can tell by the way it was wagging its tail that it was
    stresses0d and unhappy.

  24. The most perfect representation of marriage I’ve ever seen.

  25. Jon “Foxius” Snow

    Called the dog ‘Siri’ ? What’s next, calling the cat ‘Cortana’ ?

  26. What kind of dog is that? Or is it a mixed.

  27. siri really? lol this is funny tho

  28. the leash is stuck on the cat’s dewclaw. thats why she looks like she’s
    going to bite it when the dog pulls, cause it probably hurts.

  29. Damn cat.

  30. haha he’s like well i cant the cat is being a dick about it..

  31. when I’m with my gf

  32. Evan “Rocket” Esparza

    NNNooo! don’t go in the street!

  33. This cat has no chill lol

  34. the cat’s nail is stuck in the leash

  35. nice

  36. What breed that dog is? With strange body proportions.

  37. Ourworld Tempo (LaLuna)

    Charlie dun’ give a fuck.

  38. Bitch vs pussy in tug of war

  39. “Come on Sammie, ignore your leash training,” would be more accurate

  40. no. i think your dog stupid

  41. dog: ooh other dogs
    dog: owner!!!!

  42. WHAt the…. IM MAD

  43. lol it seems like nowadays cats no longer scared of dogs

  44. Jabba the Hutt

  45. That dog is so obedient. It was obvious it was struggling to choose who to

  46. That’s what a pussy can do to you.

  47. That cat is an asshole.

  48. Houston from houston

    0:22 the dog’s like “( deep sigh)…..this is the life I chose “

  49. Cats are too smart for dogs xD

  50. Now try it with a wolf…

  51. I think he was so sweet to not to drag her with him…

  52. Suppose you told the people in an Asian country that they had to allow
    millions of non-Asians to immigrate to their country every year and to
    intermarry with them, so that, within decades, the Asians would be a
    minority in their own country.
    Suppose that you told them that they were evil racist nazis if they refused
    to do this.
    Do you think they would buy this? Of course not! What kind of self-hating
    Asian would agree to this?
    But this is what anti-White White people are doing to their own people.
    They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.
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  53. That cat is so Alpha…

  54. watching this @ 360 P , but still so much clarity !!! to what resolution
    this was uploaded to, whats the camera??

  55. It seems like cats are always trying to dominate dogs. Fuck that attitude.
    Poor dog is stressed out too.

  56. Hey dog, eat that pussy….

  57. Anyone else see it on the news?

  58. Honestly when the dog moves, the leash does as well so the cat thinks it’s
    came to life or something. I used to play with ribbons with my cat and it’s
    the same reaction to anything in its distance.

  59. Allegory of the man the woman

  60. Cats aren’t smart enough to understand the concept of man made laws.

  61. Dogs are so fucking dumb, if the roles were reversed the car would clock
    him in the face until it lets go of the leash

  62. cats like I own u

  63. Proof cats are better.

  64. I killed 3cats and it’s not a joke . the cats were main

  65. A lot of people are saying this cat’s an asshole, but if you were a cat
    wouldn’t you fuck with dogs a little any chance you got? I know I would.

    That doesn’t make the cat any less of an asshole. I’m just saying don’t
    throw stones if ya live in a glass house.

  66. cats are awesome

  67. pfft what a wuss he’s a slave to the pussy

  68. that’s animal abuse. You knew he was tied up by that cat, but you still
    commanded that he come. That’s called torture -PETA.

  69. poor little dog

  70. Only thing dumber than a dog is a Republican

  71. Cuckold dog. Redeem your manhood Sammie!

  72. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    The other dog would have had the same problem, but he ate his cat.

  73. thats animal abuse!

  74. Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

    Haha 🙂 Cats are masters 😉 xox Natalie

  75. The CW Television Network

    That cat sure has her dog on a tight leash.

  76. dog’s use to it recation is instinctive when he wants go but feels the
    leash pulling him back ,good trained dog i say

  77. N’aww, he probably doesn’t want to hurt the cat!

  78. Dumb name for a dog. SIRIiously .

    Gregory Rickenbach


  80. thats how my friend look like when his girl dont want him to go out with us

  81. Show that dog who’s payin the bills!

  82. “No dog, I am your master now”

  83. Plot twist: The owner calling and filming the dog is also a cat.

  84. cats are cunts

  85. Cats seem to own dogs.

  86. Sammy’s a cutie.

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  89. Dogs like right im gna fk this cat up now look at it then thinks awwh such
    a nice kitty

  90. I like how the dog acepts his destiny.

  91. Animal abuse using another animal.

  92. That’s a cute dog.

    I want to pet that dog.

  93. Cute* not Kyoot

  94. The cat is the boss.

  95. boring video

  96. haaa very funny

  97. haaa very funny

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