Cat won’t let me play Video Games alone

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Our fluffy little creature Nala has a habit of seeking attention when our focus is on the television and not her.

She is a 5 year old cat living in Norway (a mix of Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon).

Music by Eric Matyas


  1. this cat is amazing :-))

  2. Cats are the reincarnated souls of ex girlfriends.

  3. There’s nothing sexier on earth than a man with a cat. Rock on!

  4. SSSSOOOOO Adorable! (Try smiling at your cat more often.)

  5. Must’ve been hard to maintain that poker face… not a single smile through
    the whole thing. No wonder they say cat owners are soulless.

  6. So CUTE!!!

  7. Rtdslayer Gaming


  8. Most cats who get attached to their owners get to know their owner. That
    cat knows her daddy won’t let her fall and will keep her safe.

  9. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Joyful Vegan)

    Nice video! :)

  10. Она просто требует, к себе внимания 🙂 ревность тут не причём)

  11. Lovely cat

  12. Its ok alex your cat just love you so much.

  13. This happens way to often with my cat

  14. Cat: This is so us!

  15. Awww…. so sweet kitty!!!

  16. SaiyenInlineSkater

    Shang Tsung literally taking my soul

  17. People should take time to enjoy all the moments they have with family,
    friends, and pets! An electronic device can be replaced…..but a family
    member, a friend, and a pet can never be replaced…I feel this clip is a
    happy reminder to always enjoy the love, the presence, and the life of the
    people and pets you hold dear to!

  18. Cat’s saying I want to play to.

  19. sweeeeeeeeeety <3 so cute cat i die :D

  20. I want a cat like that!!! does it have siblings or kittens i can buy ? ^^

  21. Such a little baby. But honestly, I never thought cats could be so
    affectionate. Just goes to show that any animal when given love will return

  22. epic! my cats where like this at times

  23. Omg, she’s so adorable! ❤

  24. I love how she kicks away your controller when you resume playing… :3

  25. cute


  27. I wish my cat loved me this much

  28. You dnt own the cat. The cat owns you!

  29. She is so sweet and fluffy cute.

  30. Kjempefin katt! Hva heldig du er!

  31. That makes me smile :,)

  32. Katten din er sinnsykt gal forelsket i deg! 

  33. he’s got that slide down pat doesn’t he…lol

  34. it amazes me when i hear someone say ” cats aren’t affectionate”

  35. Jennifer Wentland

    My male cat Cosmo will lay with me to if I am playing games or on my
    tablet. But he will get mad if I am talking on the phone with someone.

  36. too much ultimate team and too much ultimate cat love

  37. The way he just put himself into his owner’s chest, wayyyyyyyyyyyy too
    cuteeee!!!!! My heart melts!

  38. your cat is fat =)

  39. Princess Sparkly Unicorn


  40. Shin the cat presents from Japan

    when i try to fim my cat he stops doing the cute things he was doing just
    before i start filming. also trouble if he sees the camera

  41. cute kitty

  42. Couch time is cuddle time, silly human.

  43. Your hands are obviously free. Pet me!

  44. i wish my cat would actually love me XD when i so much as go near him he
    gives me the “i will murder u human” look

  45. awww, so cute.

  46. “You’re obviously not doing anything important. Pet me.”

  47. what kind of cat is it?

  48. Cat goals.

  49. I know the feeling. Now I have 2 of them, that happening twice at the same

  50. まっしゅぽてと


  51. My cat couldn’t care less about me as long as i’m feeding her given that
    she only follow me, meows and rub against me when she’s hungry. After
    eating, she licks her cheeks and paws then commence sleeping on and on
    everyday for months now not approaching me until she’s hungry again.

  52. My cat doesn’t like to cuddle :(

  53. look at my video with my cat

  54. my cat dose that to me too. HHHIIII THERREE!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT ME NOW!!! I
    YOU WISH YOU SILLY LOVABLE SLAVE YOU!!! PET ME!! Sleeps on me. *thinking to
    myself* you’re adorable fluffy kid you kittykat.

  55. Does he need anything else when his cat do loves him so much?

  56. UberInfiniteGaming

    Plot twist: The cat was played by Microsoft.

  57. What a great mix. I love both breeds. 🙂 and Nala loves you to bits <3

  58. Iconic video.
    Always come back to watch this.

  59. SO SWEET!!!! WHAT A LOVELY CAT!!!wowwow~~really sweet owner too

  60. 羨ましくない。羨ましくなんかないぞ。

  61. this is tyoe ca of love the owner and evrytime the owner do everything the
    cat follow

  62. Rodrigo Medina valdez

    name of the song ?

  63. Cassadanielle Picasso

    The cat trusts him so much – just look at the cat sliding on his right arm.
    The cat knows you are going to catch him no matter what.
    Nice bond.

  64. Slides in, legs akimbo, arms stiff: now *that* is funny and cute.

  65. how DARE you look annoyed by your cat! the cat is more important than
    playing games. the cat is more important then YOU YOURSELF

  66. Kaitlyn OnWoozworld

    See, Cats can be just as cuddly and loving as dogs. Depends on how you
    treat them! <3

  67. Cat is like: Get a pc scrub

  68. Awwww kitty looks so soft

  69. Still better than living with a woman.

  70. She loves you so much and I see that you love her too. Very special!

  71. I think your cat want to play games

  72. ladytlonghaircorner

    too cute!!!!

  73. cute

  74. Ha-ha damn that cat is awesome … I need a cat..

  75. so cute

  76. get off the games. spend time with your cat. LAWL!!!

  77. Is that cat doing the trust fall? XD

  78. Awesome cat!

  79. Ohhmaigoddness ?? She’s like a baby . So cute . ???

  80. As Roma fan?

  81. Finally a cuddly cat vid

  82. That’s so cowt

  83. so cute??

  84. SOO CUTE!!

  85. awwww, I was cat-sitting for a friend recently and her poofy kitty would do
    this if you sat down for more than 5 minutes. so snuggly!

  86. Ur cat is adorible

  87. She probably interprets your exposed belly as an invitation. My cat always

  88. is it just you and your cat?

  89. So jealous. My cat hates for me to touch him. He does not like to be touch
    at all.

  90. you dont understand! she/he loves you!

  91. The cat is a pro ?

  92. Genderbent MALE Ib (Adan)

    Nala is so poofy.

  93. Lol cats and games… my cat literally just farted, for real. But once when
    i played Call of duty very long ago it was cod 2 she actually pressed left
    click when i aimed at a guy :D

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