“Catfishing” on the Warrior River

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This puts a new spin on the term catfishing.


  1. do a street fighter 4 Cody theme/capcom vs marval Mike haggar mashup

  2. So sweet!

  3. Extremely desperate kittens


  5. Good job guys! Well done!

  6. Ёпрст-просто Ёпрст

    Ура,коты-коты,кругом коты!(маленькие любимые гады)My dear friends,I love
    animals,and I don’t like assholes!Health and good luck to all People!

  7. You two are my HEROES!!!! And, 8.5 million views proves that you are loved
    for your good deed <3


  9. You guys rock! Ignore the haters, they show up everyplace.

  10. I friggin’ hate cats, but what I hate even more is some twat leaving them
    out somewhere where he/she prob thought they would just die. Huge Kudos to
    you guys for cat fishing…. amazing to even see cats jump in the water in
    the first place, survival instinct I guess.. as I said I don’t like cats,
    but I would of done exactly the same as you two…. fair play to you both !

  11. Mette plays (Norsepearl)

    Good on you for helping them and being so careful. They look like lovable
    rascals, friendly and trusting, perfect for becoming a wonderful pet. If
    they were abandoned, then shame on the people who did it! At least somebody
    like you came around and rescued them. Glad to hear they got a good home in
    the end!

  12. see cute

  13. That is the saddest (knowing they were dumped, how desperate they were) and
    most wonderful (you saving them) thing I’ve seen in a while. Screw the

  14. Don’t sweat anyone who gives you shit for what or what you didn’t do. You
    guys did a good thing. Animals suffer so much in this world. Mostly by
    unevolved humans. It’s nice to see good guys do good things

  15. Good job guys.

  16. So awesome ☺ Thanx for saving them!!!!! ♥

  17. Hats off and much respect to you gentlemen for rescuing these cats. THANK

  18. Why does everything involving animals make me cry, lol

  19. This is not cat fishing, this is Kittenfishing;) BUT why were there kittens
    in the water?

  20. Hector Enrique Olympiakoss

    Que hermoso este video, los animalitos saben buscar muy bien a seres
    humanos maravillosos, sienten y saben a que personas buscar para su
    salvación y cariño…

  21. I’m so thankful to see the there are still good people in this world that
    will rescue and show kindness…love this story!!??

  22. Love this video.. You guys were put there for a reason. That reason swam to
    you… Nice job guys. :)

  23. ?❤️?

  24. Steven Scarborough

    i agree…they had to have been thrown out by someone. Feral Cats/kittens
    will NOT approach a human…least of all swim halfway across a river just
    to get to one. cats generally detest water(don’t believe me? just give one
    a bath), so they essentially risked quite a bit on their little gambit.

    kudos to you guys for the rescue! y’all give us southern boys a good rep. i
    hope the bastards who tossed them get tossed themselves.

  25. Good thing there’s no gators in that river or are there? They’ve been
    finding a few monsters in the Alabama River. Anyway, thanks for doing a
    good deed!

  26. Thanks, God! Thanks, for these beautiful men.

  27. That’s nice

  28. 2 guys out fishing just doing their thing and sudden become hero’s, good on
    you guys for being human shows you both have a kind heart. Glad the kittens
    found a good home.

  29. Это просто потрясающая рыбалка! Спасибо за их спасение :)

  30. triste ?

  31. Thanks to those two rescuers!!!!!!!

  32. I think they were a bunch of kittens thrown in that place and only two of
    them just showed up.. I think they have siblings or parents left behind.

  33. The boat is definitely not moving.When the first kitty approached, you can
    see that the trees’ reflections are the same!
    So if the boat is moving without any movement in the river and the
    reflection of trees, are you saying that those kittens are speedy swimmers
    that there aren’t any changes to the reflections on the water?

  34. I don’t know but they could be the same guys who threw those kittens to
    gain popularity! How can a cat approach a boat or people without having a
    knowledge of it before?
    Cats are afraid of something they don’t know or haven’t seen yet.

    The way those cats rub their body to the guy indicate that they know him…

  35. people are sick in the head for doing things like these. you can see the
    desperation in these kittens faces as they want to get rescued and live.
    anyways, good job guys!

  36. Thank you for rescued this babies. Heroes. God will bless you guys even
    more. So good to know that still exists good people in this world. :D

  37. sameera kariyawasam

    you guys did a great job..very good people..

  38. The kittens took a leap of faith and you good men were their savers….gave
    me back a little faith in mankind…thank you !

  39. Were there any more kitties or just the two?

  40. You guys are awesome for not just leaving them in the water, ‘cuz some
    people wood. And that makes you awesome.

  41. Thanks for rescuing the kittens! I hope there weren’t more.

  42. That’s a brave little kitten to go in the water and swim for you. It must
    have known you were its only chance, really. Poor little desperate thing.
    But intelligent .

  43. who the fuck dislikes this?

  44. Ou so cute?☺️??????

  45. Bless ur soul for saving the kitty’s

  46. What did you do with them? That’s so great that you would help them out and
    get them out of the water!!


  48. they’re very lucky those 2 nice guys were there that day & that they (the
    cats) had the courage & smarts to jump in the water to go towards help.
    going to make someone great pets. if you dont want the animals, drop them
    off at a shelter. say you found them & there is no charge. dont dump them
    to suffer a long starving death. whoever did it is a moron. thank you to 2
    sweet fishermen!

  49. que cosa tan boba

  50. I wish I could “like” this again

  51. Well done guys. And a true surprise. Nice to hear those Kittens have a new

  52. This is heart warming. Thank you so much for saving them!

  53. Jfc why were they in the water? Did they jump into the water by themselves
    to chose you as their butler?

  54. Awe so glad those kittens got a home!!!! Thank YOU for saving their lives!
    You were so kind to them and they were very happy little babies to have
    found you in the nick of time.

  55. I would name them Bait and Tackle.

  56. Really nice you guys! Thanks for being so kind and saving them <3

  57. It’s so crazy , it’s like they knew you were gonna help them .

  58. Well done lads!

  59. The coolest thing is that you got some cats that didn’t mind getting into
    the water. THAT’S the real miracle.

  60. You guys are okay for a couple of rednecks. Made this Yankee almost tear
    up. Glad to hear the little guys are doing well, as I hope the both of you
    gentlemen are doing the same. G-d bless!

  61. REAL MEN RIGHT THERE…. applause and whistles for taking care of business,
    even if the business is rescuing kittens when you’re just tryin’ to fish!
    Thank you! ?

  62. REAL MEN RIGHT THERE…. applause and whistles for taking care of business,
    even if the business is rescuing kittens when you’re just tryin’ to fish!
    Thank you! ?

  63. Poor things must have been starving and saw these nice men and thought
    we’re saved. I’m glad they are in a nice home now it’s just sickening to
    think someone has abandoned these poor wee things. How can people be so

  64. Amazing ! Two men out to kill some animals, but end up saving some instead.

  65. You both are great guys for saving those two fur babies and God will bless
    you for having kind hearts and Thank you!

  66. its strange cause cats don`t like water

  67. เก่งมากเลยอะ

  68. Strangest catfish I’ve ever seen..

  69. That’s so Sweet!

  70. You guys rock! Screw the people who had negative comments; you did the
    right thing and I can tell by the gentle manner in which you plucked them
    out of the water and loved on them that you are stand up guys. Well done!

  71. Good on you, guys! Well done <3

  72. Sa ne merite pas 600 pouces rouges ! :'(

  73. One of the best videos of all times. You guys really did a good job.

  74. those poor babies! Bless you for saving them!

  75. that’s something to restore all faith in humanity right there.

  76. OMG !! YOU GUYS ARE HERO’S ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ God Bless your hearts for saving
    these sweeet souls ???????????

  77. Good work humans.

  78. this dude is the GOD

  79. you guys are awesome :)

  80. ‘they’re twins!’ XD

  81. Alabama water cats.

  82. Well done guys, well done!

  83. oh my god.
    I’m glad you guys were there to rescue them – I’m sure they were overjoyed
    that you let them on the boat!

  84. “His accent ” though

  85. That’s so amazing! Well done you guys!

  86. Wow: incredible! Great good guys and God Bless.

  87. So were there only 2 kittens? Poor little things, glad you saved them. Did
    you adopt them?

  88. Despite what the media and assholes on the coasts think, men like these,
    sportsmen like us, are some of the most kind people you’ll meet.

  89. Great job, dudes.

  90. That was a really great thing you did

  91. Lisa Richie-Wilson

    Friend magnets now! Everyone but the haters will cherish and respect this
    video that you saved them. I didn’t read all of the comments and am not
    sure how to ever get back here, but did you keep them? I mean it had to be
    a sign of fate!

  92. Glad there safe

  93. Best fishing trip ever. So cute.

  94. Faith in humanity restored! The most endearing part? “Come on! We’ll

  95. _ thefourelevens _

    You, my friends, just gained a new subscriber! Those kittens were extremely
    lucky to have come across people of your ilk. They could have run in to
    people who were just like the aholes who put them out there in the first

  96. Thank you so much for saving them. Poor kitties. Glad they found a home.

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