Cat’s Reaction to Dinosaur Costume

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Oscar vs. Dinosaur Costume

Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased.


  1. Alistair Roslin

    can’t stop watching it. the more I watch the more it gets funny. the eye
    shifting move is even subtler than Bill Murray’s kind of humor.

  2. I’m gonna side with that cat here, what is is with other humans and pet

  3. Rawr XD :3

  4. Hnnng…

  5. Not_politically_correct

    Love this ??

  6. Boring bomb bay

    I’m early to the trend scene, no idea why it’s trending only has like 14k

  7. beyond stupid

  8. Cats are trending

  9. This video is uploaded 3 years ago and only have 7000 views how is it

  10. Why am I not trending? I should call customer service at once and complain!

  11. I hope a disease wipes out all cats. What a pointless animal

  12. its midnight i have a project due tomorrow morning what the hell am i doing

  13. He is sooooo pooping in your cereal!!! ?

  14. his face just says “fuck you”

  15. This will get lost in a sea of comments, but I just spent 10 dollars on
    nudes from some random girl on the internet.

  16. lmao

  17. He’s like “Really? I do not look like a dinosaur at all…this is
    rediculous, I am out of here, ah”

  18. RatchetTurkey4sale

    that’s why cats are useless and after our cat after 10yrs decided too bite
    me in the face and almost scratched my eye out, my dad took it out back and
    put 8 bullets in its head with his 45 smith & wesson

  19. aTROLLwithBlades

    get rekt

  20. poor kitty.

  21. It'sNotCarl_499 Mr.499


  22. ERROR: cat.exe stopped working.

  23. *Gets inspiration from this*

  24. Well, this certainly proves that I have a sad life

  25. Why the fuck is this trending??

  26. Thatcher-Girl Caspar

    Oscar wtf did you do

  27. Hiatus Nickel (H Nickel)

    Okay, trending list, you win this time…

  28. I just gave this video its 666th Like… Cute kitty. lol. :)

  29. With videos like this I have hope that one day my video will be trending

  30. Oh wow. Ten outtta ten.

  31. Wet poo poo is shooting out of my buttcheeks. look at my butt squirt like a

  32. wtf is this trending

  33. isn’t this footage being played backwards?

  34. If you like cats…

  35. CourtneyLynnPelican

    the cats all like ‘oh no, im trending!’
    cute cat btw : )

  36. this is the quality content i want to see

  37. “Nope fuck this shit I’m out”

  38. i could do without the obnoxious music.

  39. Now they trend backward videos? It was a thing in 2014, I guess.

  40. trending is rigged

  41. This reminded me of piff the magic Dragon.

  42. Jonathan Wroughton

    And that’s how the dinosaurs went extinct kids

  43. They should not trend anything that’s not from the current year

  44. trending two years later… something is wrong with youtube’s algorithm ;-)

  45. 2 years later. is oscar the cat still alive?

  46. That cat is so cute!!?

  47. Pouring Molten Aluminum on Things / LaneVids

    Cat videos are back to take over YouTube!!

  48. What is the cat’s breed

  49. Chaos-Eldritch Knight

    Teh fook yuitub thes ys frem 2c144


  51. Haha so cute

  52. Did he just do like an anime slip fall?

  53. The True Endless Waltz

    Flagged for animal cruelty and abuse.

  54. wtf

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  57. bad cat owner, how about I go there dress you up like a dinosaur and have
    you shit in a box.

  58. wait how did this up trending after two years?

  59. Evan Michael Hardin

    With enthusiasm you little goblin!

  60. shit video, shit music.

  61. Beautiful Butterfly Gamer

    haha too cute!

  62. If its a cat video then its automatically trending.

  63. “Ahhhh I’m dying”

  64. Dislike my latest video and comment or reply ‘Done.’

    I’ll sub back with 17 accounts.

  65. that look on the cats face

  66. lol this is like a meme face?

  67. Toddler Toy Videos

    omg so cute

  68. The Catasaurus Rex

  69. cat = ?

  70. Agent Bill Wilson


  71. Beautiful cat!

  72. Me when I realised that my exam is tomorrow ?

  73. Kristina Laverko


  74. This is what YouTube should be about

  75. Emme Chatterton

    Put a dinosaur costume on my toddler and he did the same thing. :/

  76. funny and cute but kind of sad

  77. Animal Abuse

  78. get it off!, the cat says lol

  79. Do people not know what the word “Trending” means?! Just because a video
    was posted a while ago with a bit of views doesn’t mean someone can’t find
    it and spread it around so others can see.

  80. The way he fell was cute!

  81. Roxanne Ringler

    I used to dress my cat in my baby doll clothing when I was a kid, she
    didn’t want to walk and when she did she would run really low to the floor
    and then lie down with her tail whipping angrily.

  82. NOOOOO! Poor lil’ kitty….

  83. Watch out Ellen

  84. “Really? Are you freakin kidding me?”
    That’s what her face looked like it was saying

  85. PinkStar Gaming


  86. Cat: ” Fuck you and this costume “.

  87. Exit, Stage…Back? :—<>

  88. Why is this video suddenly trending???

  89. cat.exe has stopped working…

  90. Every cat does that. Why is this so popular

  91. Who keeps on bumping these old ass cat videos lmao

  92. Your cat’s gonna murder you. And when he shows the jury this piece of
    evidence at his trial, he’s sure to get a pardon.

  93. Four Legged Duck


  94. Aijalon Halema Leilani Jesus is GOD

    very cute fur baby.

  95. Well, your cat’s broken

  96. frost miner y animaciones

    Porque esta mierda tiene miles de visitas?

  97. k

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