Cats Who Are Going To Beat Your High Score

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Game Over..

Video by Anita Diamantopoulou



  2. Lazy cats

  3. This is cute but why is this featured….

  4. Peep my videos

  5. RIP the iPads screen

  6. And also break your screen :)

  7. ha! they can’t beat my best high score. they don’t have posable thumbs!

  8. My cats try to reach under the screen.

  9. That means I can use my cat as a bot and make money. Omg no more Asian

  10. Just passing by before this gets really trending

  11. yeah i dont suggest that wven with screen protector, UNLESS you have a case
    that covers the screen protector and wont let any of the screen vulnerable
    (cover the home button aswell or not show the creen protector).
    if not you will come back to a vandalize ipad also the cat might start
    bitting the edges it isnt cute when they destroy a 600+ item

  12. Wow another trending cat video. Now you’ll only need a new iPad screen

  13. 7 people got lower scores than these cats.

  14. did you guys hear about the new iPad made for pets ???

  15. The PURR-fect app for your cat.

  16. But can they beat the 95-96 Bulls?

  17. C’mon guys. Get real, they’re cats, so… yea of course they can beat you.
    This video is such mediocre i don’t understand why there r so many views

  18. Cats that can beat your high score and scratch your iPad screen. Sounds

  19. …. Why is this on the popular page? Does YouTube now consider 7k views

  20. Should be called “Cats who are going to scratch the shit out of your

  21. 100 subscribers and I do Nothing

    Well you may need a screen cover or you’re screwed

  22. That’s hilarious

  23. I remember when cats used to go outside and catch mice

  24. la va a rayar mensos

  25. BEST VR GAMES 2016 (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Gear VR)


  26. RIP that screen

  27. the cat is making scratches on your tablet and you don’t mind

  28. Cat claws can’t scratch the glass used on tablets. Their nails are way too
    soft. The biggest concern would be teeth marks if the cat starts biting the
    tablet for any reason.

  29. Omg what a cute puss- I meeeaaannn kitty :D

  30. Rip all those iPad screens.

  31. What are the games shown in the video?

  32. come on were already using electronics don’t make the cats do the same
    too….. next thing you know Tom and Jerry gonna be playing a 1v1 for 500$

  33. cat: “how come i only have one life whe did the other 8 go.”

    cats mother “its cuz u on that damn ipad

  34. phunny meme

  35. FUCK CATS.

  36. Let’s see a cat playing flappy bird

  37. sooooo cute

  38. The Internet is running out of cat videos. We needed this

  39. honestly, this music just brings me back to the old yogscast days and thats
    all i keep thinkin of…

  40. this can is going places

  41. this makes me relaxed

  42. Nice

  43. No wonder why this become popular

  44. Awe…

  45. Let’s take a moment of silence honoring those brave iPads

  46. I Am Going To Capitalize Every Word

  47. So that’s how all the scratches got on my iPad…

  48. Pussy is beating hard.

  49. ‫عبدالله غزواني‬‎

    قديم جدا

  50. Dodo was from my country

  51. fucking 1v1 me cat

  52. So these are the bots

  53. cute

  54. oh shit, I’ve fallen gracefully in cat video territory

  55. I’d love to see a cat play osu!

  56. 1000 Subscribers Without any Video Challenge

    ▕╭┻┻┻┛┗┻┻┛ ▕ ╰▏
    You have been teleported to hell Give
    Like or you will die In 30 Seconds.

  57. Haha

  58. And this is the start of how animals become workers in slave factories.
    Push that button. Operate that machine. Produce produce produce.

  59. Very funny & nice idea cat playing gadget :)

  60. Rylan The Blue Dragon

    They’ll be a lot of scratch marks on the screens

  61. Thank You Everyone… for enjoying a fun video without bitching about the
    vertical filming… I Hate those complainers!

  62. could you imagine a touchscreen floor, all the games you would be play holy
    crap…. to the DRAWING BOARD

  63. I don’t play cat games.

  64. Too cool :-)

  65. can I have my life back please?

  66. lop h oljjmm u 5y b yyk,.

    ..n nonpublic kk I’ll llllopppi u

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