Catzooka – Cat Launcher!

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Catzooka Shoots Out Adorable Cats!

Show your love for animals:

Notice: no animals were harmed in the making of this… they are my cats and I love them.


  1. I want one

  2. Ngoc Quang Nguyen Doan

    You’re awesome! But I still like those Epic Cats videos more. Can’t wait
    ’til next one

  3. Cook it

  4. Christy The Puppet

    I want it now! :3

  5. had such different hope for a catzooka :(

  6. that was funny !! Epic moment with a cat so lovely

  7. Is that real can’t believe this ! ! ! 

  8. Heads up. Incoming kitty.

  9. So this is where all those stray cats on the street came from. 

  10. Now that’s what I call a rockcat launcher??

  11. How is this relevant to anything in life?

  12. thats fuckin awesaaam

  13. YES!!!!

  14. I’ll stick with my kitten pistol, thanks.

  15. Kitty’s name/gender plz…also, Scottish Fold yes?

  16. Elvan the spoiled cat likes this video so much!!!

    Subscribed your page, Elvan is our spoiled cat see video’s of his life on
    my page and if you like him, please subscribe as well.

  17. Tramaine Terrance

    Ir probably would shoot the cat into the wall, because i’m allergic to cats

  18. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Rat Rat Poison Doesn't Taste Like Rats

    This channel is highly underrated

  20. I like the end when you catch the cat and cradle it like a baby. So cute♡♡
    so much love

  21. Ummm… I don’t think I can refer to science on the is one, sooo… raptor

  22. Cats are gods.

  23. As long as no cats were hurt,it was funny

  24. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    We can’t let Iran get their hands on a Catzooka.

  25. Andrew the Beatnik

    You’re holding the Airzooka the wrong way.

  26. Catzooka – Cat Launcher! I need one.

  27. WOW.

  28. говнище полное!!!!

  29. I want one!!!!❗️

  30. This is infinite food for me. (Asian)

  31. So fluffy 

  32. Why are we not funding this

  33. Hey guys , spreading the word about my channel 

  34. Ermahgerdz animul aboose…113

  35. Till the last breath

    does it run on Linux????

  36. clicked for a bazooka shooting cats… got a stupid over sized hairdryer
    creating more cats.. the disappointment is to real

  37. Nice editing skulls

  38. Skills*

  39. This is fucking animal abuse.. dude wtf? Who would even like this video?


  40. Meow was cool!

  41. They are already so many cats in this world.

  42. Show how you did it

  43. Is that real?

  44. Can mere mortals realize how “interesting” it is to load and reload the
    Catzooka for “feline rapid fire” ? Herding cats may be easier, indeed, so
    could we use an additional small piece of tuna to “facilitate” each load ?

  45. futebolcapixabatv

    This is so fake.

  46. Cool. 

  47. I’m a dog person
    Just saying
    no hate

  48. Just discovered this channel and I love it. I hope you never stop making

  49. Wait… Does that mean I can scan the Earth and recreate it in outer space?
    (I know this ain’t real)

  50. This weapon cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of our enemies! It is
    too powerful!

  51. i need one NOW!

  52. helpmycatsonfire

    This contraption could single-handedly solve world hunger. Unlimited tasty,
    tasty cat meat.

  53. Hahaha I love this!!! Awesome effects! /(^o^)/
    Excuse me while I check out your other videos! (y)
    – Sincerely a new subscriber! ;)

  54. Lol like that peasant laptop is fastest enough…

  55. This technology could save lives

  56. Do you make a model that shoots cats that explode on impact?

  57. This vid made me subscribe. Keep up the good work.

  58. Cat CATastrophes

    We want one!!!

  59. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    Checking Amazon for Cat Launchers! : ) lol

  60. I want one!

  61. You are my hero! Your videos are genius and have better special effects
    than most movies these days!

  62. Where can I buy one?

  63. I need one of these!

  64. (ΦωΦ) ((≡゚♀゚≡)

  65. Subscribed!

  66. Mayor West XD

  67. And Peta complaints in 3…2…

  68. I need one of these. I need at least 10 cats in the house :))))

  69. ・ユーティライネンエイラ・イルマタル

    When will you release next video? if you’re going to release another one
    this year ofc.

    Also, it would be cool if you made “the force” (star wars ref) as a new
    “superpower” in the next vid with the name “My cat has chosen the dark
    side” or something. XD

  70. i need dis

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