Caught On Camera: Grizzly Bear Pole Dances

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This cheeky bear thought he could get away with a quick pole dance while nobody was watching. But fortunately Michael Ethridge, 66 was on hand with his mobile phone to catch the adult grizzly in all its glory. The bear’s rhythmic motion made it look like it would be more comfortable in a strip club – but it may have just been having a good scratch. The footage was caught by Michael, who works as a Director of Operations for Birmingham Baptist Association in Alabama, in Rapid County, South Dakota in the Summer of 2014.

Videographer / Director: Michael Ethridge
Producer: John Balson, Dan Howlett, Chloe Browne
Editor: Jack Stevens

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  1. Hi

  2. better than some strippers.

  3. better than some strippers.

  4. probably having an itchy back haha

  5. Shaking that ass! 

  6. PandaHosts | PS3 Modding

    What has this world come to, you can’t even pole dance in public without
    somebody recording you.

  7. Omg!!so cutee?

  8. Just what we need, more pole dancers

  9. Dboone l TheRealest

    “He’s doing the nene”

    Lol wow.

  10. That bear isFeeling itchi at his back…

  11. I mean itchy..

  12. Wiggle wiggle wiggle no!

  13. Marcus Pedersen

    Probably in Russia

  14. bear is scratching his back with a pole, how dare you make it seem like a
    slut , i’m not a bear and i’m offended

  15. NeonNinjehKittyy

    Work it

  16. I think it was scratching its back

  17. TheStarlitedecay

    And its raining(literally)

  18. it was scratching it’s back

  19. Think he scratch his ass on the pole too?

  20. Frikadellie Mad

    this bear dances better than me = )

  21. I would have thrown money at it

  22. Di tonton

  23. Di tonton

  24. Are you ducking kidding me the bear was just had an ich on his back just
    play it on mute the music makes it look BAD

  25. ♛ King Odin ♛

    How do you fit all that butt, in dat skin

  26. omg it was not dancing its back was itching 

  27. Baloo!

  28. One of the boys said “He’s doing the Nay Nay”!….Haaaaa

  29. what not to make videos about

  30. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Why does the guy sound so serious

  31. Was scratching his back .. lol

  32. Tall tanned fit and grizzly

  33. Make it rain!

  34. I want to hump that sexy bear.

  35. He’s scratching his back. I don’t know why people think they’re dancing lol

  36. Wtf did I just hear, “Do the nae nae”.? 

  37. i see why some bears are called sloth bears

  38. Lmao!,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  39. Lol he’s doing the nae nae

  40. That was so hot!

  41. Gotta make that money 

  42. I don’t believe scratching one’s back count as pole dancing
    Next time somebody takes a smoke at a street corner and Barcroft will call
    her a prostitute

  43. The bear was just scratching his/her back.. -_-

  44. Oelala

  45. The bear is scratching it’s back and not pole dancing 

  46. It’s doing the nae nae

  47. How cute. Someone should have given it a hand.

  48. Bears are so cute lol

  49. Brooklynboi Productions

    So abearable

  50. He was just scratching his back 

  51. I’d be so itching to walk up to it and give it a nice back scratch! 

  52. Ciara’s “body party” should’ve been playing in the background

  53. bear necessities .. those simple bear necessities..

  54. Christian Swierc

    That barely seems like pole dancing ;)

  55. Narrator, today you have not been convincing.

  56. Bear Necessities

  57. bored people.

  58. Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    This grizzly bear-ed it all for the camera.

    The tourists are lucky. That thing could have killed them with its bear

  59. throw dat ass in a circle

  60. He’s a beary good dancer.

  61. My dad does that on doorways

  62. He is not Pole dancing. He is just scratching its back.

  63. Did anyone hear one of the boys saying, “he’s doing the Nay Nay”

  64. Miss Amanda's world

    Totle is a lie. I thought this would be intreating just a bear scratching
    an itchy back. Come on ppl ya know you habe rubbed against a door frame or
    such to scratch that itch you just can’t reach. 

  65. aww its cute I love bears


  67. Oh sure, just show us vid of the bear from behind! Tease! Well, sometimes
    you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you….

  68. Breanna Hernandez

    He was just scratching it’s back

  69. hhtryt65764iuiu0 gjhjygtuy7u6876

    thats a Black Bear Cinamon phase. not a grizzly.

  70. Still better looking than most strippers.

  71. Lol they really do scratch they’re backs on stuff

  72. i give the bear a reward for being the most hottest stripper :D

  73. Toxicthewolf9 Feral Heart Videos

    Mr bear, I don’t think that is like a tree XD No scratchy bark there

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