Channing Tatum Makes an Important Announcement… with Puppies! | Cosmopolitan

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The man, the legend — Channing Tatum — announces the launch of the Vegas version of Magic Mike.

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  1. Jenny Muratalla

    yaaasss✨ plz

  2. OMG i cant even?

  3. Salwalishious AAJ


  4. ill tell you what i want, i want all of those guys on my face !

  5. No objections.

  6. I’ve already marked my calendar!!?

  7. my eyes have been blessed

  8. Sexy dance moves

  9. I really didn’t think Magic Mike was a good movie. I mean, am not blind and
    I have eyes. But the film and storyline wasn’t great

  10. Dorothy Moschiano

    Omg yes please

  11. I’ll be there. For sure.

  12. this needs to happen in canada!!

  13. What I want? For Channing Tatum to be my private dancer for an entire day

  14. ?

  15. You had me at dachshund puppies….

  16. I think it shouldn’t only be in Vegas maybe major cities? either way lawwd
    I’d travel seas to see magic Mike live Lol

  17. I’ll be 18 next year!!!!

  18. Come

  19. Kelli Wozniakowski

    Is this even a question? Do it. Do it now.

  20. I might cry because ill be so happy

  21. Well, I can’t stop laughing – puppies, hot guys & belief in stripping
    gender equality? Perfect. Channing Tatum is a talented writer, actor,
    comedian and yes I”d love to look at him naked any time.

    After a very long day of work and…life, this video makes me happy.
    Feedback would be yes, sounds like a promising venture!

  22. An experience like the stripper convention in XXL would be quite an
    experience. Maybe not as crowded a venue… ?

  23. You know what I want Tatum, I want you! Can you create another you?

  24. No one likes him more than me I would die for him legit die for him

  25. Asian men!

  26. YAAS

  27. Get your boys to shave and we’ll talk. I leave my Brillo Pads under the

  28. What an ecxiting time to be alive…such a cool and interesting idea

  29. ?????

  30. They should do topless standup comedy

  31. Ringo rodriguez

    gay is the new straight

  32. Yes… PLEASE!! I will be there 🙂 <3

  33. guys, channing, pleeease at least one gig in europe? like anywhere in
    europe? preferably in my house? :D

  34. purplesageequine

    Ummmm, cum to Reno too!!!!!


  36. Please, for the love of all things holy- YES!!! I’ll definitely travel with
    all my girls to Vegas!

  37. U should go on tour. I would love to go to Vegas but can’t really afford
    it. If it were close I would definitely go.

  38. I REALLY want to see a “house husband” who wakes up early and gets
    everything ready for his woman in the morning before she goes to work and
    when she comes home he has dinner waiting for her! lol

  39. OMG!! I can’t wait. Come to San Antonio Texas. I’ll be the first to cum.

  40. Lucy Catherine Taylor

    I’m assuming channing is talking. I was a little distracted. Lol x

  41. this is going to channing all over everyone’s tatum..

  42. Random strait guy comment. Aka needle in the haystack

  43. The dark knight returns

    Channing tatum is such a faggot I swear.

  44. Sexually confused ?

  45. This commercial dogs are cute but the rest of it is just awkward in so many

  46. Brock O’Hurn would have been perfect in this ad…

  47. Алеша Попович

    I burp from this

  48. I know I should be focused on the hot men but what song is that?

  49. We want… TRUMP

  50. even if channing tatum were assigned the job to give a public service
    announcement telling everyone they’re going to die from a poisonous gas in
    the air, i STILL wouldn’t be able to take it seriously…

  51. Barbara Coleman


  52. TheAztecWarrior100

    im only here to pick up internet ladies

  53. one word….YUMMY!

  54. Roslyn Broadhurst

    Channing, and Magic Mike cast, what I would like to see, assuming I ever
    get a chance to see you perform live, is the type of performance you all
    gave in the movies. I thought you guys were incredible. But then, I just
    love to watch you all dance, especially Channing. I may be a 56-year-old
    woman, but I love hip hop. I’ve seen many hip hop dance movies including
    all of the Step Up movies, and I’m a huge fan of Channing and Adam G.
    Savani. So, the second thing I’d like to see, is Adam become a member of
    your crew, not necessarily because I want to see him strip, but because I
    love to watch him dance. And I’d love to watch the two of you dancing on
    stage together. When you two dance, you become part of the music. It’s like
    you and the music are one and the same. The music is a part of you guys in
    a way that tends to make others envy you. It’s beautiful to watch. You have
    an intense relationship with the music. People envy that relationship
    because they don’t, or can’t understand it. And that’s exactly why I’d love
    to see you and Adam on stage together. The last thing I’d like to see is
    for you to do a stint somewhere in Tampa, FL, which is where Magic Mike
    began, and where my husband and I will be living as soon as we can sell our
    house in Montana. Then I’ll be able to go see you whenever I want. So,
    there you have it. I love you guys, and hope I have the opportunity to see
    the show live.

  55. But… Channing Tatum got old and his face went a weird pudgy shape…

  56. God, I want to ride him till he breaks tbh

  57. “Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum”

  58. Will the puppies be included in the live show? … important question.

  59. Autumn Clouthier

    Come to Texas. Also policemen are attractive

  60. Please no gold lame banana hammocks…so lame. No men g-strings at all –
    ICK!…Please no leather chaps or bandanas. These will be fine for a gay
    strip bar but we straight ladies get grossed out….How about some guy that
    looks like a rockstar, like a total look-alike. He’ll come out and sing one
    of his hits and take it off. Oooh, Kurt Cobain! No, he would be
    weird…Please no construction guys, mechanics, or anything that could fit,
    even remotely, into The Village People….Some of us women are grossed out
    by fake tan muscle men. Just saying’.

  61. channing will be in the show right?? how about like a stomp team of
    strippers lmao no. um I say singers?? idk but if tatum is in it and that
    guy that was ironing in this video. I’m there!!!

  62. This would really be my first place to visit when I go to Vegas! ?

  63. Take My Money! I want to be there opening night.

  64. Please come close to South Carolina!!! That’s all I’ll ask for ?


  66. Thank god I live in Las Vegas

  67. Cuteness Overload



    no..jus noo

  69. Cuteness Overload


  70. Best ad ever.

  71. is it wrong to want those puppies more. because those are cute puppies yes
    they are <3

  72. Fuuck Yeahh I want That

  73. am i the only one waiting for the puppies? ?? fyi i am straight but i
    just thought i would see more puppies lol

  74. fuck I had to pull my brain out of my ass after seeing this

  75. Christopher Huffman

    I vote thousands of puppies fill the room

  76. It’s great idea, maybe world show??? ?????

  77. Spelt C.U.M

  78. Can I have one of the pups?

  79. This is an amazing idea…Just no G-strings please…Let me know when
    tickets go on sale…



  82. Kaitlin Regulski

    omg…what kind of dog is that white one???!

  83. LOVE this concept! What about having a nerdy guy in the mix that ends up
    being like the the boy next door that is really hot.

  84. puppys, shirtless men, channing… this video is heaven

  85. 2 words- matt bomer

  86. Iol….?

  87. sounds like they’re reinventing Chippingdales Magic Mike style. Good luck.

  88. That black guy was the most handsome! !!!! the others where average.

  89. Channing all over my Tatum? I apologize that was crass and uncalled for so
    Channing I am sorry (NOT SORRY)!

  90. Puppies and kittens.

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  92. Why isn’t Channing shirtless and the guy why are you folding panties ??

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