Charcoal And His Bucket

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Labrador loves his bucket.


  1. It’s the new Lolrus! 

  2. George Jimsheleishvili

    or he just does not have any other toy 

  3. Not cool… This is how three of my dogs died.

  4. yubin peng (bbp)

    can’t believe i finished watching this

  5. LOVE IT. I also have a crazy black lab

  6. My black lab is more on the lazy side but when it comes to swimming in the
    pool she’s a big kid again! I’ll post a Video of her once my pool is fixed,
    soon I hope.

  7. this dog is so fucking bad ass

  8. Too cute. I wish something as simple as a bucket could bring me that much

  9. do you live in a zoo?

  10. +Claudio Ibarra Actually, dogs would be lucky to make a top 50 list in that
    and/or any other capacity. Most animals are of a superior cognitive ability
    in comparison, even pigs could be equated with 3-5 year old Homo sapiens.
    Which is why it’s both disturbing and repulsive that they’re mistreated,
    and even tortured, the way they are in slaughterhouses.

  11. Who the HELL picked out this song about CATS (tigers) for a dog video!?!

  12. Sell me your dog plz…

  13. hahahaha sensacional * 

  14. Paulo Destro Jahu

    Literalmente falando: esse cachorro é louco!

  15. McGyver777ATGMAIL

    Every time I watch the news and see one of my fellow species has done
    violence to another, instead of becoming disheartened and disillusioned I
    will return to watch this video and smile in realization that we are not
    the end of the process of evolution and that if we fail there are much more
    kind and awesome creatures to take our place if our actions lead to our own
    end due to our ignorance. The love this dog showed for his red bucket is
    reason enough to save an entire world.

  16. Haha this was great. 

  17. I really enjoy your dog. It’s nice to see a young pup doing what comes

  18. One day will the bucket die…very sad

  19. The amount of happy dogs in this video is TOO DAMN HIGH :’)
    Btw, if I was the owner, I’d have exact duplicates of that thing. I
    wouldn’t want to be there when that bucket goes to shit for some reason. 

  20. CHARCOAL.xxxxx your fantastic. Hope you and your bucket
    have many more happy days.

  21. Great video, and wonderful dog. 

  22. Great. Now I want a bottomless bucket, too. 

  23. Marek Carlisle (Sevisis)

    Am I the only one who wants to see from the dogs point of view? ._.

  24. Whata Lucky Dog! His home looks nice, with so much to explore and enjoy.
    It musta been brutal when you were in the woods filming him playing, so
    good job! I’ll betcha you never thought this birthday gift to your Mother
    would be sooo popular on the interWEBS! 

  25. Your dog is so cute!

  26. bRad “bRadicalMagic” Nichols

    Now then, EVERYBODY go to teh pound & adopt A puppy ! ! !

  27. The toasts are burning!!! 

  28. This video doesn’t make my dog unusual anymore. He plays with a shovel..

  29. what the hecks in the background at 1:36-1:37 :S

  30. This pup knows how to have a good time!

  31. I wish I was as happy as this dog is

  32. Love this dog :)

  33. Redriu / Tropis

    Sry but too long

  34. Absolutely joyful and beautiful to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Thibault Goubert

    cute hahah

  36. That’s awesome. And, thank God for the mute button. 

  37. How could someone down vote this? Too cute.

  38. I never saw a dog love a bucket so much…must be the color. LOL

  39. Kendall Dickenson

    Here is my dog playing patty cake it is the cutest! He also knows how to
    walk on my feet, do a Handstand and even scratch my back on command. I
    taught him moonwalk and that will be the next video I will add!! Puppy
    plays patty cake

  40. Bucketdog
    he’s crazy and great

  41. im definitely getting a charcoal lab for my next dog. had a silver lab, but
    the ex got to keep it when we broke up. miss the shit out of that dog!!
    hopefully my charcoal will play with a bucket too. fkn hilarious!!!

  42. Some dogs have toys… but this one has a bucket!!! XD Adorable!! 😀 ♥

  43. Is that a Home Depot Bucket? Lol

  44. Still a better love story than twilight

  45. I really like this video I have never ever seen a dog that was as funny as

  46. Alexandra Mangual

    this is adorable. I love how he’s so happy with something as simple as a
    bucket. lol my dog is so spoiled that he’ll give us a ball and refuse to
    play with it, he waits and then we have to give him a new one. 

  47. This dog must of loved the cone of shame

  48. this dog is really crazy and fun!! 

  49. Hey, that belong to the walrus!

  50. Warren Waller (jojester0004)

    This will b taken down fast for copyright strike.

  51. Should get him a KFC Bucket… and record to Soothsayer, by the original

  52. Awww I love this so much!!!

  53. Makes me want to go exercise with a bucket.

  54. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life! :D

  55. Still a better love story than Twilight!

  56. Joseph A Nagy Jr

    Reminds me of my dog and his food dish!

  57. This dog is gonna destroy Clubber Lang. Fuck, it’s the song! Dog just
    looks so bada**

  58. This is the rare but not endangered, Black Bucketdog. The Black Bucketdog
    can be seen if you are quiet, and observe from a distance, otherwise you
    could become drawn into his gaze, and be enticed to kick the bucket for
    him. Best stay back, and observe, lest you be drawn in to The Bucket Zone.

  59. I’m very glad that I am not the only one with a broken dog.

  60. TheLordPresident

    Dear God..

  61. un verdadero entrenamiento

  62. I just loved this!
    So funny and cute.
    Makes me want another lab.
    They are the best dogs.

  63. 1:57 “its my bucket bitch”

  64. I wish to be as happy as charcoal one day.

  65. We just put our black lab down – she was 13 yrs old and this video helped
    to heal us a little

  66. Lmao ommmmggg he’s so happy

  67. No one on this planet enjoys anything nearly as much as this dog enjoys his

  68. You can see at 1:06 that the dog appears to be rescuing the bucket from the
    water. I speculate that this dog actually believes the bucket is a living
    being and is trying to save it, displaying how animals are empathetic,
    compassionate, and intelligent creatures. Or the it just really likes its

  69. my dog s called charcoal too and his a black lab!!!

  70. Gotta love labs they’re twisted but they’re so much love. I got one and
    just like this one he is the best

  71. Joseph Smith (BadAxe4U)

    I want to be a dog in my next life!

  72. Labradors are the best friends ever as pets!My lab wants a red bucket

  73. omg i’m dying laughing. that is so fucking adorable

  74. ṖṳṙṖḶḕ ḃḕḀṳṮẏ

    Lol what kind of name is charcoal

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