Cheetahs enjoy ice-blocks to cool down in Summer

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As the temperatures edged over 30 degrees in Sydney today, keepers at Symbio Wildlife Park treated their two male cheetahs ‘Boo and Lion’ to a Summer surprise of special Cheetah iceblocks.

The iceblocks were made with a combination of blood and cat milk, and then frozen. This may not sound very appetising for us humans, but for the youngsters who celebrated their second birthdays last week, they just couldn’t get enough of these delectable treats.

Located on the Southern Outskirts of Sydney, Symbio Wildlife Park brought the two male cheetahs into the zoo earlier this year to form yet another one of their many captive breeding programs.

Video filmed by Kevin Fallon | Symbio Wildlife Park

All uses on Facebook MUST have @Symbio Wildlife Park Facebook page tagged into the main caption. If used in TV broadcasting, then credit as to the source of the footage is to be Symbio Wildlife Park, Sydney Australia.

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