Christmas Lights – Aaron’s Animals

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Christmas Lights – Aaron’s Animals


  1. Sick video bruz

  2. ah… The Ol’ CHEVY CHASE feel… with a nice little twist!!

  3. Егор Ельпин


  4. I always need to laugh at his video’s! So good edited keep it up bro!

  5. epic michael (^*^) =3

  6. Dem editing skills!

  7. flawless victory!

  8. Hey, i make visual effects like Aaron, If you can take a look would be

  9. luv it.

  10. To good!
    Merry Xmas 

  11. fodaaaaaaaaa like Braziiillllll

  12. I LOVE YOU !!

  13. genial!!!

  14. All I want for Christmas is just a 3 minute video of the gray cat dancing
    to that song :)

  15. All I want for Christmas is just a 3 minute video of the gray cat dancing
    to that song :)

  16. Уважаемый Вячеслав


  17. maybe a longer skit next time? good job BTW

  18. Michael reminds me of Ray William Johnson’s “Stalking your mom” cat.

  19. why Phil? why????

  20. Is it your bike in the background?


  22. Now we know what the evil cat’s name is–it’s Phil!

  23. mt foda

  24. Feliz Navidad Aaron, Prince Michael, y toda tu familia de humanos y
    animales! Disfruto muchísimo de tus ocurrencias! Exito en el 2016!!!

  25. Michael show him the Christmas spirit to that villa cat he needs to know if
    he’s not typically or nice

  26. So funny!!

  27. Phil is evil

  28. 301 club, earliest I’ve been here, anyways, I love your animations, your
    videos always give me a good laugh, so, thank you, for being awesome

  29. what bike is that?

  30. I saw the dummy’s tummy

  31. really nice work!

  32. Subscribe is spelt wrong :(

  33. what is the music from the begining? plz, talk to me!

  34. Deserves more subs

  35. Goldinfinityxi Pegauss

    Trop Bien !

  36. where did the other cat go?

  37. if apple made a car would it have windows

  38. Dance game is too strong ;-;

  39. um…did Micheal (grey cat) disappear when Phil pulled the switch…?

  40. spelled subscribe wrong.

  41. Phil, you are quickly becoming the villain of this channel.

  42. Click to Subrscribe!

  43. ur videos is great but don’t laught when u acting

  44. I am doing this song for Christmas in my school

  45. dem it Phil

  46. did you misspell SUBSCRIBE or is it an inside joke that I didn’t get?

  47. awesome

  48. Phil is so gr8!!

  49. too funny…

  50. Jesus is the only way to heaven! ??????
    If you asked him to eternal life, he gave you
    If you ask him to heal your body, he will do ???

  51. Olivel Guzman toribio (kurosame)

    Que gato más troll hahahah

  52. Roger inKC (Roger In Kansas City)

    what the…..

  53. Awesome video man, keep up the good work!

  54. Why, Phil…why? ~ *smh* ~

    At least Aaron ‘stuck the landing’ and finished with a big grin…! ;)

  55. Aaron you are awesome! Do you think for your next video you could make a
    video of Michael having superpowers?!

  56. uheauhauehua like a boss bitch

  57. that cat was melvinizing…….

  58. Kkkkkkkkkk you are awesome. I am Brazilian and I watch your videos !!
    Congratulations and God bless you in this work !!

  59. merry Christmas

  60. Make a ghost clip with that editing skill.

  61. vad kitty

  62. bad kitty

  63. These videos crack me up

  64. phil almost killed aaron

  65. LOVE IT MORE!! MORE!!! MORE!!!

  66. Олександр Ткач

    Cat is a killer :)

  67. Bradley Freakin (TheHaloSource)

    Can’t even spell Subscribe right…

  68. help?

  69. “subrscribe”

  70. lol, yes indeed..

  71. ni saben escribir ni se les entiende otros de mi salon se duermen en la
    clase de chinglis

  72. jo….jo…jo……..whipp it in da snow.!!……..Merry Christmas Aaron,
    Michael and co. Make it a memorable, but meaningful one for all the right
    reasons and Michael dont be tooo naughty!!!!Santa does not visit naughty

  73. So loveable

  74. Kitty has a dang mustache hahaha!!

  75. Late Night with NateWolf

    Just watched all your videos. Some are very hilarious. But I wanted to know
    how much do your cats hate you for humiliating them and moving them around

  76. These videos are so well made

  77. Prince Michael looks just like my cat but my cat has green eyes :)

  78. FNAF, MLP, MMD, LEGO Y mucho mas


  79. Subrscribe

  80. I wonder if that was real.

  81. You used a fake person in between the time the you fell off the roof right?

  82. NO PHIL

  83. I love your videos (it shows as much as his that I use google translation
    because I’m french ??)

  84. Damnit Phil.

  85. was it me or did he churned into a person doll at 0:08

  86. lol hahahahaha

  87. حلو كلش واو واو

  88. Kikusenka Kodrlova

    je to strašně vtipné protože ta kočička jak chtěla lítat to se mi na tom
    nejvíc líbý????

  89. Hilarious !

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