Classical music cat

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Khaleesi loves classical music


  1. Alejandro Carrasco

    I bet it’s gonna trend because it’s a cat video

  2. Warning: This is the first step into 8 hours of cat videos and baby owls.

  3. Green Raver (M u s i c)

    trending section now is kind of like if you opened up your grandma to
    YouTube right now and she picked all the first thing she saw

  4. People click on the darndest things…

  5. I need subscribers

  6. Well that’s thirteen seconds I’ll never get back.

  7. Smart cat. Looks just like my cat Snookums and her daughter Baby.

  8. What did they use to get outta attention? We’re they shaking a dead mouse
    in front of it?

  9. Can’t wait for PETA to intervene

  10. Did you know cats don’t have sweet receptors in their mouths?
    Thats why they are such bitter cunts.

  11. What a video! HAHAHAHAH!

    kill me

  12. this cat is going to go on Ellen show soon


  14. I’m about to record my cat doing regular shit because this exactly what
    this is…

  15. It just had a Vietnam flashback.

  16. That cat is definately moving to the music, and not looking at a laser

  17. The finale of the first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth, no doubt!

  18. A new meme is born…

  19. Moonlight Glimmer


  20. Brb…gonna go get a cat so my video can go viral.

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