Clumsy Puppy Steals Lettuce: Cute Puppy Potpie & Funny Dog Maymo

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Watch clumsy puppy dog Potpie try to steal lettuce and fail! When a head of lettuce is left on the table, this cute beagle puppy tries his hardest at stealing the green leafy vegetable. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at nabbing the lettuce, Potpie enlists the help of his older brother, Maymo, who shows Potpie how its really done. Cutest Lettuce Thief Ever!


  1. Oh my gosh Potpie is just the cutest mess ever! Hahaha I hope he grows into those ears soon sweet baby. Plus at least your boys know to eat their greens! xxx

  2. 0:03 That moment you get knocked out by a table

  3. Looks like my Maymo told him that lettuce is taste nice. I laughed so hard about halfway through that when he fell off backwards. Thank you for posting. Also how is the goat?

  4. Aww that’s sooooo cute 😍

  5. 1:13 That lettuce hat 😂

  6. Very good boy i rate 10 on the good boy scale

  7. What dog enjoys lettuce?

  8. good boys eating your greens and penny

  9. ROFL Too cute. I love how Maymo shows Potpie how to do do it successfully. Potpie couldn’t have a better mentor. I’m glad Penny made a cameo. So, who cleaned up the bits of shredded lettuce that were left? 😉

  10. My pit never eats her veggies !

  11. Elibobelly Sandoval


  12. Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats

    Lettuce watch this adorable trending video.

  13. Me after eating junk for a week…

  14. When they’re older they’ll end up driving a prius and doing yoga

  15. Who else is chowing down on a head of plain iceberg lettuce watching this

  16. Torturing a puppy for YouTube views, super cute! Please, just get a job lol

  17. *The only user allowed on Vine 2*


  19. 0:43 I thought he had it for sure 😂❤❤❤

  20. Chef Rafi's Awesome World

    Watch your neck cute puppy! I love your lettuce hat 🧢!

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