Comfortable Lizards

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They are not scared, they have true calm and trust to be out and about, (that’s the difference between wild and tame). Baby Love on the left and Buddy Love on the right. They live with a large group of other lizards in a large room with water pools and large open windows, in my home in Hollywood, CA. They are never caged. I’ve been working with my pet lizards for over 30 years. There are many people that suspect the most awful crazy thing going on for the lizards to pose like this. This is what these lizards can do if they are healthy, calm and trusting, there is absolutely no harm of any kind but there are people that think the lizards are cold, or scared, or have broken backs, etc. etc, etc,. Watch some of my other videos and you will see, these are just healthy and calm, trusting, creatures that are comfortable.


  1. These are some chill lizards.. Love how they’re never caged! :D

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  3. strike a pose!

  4. Reptlix and chill

  5. Poor lizards. Super glue is hard to come off.

  6. Chinese Water Dragons hahaha They are SO SO lazy 😉 I miss Winston :(

  7. draw me like one of your french models.

  8. Mommies Frugal Finds

    Wow, are they trained to do that? That’s amazing!

  9. Lounge Lizards?

  10. should have called them lazards

  11. lizards back and and bones are broken to make them look like this!!

  12. Something wrong with this picture.

  13. reptile=Human

  14. goddam argonians.

  15. This defines “Just chillin.”

  16. The one on the left is talking on his pretend smartphone. The one on the
    right is contemplating the significance of gravitational waves.

  17. Alexander Urbanowich

    I wasn’t sure if they’re alive until they were breathing

  18. no genitals… how do they reproduce?

  19. Lounge lizards? 101

  20. Those are some sexy fucking lizards!! The one on the left is definitely the

  21. jajajaja

  22. Θυταααααα

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