#CowArt with a drone

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CoPilot: Kyle Riesen


  1. You don’t have to be lonely at Farmers only dot com.

  2. As

  3. +RomanAtwoodVlogs #smilemore 

  4. Yo Farmer Derek dude! Great video. From Seattle we think you’re awesome.
    Looking forward to more CowArt!

  5. Sweet, but also sad that these critters will end up on dinner plates. They
    are not dairy cattle. 

  6. Is it a DJI phantom or inspire

  7. Lustige Idee!!

  8. Cows were very hungry

  9. Trisha “Pippi” Paniczko

    I LOVE THIS !!! I don’t know why, but I love this !!! Can’t wait for the
    next masterpiece….or mooooo-sterpiece !!! I’m actually sitting here for
    the last 5 minutes mesmerized by the smiley face. They look like little
    bugs from this distance. :-)

  10. Haha, love it!

  11. This guy is a hoot!

  12. How do you keep the drone so still?

  13. How’d they get the cows to do this?

  14. this is funny I should do this to my families cows

  15. This video has been selected by the channel as one of the Most
    Amazing videos on YouTube and was added to the channel’s playlist
    accordingly. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Folks, this is how god awful boring it is in Kansas… Literally NOTHING to
    do there.

  17. Whatch this “cow art” amazing

  18. hahah so fun to look!!!

  19. Yay Kansas!

  20. looks like a bunch of ants!

  21. From a baby beef farmer in Australia… awesome mate (Y)

  22. Now that is art man,fun ^5

  23. The greatest artists! ))) What kind of food is this? I thought they eat
    only grass on the field

  24. they rent helicopter for viewing for THAT SMILEY ART.. oh please!!! 

  25. Organicchickenlady

    Udderly amazing!

  26. Born to be et at the hamburger fry,
    Cows on buns!

  27. I grew up in Kansas and spent 7 summers working on a farm (wheat). But
    now, after watching this video, I know why I moved to Denver.

  28. We have cows in Upstate New York, too, As far as talent? Kansas wins
    hoofs down.

  29. that’s cool

  30. Just saw u on NBC, u da man,! this is VERY entertaining plz do many more

  31. Hey, D, one cow has a white ? head or what, seems to glow

  32. That’s awesome!

  33. Dudes!! You should have sold this to an advertising agency/steak
    house/grocery chain. This is Super Bowl commercial stuff!

  34. they look like ants

  35. Let’s hear/see more about the Drone, and camera, and ‘transmitter’ (phone
    camera?) that you used! (Obviously there are Way Too Many animals on
    too few acres, here.) 

  36. /summon Cow ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:1}

  37. Farmers of America!

  38. That’s impressive.

  39. awesome.

  40. Wer noch wegen galileo hier ? :D

  41. 🙂 

  42. In den letzten 5 Minuten hat das Video über 4k views bekommen durch galileo

  43. hahahahahahaha ich guck das grade auf gallileo hahaha xD rofl roflcopter lol
    is das nicht super gail?

  44. just awesome…

  45. Thats nice

  46. They’re like ants! haha

  47. And the alien’s watching us are thinking this is a rudimentary attempt at
    replying to their crop circles :P.

  48. Wer hat eben Galileo geschaut? :D

  49. wow how?

  50. awsome dude, geetings from the netherlands

  51. Lol! This is the most creative thing I have ever seen! The government is
    looking down on you saying “what in the hell is happening” haha.

  52. They look like ants when sped up.

  53. Wer ist wegen galileo hier

  54. #Galileo ✌

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