Coyote playing with a ball

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I saw this guy playing on the hill while I was getting ready for work. It’s pretty rare to see a coyote this close to the house at all, and totally unexpected to see one playing with the neighbour-dog’s ball in broad daylight!

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  1. Poor duck got frozen

  2. I’ve been looking for Jimmy, he ran off last week… damn dog, always
    tricking our neighbors into thinking he’s a YOTE… he’s a mix breed husky
    and yote

  3. That’s pretty cool! What country is this?

  4. Amazing

  5. Faux Name (Mcstylez)

    Im guessing that Duck is a Decoy lol

  6. I like to think he went back and told all of his coyote friends about the
    ball, and they’ll all come back later that day to check it out and play
    with it. You should put more balls out there, just in case.

  7. Wile E. is getting himself in shape so he can finally catch that damn

  8. Почта Гугл Шумкин

    интересно , утка настоящая , если да , то похоже ей не очень весело

  9. That duck was not impressed

  10. Nice, .223 round right behind the ear.

  11. That looks more like a wolf than a coyote.

  12. everybody who doesnt know that the duck isnt real haha

  13. Evan “Rocket” Esparza

    that Duck knows of he goes plays with that coyote he’s going to be eaten!

  14. Cool video!!!

  15. That duck is like. “What a nice dad bringing his kid to the park to play on
    the hill. I hope he doesn’t scramble it “

  16. the duck is just waiting for the coyote to invite him to a game of soccer
    the looser gets eatin

  17. Is the the new potato v3 you are recording this with? I wanted one but my
    parents couldn’t afford it

  18. just like a dog. go try to pet it or invite it to live with you

  19. Makes me want one……until I realize it’s wild and has killing instincts.

  20. Was that a real duck?

  21. Yeah but seriously though, fuck coyote’s, they ate my cat Rascal a few
    years back :(

  22. Aww..poor fella. He need someone to play catch with him. (I wouldn’t di

  23. I would still shoot it…

  24. wow thats a very fast coyote! beep beep speedrunner

  25. That goose never fucking moved! Not even when the hyena was running towards

  26. Lovely, just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Cutest video ever!!!

  28. Is it illegal anywhere not to shoot a Coyote

  29. Adorable!!!

  30. this is fabulous. thanks for sharing!

  31. Aww what a cute tiger!

  32. Should have shot it

  33. and people kill these guys sad

  34. Too cute!

  35. Well Malia knows how to have fun!

  36. is that duck real?

  37. @Dylan Palmer. Cats should be kept indoors..24/7

  38. I spend a lot of time chasing a ball myself. On a golf course.

  39. So good! :)

  40. I feel a little bit sad for the coyote. Like he seems lonely and needs a
    friend to play with or something.

  41. Doge plays with ball.


  42. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  43. What happened to the neighbors dog?

  44. looks funny :3 so cute
    thx for sharing
    who are these people who dislike this video?

  45. He’s attempting to roll the ball down the hill, onto to the ice, knock out
    the duck and push it to the other side, where he can have his dinner.

  46. Awwwww

  47. That is so cute

  48. This is adorable!!

  49. And yet… Duck just doesn’t give a shit

  50. Hes training for the atom wars, “Duck and cover”

  51. That’s just a hoot! I’ve captured coyotes on the trailcam. I know they were
    playing with birch bark and tearing it up down in the meadow!

  52. Strange to see in broad daylight? They are not nocturnal. We see then all
    the time during the day. Cute video tho

  53. awesome video! thanks for sharing! people need to see that Coyotes are not
    some malevolent creature, they do incredible good compared to any
    annoyances they might cause humans. Many don’t realize that the primary
    diet of a coyote is mice, rats, voles and moles, all of them far dirtier
    and more disease prone than a sweet little ‘yote like this guy.

  54. a dog disguised as a coyote???

  55. Awe! ? He needs someone to go play fetch with him. ?? (jk, I’m not
    stupid. I know that’d be dangerous.?)

  56. you should have went out and played ball with him

  57. He looks so happy!

  58. I don’t want to add a bad thought to this extra cute scene but sometimes
    Coyotes act playful to lure other dogs near and then attack them and eat
    them. They’re VERY intelligent and cunning… and playful.

  59. awsome

  60. Heather! You’ve got to make some money off this! :)

  61. I love how it notices its being watched and tried to act all causual. Then
    as the ball rolls down the hill, its just like ” screw it! I want that
    ball!” lol

  62. We could be Pals!

  63. coyote: hey , hey you want to play
    coyote: come on let’s play
    coyote: hellooo
    coyote : ya im talking to you
    coyote : ok fine be that way I’ll find another person to play with , maybe
    he’ll be just like you
    coyote : ya he’ll be just like you .soo long some guy , yea that’s right i
    just called you some guy
    coyote : I’ll show him

  64. Testing Newton’s laws of motion.

  65. Did it come back for the ball?

  66. that duck sure was still….

  67. Wonderful. Thanks. There may yet be a chance for us hu-mans!

  68. I’m sorry but that’s no coyote.

  69. First time I’ve ever wanted to watch one without shooting it… Meh, not
    true. I’d still shoot it. ?

  70. my pets are kept safe inside and as for livestock that is part of nature I
    am sure you are insured for this loss- because you send those animals off
    to be butchered anyway I would rather they feed a coyote- and if humans had
    not massacred wolves- coyotes would not be the “problem” they are
    considered by ranchers- I think of my tax dollars spent on wildlife
    eradication and the tax dollars spent supporting welfare livestock ranchers
    what a scam

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