Crazy Lion Plays Fetch Like a Dog!

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Well… it’s more like “Kill The Stick” but it’s fun to watch and great enrichment too 🙂

*Remember these cats may look cute and cuddly but they’re still WILD ANIMALS! … Don’t trust any facilities that allow contact with big cats. For more info about Emoya, visit their website:

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  1. Cole and Marmalade

    MEOW! … Still no dislikes!
    Africa was amazing, I spent almost 3 weeks at Emoya, it’s a great sanctuary – … I had to make this video, I thought it was so cool. Serabie knows this isn’t food, it’s the wrong time of day, there’s no food truck or buckets… she just sees a moving target and her instincts kick in 🙂

    *More legit CAM videos coming soon now I’m back home and caught up on stuff

  2. Bored captive predators exhibiting a prey response? Are they fed by throwing food over the fence? Just thinking…

  3. Serabie from the lion king? Where is Simba

  4. This is the strangest, and amazing things I saw today.

  5. She thought that those were short ribs

  6. The cat got stuck in the tree.

  7. since they’re not bringing it back it’s not fetch, they’re just thinking that you’re throwing food

  8. My cat plays fetch but he actually brings it back to me to throw again. Cats be crazy

  9. That’s a dog reincarnated to a lion

  10. It seems like she wanted the stick to be food!!!

  11. The 2 males are like chill out stop acting like our canine enemies.

  12. If only I could get my cat to do this.

  13. Aww she went in the tree!

  14. That moment when a lion is better at being a dog than your dog.

  15. Just because the lion likes playing fetch just Because he is brave enough to do what she wants to do suddenly she is crazy ???!!!

  16. She’s determined to get that stick!XD

  17. She thinks it’s food lol

  18. How about you enter the cage then they will really play fetch…

  19. She probably thinks that you’re throwing a bone and is disappointed every time

  20. He’s not playing fetch. He thinks it’s food you dumbass

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