Cute Animal Best Friend: Themba The Hyena

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Cute Animal Best Friend: Themba The Hyena

Meet the 16-year-old school boy who is so close with his 14 stone cute pet HYENA that they kiss, cuddle and even eat together. Living in Africa means that this schoolboy of British descent has taken on a cute animal hyena as a pet rather than the puppy dog he might have got if his dad had stayed in Oxfordshire. Teenage animal trainer, Shandor Larenty, son of British lion wrangler, Alex Larenty from the Lion Park near Johannesburg, South Africa is such a chip off the old block that he was training juvenile lions from the age of eleven, and has now progressed to hyenas and cheetahs. But Shandor is closest with his best-friend, Thender the 18-month-old spotted cute hyena — who will eat out of Shandor’s mouth and even let him clean his teeth afterwards. Thender was rejected by his mother, so Shandor’s dad, Alex agreed to take him in to live with four other hyenas at his lion park. In the wild they eat animals as large as wildebeest – and are ruthless scavengers known to chase even the king of the jungle, the lion, away from his meals.


  1. knows animal has a 10,000psi bite….. holds its lower jaw open and brushes
    its teeth

  2. take the chain off its neck you monster, honestly if it enjoys your care,
    it wont run away and it’ll come back. People have to control everything i
    hate it

  3. yinz are idiots. thats a sick ass hyena right der and your all bithing
    about personal issues. nobody said that hyena is sweet. not one of you fags

  4. I’d much rather shoot these wild animals 

  5. Morphine + Hyena = Best Friend?

  6. Am I the only one around here who’s favorite animal is the hyena?

  7. Some people are just full retards.This is a wild animal and he washes that
    poor thing with soap because it smells bad?Those people are worse than any
    animal torturer because they actually think what they do is good for the

  8. Hyena And Jackal Channel

    Hyenas are beautiful and very intelligent! Great video! :)


  10. The Unseen Teemo Is the Deadliest

    Sounds like Simba. :O

  11. I love hyenas

  12. hyena on chains?? ……

  13. this guy crazy!!!hyena has a bit more powerful than a lion

  14. Baby deer trapped in pool, man swimming with bear, and now cute pet hyena. 

  15. he’s the guy with that lion

  16. Hyenas are one of the scariest animals in my opinion… Rather be stuck
    with a lion than a hyena.


  18. This is impressive

  19. Tristan silverwolf

    Hyenas are misjudged. They are dangerous but they are majorly important to
    the web of life. 

  20. Napoléon Bonaparte

    Hyena’s are so cool

  21. I love Hyenas. I was pissed off when I saw a group of kids from a school
    throwing rocks at a sleeping Hyena in a cage. wtf is wrong with people?
    Wish I coulda let it loose. Hyenas have the greatest bite force of any land
    animal on the planet per their size.

  22. i dont get it why are hyenas dangerous? they seem like any house dog… and
    why are they dangerous? they are not that big…

  23. what the shit. he’s 16?

  24. This is too cute!

  25. Iskandar Dhakir Iarani Schan'mort

    Ma sha Allah!

  26. I wish my pet rattlesnake Debby was as well behaved as Themba.

  27. Humans are the most violent and dangerous species.

  28. Nice vid!

  29. hai mr.joker meet my but

  30. hyenas remind me of lion king and they have a weird body shape buh they are
    still cute

  31. I love hyenas and wolverines 

  32. I wanna take him to the dog park.

  33. I love hyenas

  34. thegaminggecko 101

    ok im a big reptile person i love k9 as well but just to say a crocodile
    bite is 5000 pounds. that is more than a hyena or jaguat the crocodile is
    the king of them all but i love all animals

  35. omgbabiesatemydingo

    Hyenas are one of my favourite animals <3

  36. That ain’t no hyena! that’s a dog you paint some spot all over his body! 

  37. hey he looks like a hyena! thats why they dont kill him! :o

  38. Hyenas are sooo cute and cuddly.

  39. Krasimir Gorinov

    To be honest I’m inclined to do crazy stuff, but brushing a hyena’s teeth
    seems really dangerous. :D

  40. ThermoNuclear GR

    He got pretty big balls for a fag.

  41. I just watched the Lion King :(

  42. Ur cute

  43. OMG A HYENA!!!!!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

  44. all this guy needs now is green hair, white make up, and red lipstick.

  45. Song name?

  46. I thought Hyenas were extinct? Or was that another animal I’m thinking

  47. Is he a Gameworden?

  48. Flying humans in the background, no big deal.

  49. If I could get ANY big canine it would be either a wolf or a hyena!

  50. Where can i buy or get a hyena for a pet

  51. he is hot as fuck. NOT the hyena..

  52. I bet a lot of people think this is cute, but this is wrong. I hope one day
    he bites his face off.

  53. The Yin Yang Effect

    Hyenas are my favorite animals just love them.

  54. aww he’s adorable!

  55. Brandon O'BRIEN

    1:05 anything in there mouth. Dess NUTS gooooot himm

  56. He did exaggerate the bite force of the spotted hyena. It’s not to say they
    don’t have a crushing bite, but the bite psi he gave for the spotted and
    brown hyena is close to a Nile Crocodile which has the strongest bite of
    any animal.

  57. This is owsom

  58. ณัฏฐา จันทร์เงิน


  59. Brian Bray The Brain

    He handles him very rough, and only talked abiut how dangerous hyenas are.
    It says a lot about him and the life of the animal. A better way of
    treating these animals is as kevin richardson does. He shows that hyenas
    are not dangerous. When raised and treated properly they react as such.
    Have you ever seen a wild stray dog? Try approaching it and tell me it
    wouldnt hurt you. When raised and treated as an animal who is nice and
    loving, itll fill that role. If someone put you in shackles and treated you
    as if youre dangerous, youd probably become dangerous

  60. MrSpiderman1321


  61. MUFASA!!!!!

  62. Woooooow

  63. a formidable pup…

  64. I think that man is Australian 

  65. no. hyenas have the strongest bite of any interspecial comparison of the
    entire animal kingdom on the planet.

  66. They may be dangerous due to their strongest jaws.. but most African people
    especially in the villages in the actual wild life of africa, say that
    Hyenas are more cowards. They don’t really attack. When I was staying in a
    tent in the middle of the Maasai, the Maasai Warriors who were guarding us
    through the night said the Hyenas will roam around at night, they won’t let
    them near the tents but they will probably be roaming on the grounds near
    us. They said they will make sure lions and other big animals don’t come
    anywhere near the grounds but they let the hyenas for the most part be..

  67. HyHeenas. Lol.

  68. Shoo cwute ^w^

  69. they cool with eachother cuz he be lookin like a hyena also lmao

  70. Wtf are you doing to this Hyena?? Wow. He’s not a fucking dog.

  71. Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    You lucky,LUCKY man!!You have a beautiful friend!

  72. Lol

  73. The guy must to use hyena dental floss.

  74. Aww, this reminds me of my dog and I. Though the animal here is a Hyena
    lol. And a very cute one!!

  75. Why is he more obedient then my dog :..(…

  76. Hyenas are pretty brutal. There is a video floating around out there, where
    they eat a Zebra alive. Shit was metal.

  77. thegaminggecko 101

    hyenas are doing pore in the wild because of poachers and the farmers use
    them as target practice. why does are government not make rules like
    poachers be shot on site and if not dead will be shot even more. hell take
    some of the military out there we need to get rid of some of the warlords

  78. World .Amazement

    So cute

  79. Your cute 

  80. Hyenas are pack animals like wolves, I figure both lions and hyenas would
    actually be easier to live with domestically than other species like brown
    bears or tigers because they’re more socially structured to it. In fact I
    seem to remember that some dynasty in africa would have domestic hyenas.

  81. Oh I want him to be my bestfriend ?

  82. Jisella San Juan

    When I saw the name I couldn’t help but say
    The thircle of life

  83. How does one get a job like this handling and taking care of these type
    wild animals? It looks so cool 

  84. Dreamjob

  85. That hyena and the ” bath tub ” xD

  86. Man have a hyena face :D

  87. It’s a boy!……oh, wait….. it’s a girl¿ ….. sorry Alex, it’s a girl.
    Well, at least she likes animals. Can’t win them all can you?

  88. How does this mans balls fit in his pants?

  89. leave that animal alone.

  90. well having a male spotted hyena is safer than having a female spotted
    hyena. Female spotted hyenas are extremely aggressive and have more
    testosterone than the male hyenas.

  91. Keep him on a chain, he ain’t free remember

  92. 01:11 and 01:15

  93. Sometimes I wonder, where the hell did humans get the absurd idea of giving
    human like traits to animals, especially wild animals.

  94. I seen it all now

  95. Hyena>wolfHyenas

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