Cute baby elephant playing with trunk

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One week old baby elephant from the Chai Lai eco lodge working out how to use her trunk. Chiang Mai – Thailand.


  1. Doesn’t look to me as though she understands it.

  2. hope that cutie isn’t in captivity.

  3. Probably has a itch on the bottom of her feet and can’t quite reach it.

  4. I’ve always been fond of elephants, especially the babies. this was funny.

  5. It looks like he’s trying to jack off his nose.

  6. The mom’s like, quit picking your nose.

  7. the greatest animal walking the earth , god protect them i beg you with all
    my heart

  8. That will make him go blind :-)

  9. Thats how I play with my penis too, I wrap it around my legs.

  10. sure an elephant does it and it is cute. I do it and everyone calls the

  11. awwwww????

  12. Cute:-)

  13. More like baby elephant trying to scratch its ankles….with the assistance
    of evolutionary trunk tech.

  14. AWWWW!!!

  15. ɷŋҽ ɖɩɾҽctɩɷŋ ɩى ɭɷѵҽ ɷŋҽ ɖɩɾҽctɩɷŋ ɩى ɭɩʆҽ

    The elephant is like what the fuck is hanging on my face ??

  16. Me with my dick

  17. Oh God… I’ve reincarnated as an elephant.

  18. Jungle Boogie!
    It does kind of look like he’s trying to breakdance :)

  19. If a girl was a boy for a day.

  20. So cute!

  21. looks like the ankle is itching

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