Cute Baby Elephant Seal Cuddles Up To Tourist

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YOU’D think cuddles from an elephant seal would end in a full-on crush – but this pup is just about small enough for a hug. Canadian Charlene Fritz, 35, enjoyed the special encounter at Snow Hill Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. The baby was only two months old but already weighed a whopping 200lb. Fortunately the yoga enthusiast was able to perform a reclining hero pose to prolong the magical encounter. Charlene, who recorded the footage in December 2011 but has only just released it, made sure not to directly touch or approach the animal in accordance with advice. Baby elephant seals are often left unattended by their parents until they pluck up the courage to head out to sea.

Videographer / Director: Charlene Fritz
Producer: John Balson / Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters

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  1. connie Lewandowski

    Why aren’t you allowed to touch them? If a seal cuddles with me I’m hugging
    it back lol 

  2. ya i have to go punch a wall to regain my manliness

  3. the seal was like can i haz yo numba??

  4. It’s so disgustingly cute I want to take a lead pipe and smash that seals
    brains in.

  5. It all seemed cute until I noticed the position she was sitting in…. and
    thought to myself….. that would REALLY FREAKIN HURT.

  6. what the hell? why do they have strip club rules? what’s wrong with petting
    the sea doggies?

  7. I wonder if baby seals like to go clubbing…

  8. Why can’t she touch the seal with her hand though?

  9. This lady has an inhuman level of restraint. I’d fucking fling my arms
    around that lovable water sausage in an instant.

  10. Stupid woman it’s looking for milk should have flopped out your tit now
    that would have been interesting

  11. I would snuggle Charlene too !

  12. Kewl someone probably clubbed it afterwords cause thats how canada rolls.

  13. That seal probably got clubbed cause thats how canada rolls.

  14. that thing looks like me

  15. “The baby was likely looking for affection, as they’re often abandoned by
    their parents until they pluck up the courage to head out to sea.”

    What the fuck that’s the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard

  16. Such a big eye I wanna touch it…. :P

  17. This is to damn cute!!!

  18. Humans have now breed sea dogs?
    Has sience gone too far?

  19. “Hai….you look nice, wanna snuggle?”

  20. How embarrassing, my sex tape got out, she always said I was too
    affectionate in public.

  21. I think that adorable baby seal MAY just have a Crush on this sweet
    Canadian Tourist.?

  22. Absolutely retarded…never let a wild animals face near yours. I don’t
    care how cute and curious it seems; that’s a very bad idea.

  23. Why doesnt she touch it???

  24. 2 months old… elephant seals are ridiculous.

  25. no dinner,no movie, going straight for kiss. this seal is smooth(beginners
    take notes)

  26. Mumbo Jumbo De Runter

    I think its not allowed to cuddle for the seals survival. I think young
    seals should not been taught to become comfortable with unknown species
    since seals are an easy target to predators. Next thing is he might swim
    towards a shark for cuddling.

  27. note “canadian” :D

  28. dummy he wants you to hug him. she has on gloves so its not her actual

  29. So cute! But I’m unsure just which is luckier, her or the seal!!

  30. ASwept&GarnishedLife

    I would have had to kneel on my hands to prevent me from hugging all that
    cuddlesomeness ^-^

  31. fucking yoga-people..

  32. Grabnok The Destroyer


  33. So cute

  34. natural born Player and pickup artist that seal got some serious skillz

  35. This has got to be the cutest thing next to dogs. :)

  36. Awwww his name is. Coco nut :)

  37. Fucking Canadians club these adorable things :(

  38. Anyone know why seals are so comfortable enough to come up to humans?

  39. Where can I buy one?

  40. awwww :3 its soooo cute

  41. awwww :3 its soooo cute

  42. if i saw a bombshell like charlene i too would cuddle to her

  43. A Seal was closer to a girl than I ever was.

  44. Please help preserve the habitats of these beautiful and brilliant

  45. ;_;

  46. Imagine trying to act tough in prison if you were there for cuddling a baby


  48. Looks like it trying to mate with her

  49. they are just wet dogs

  50. I feel like seals were put on planet earth just to be cute.

  51. it’s sooooo cute ??❤??

  52. It was lonely and needed some loving :'(

  53. So, why is it not a good idea to touch them? Do they get scared and attack?

  54. I would hop on her and ask for cuddles to….

  55. Seals are pretty much underwater dogs.

  56. times like this with wild animals are magical one of a kind life

  57. awwww so cut oh my gosh

  58. ᖴᗴᗩᖇ ᗰᗴ

    I can’t even get a text back

  59. very good

  60. Aww how could she resist not hugging it back? It’s so adorable! I guess
    that would have made it harder for her to leave and it to be left alone
    again. :c so cute.

  61. i wouldnt be able to resist giving that chunky little grub a hug

  62. I’m not for sure about this but that other seal in the upper right corner
    looked kinda….. dead.

  63. Aren’t th y the worlds deadliest

  64. sea lion:will you be my mother?

  65. It’s between a fish and a dog.

  66. I would cuddle it too.

  67. that ute and sad that she was not allowed to touch pet the
    baby seal.that was such an adorable baby.It wa espwhen the baby wanted a
    maternal kiss from the lady that the seal rather adopted her as her
    mom.sooo cute!!!

  68. So hugging animals leads to their death. Is that the jist of it?

  69. that seal was probably just attracted by the smell of fish.

  70. It’s so cute

  71. he’s just leik *Aye gemmie kissy :D* xD

  72. kinda looks like a great white shark lol but ya know… cute

  73. He is cute?

  74. What a fatty

  75. how did she resist hugging it. so cute

  76. That seal is like: Cen u be my new momma?

  77. ….I’d like to cuddle up to Charlene….

    What? You know I’m not the only dude thinking that.

  78. wet doggo does a cuddle

  79. i want that seal

  80. The only concern is he might get used to human beings, and leave himself an
    easy prey of hunters.

  81. move over seal, my turn

  82. Sooo cute!! Animals are very intelligent. N it goes to show all babies have
    the same basic needs…

  83. Gaming with little Lemon

    Aww it’s so cute :D

  84. iWalrus_gaming // AllieTheWalrusGamer

    OMG give me that seal right now

  85. 0:34 Titties! Lol. Super cute Pup. :D

  86. he wants to adopt her as his new mother.

  87. I would’ve at least given the seal a quick pat, not a full on hug though.

  88. cute until it bites a piece of her face (skin) off.

  89. Extreme fishy breath lol. Dog breath is bad enough. Beautiful though as
    long as they keep their teeth to themselves.

  90. so sad that people kill this beautiful animal god may help them

  91. fat ass niglet


  93. Seal: you’re seexxxyy
    Human: you’re drunk

  94. I tried to do the same thing as the seal, and I got a year in jail

  95. mom! (:3二>э

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